3 things I learned from Goblin


I finished watching this 16-episode series a week ago and I thought it had some meaningful lessons tied to it. Most of the things in the drama made sense except the whole story of Goblin (his existence, his death and him re-living again). It gave me a lot of different perspectives towards the outlook of death and afterlife in general.

In one of the episodes, Eun-tak mentioned to Sunny that humans have four lives: A life of planting seeds, a life of watering seeds, a life of harvesting, and a life of cherishing the harvests. When I heard this, I thought "hey that may be true, it kinda makes sense!". Being a buddhist since young, I've heard countless stories about reincarnation after death and things like - if you do good this life, you'll be rewarded next life. That's how karma works, isn't it? I also remember reading comics (that were religion-based) that taught about karma: If you're hunchbacked this life, you probably laughed at people who worshipped and prayed to Buddha in your last life. Or if you're extremely lucky or well to do this life, it's most probably because you did a lot of good deeds in your past life!

Well of course, it's up to you if you think it's true or not, because when it comes to the topic of afterlife no one can be certain about anything because...all of us haven't been there. But if what she said was true, then I think I'm still at a life of planting seeds or watering seeds. This life feels too hard to be a life of cherishing the harvest! Ahaha. I wish for my dad in heaven that he would be living a life of harvesting/cherishing the harvests his next life. He has definitely done well this life.

When Eun-tak died after sacrificing herself to save several young children from an accident, Grim reaper said that "God cannot calculate or predict the sacrifices of humans. It is instinct that comes out in the moment and a choice made by humans, not God." 

Which is true because our lives are mostly made up of choices. And even though some of us (myself included) may believe that everything is fated even before birth and that everything revolves around fate/destiny, there are still some choices that God can't make for us. Take death for an example: we can choose to end our lives sooner by committing suicide. Now that definitely isn't something that is planned by God because it's simply one's choice. 
That said, Love is another perfect example. Fate can present you many girls/guys in your life but who do you choose? Ultimately the one you prefer.
When Eun-tak had a choice to choose between surviving the accident by leaving unscathed or saving the children from the accident, she chose the latter out of her own will.

In the drama, it was said that grim reapers are only grim reapers because they have committed great sins in their previous lives. These sins are usually suicides, and this punishment only ends up being forgiven after they finally learn how to appreciate life.

Which made a lot of sense too because from what I've heard (and known), suicide is usually considered one of the biggest sins (if not the biggest) because you're simply taking away the life God has given you. In return, these grim reapers can live for hundred of years with no memory of what ever happened in their previous lives and are expected to send off the dead. When they are stuck in between a mortal and an immortal world & by being not exactly human or a non-human in an human world, it makes them crave for a human life. I guess that could be the greatest punishment God can give anyone who chose to end their life: by making them crave for another one.


So that's my takeaway from this drama! Really loved the plot (except the entire story of Goblin tbh) because it revolved around a lot on the topic of afterlife and also religion (mostly Buddhism I believe). 

Now who says watching dramas is a waste of time? Hell no! It can be a great way of learning new things and learning a new language. :P

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