During my trip back home to Singapore, I managed to visit two fortune-tellers on two separate occasions. Once, with Jiaying after we visited the temple and decided to try it out just for fun. Twice, with Yizhi just to bring him to the place but I ended up seeing a different fortune teller. You know, just to see if it's accurate.

Since I was young, my dad loved to go for fortune-telling. I remember that I would tag along on some occasions and this is a summary of what I was told by different fortune-tellers (that I still remember):

  • I would be a successful property agent if I ever become one. And because I'm so good at talking and convincing, I can even convince people to buy haunted houses! (Lol, I sure wasn't that pleased the first time I heard that because I never thought of becoming a property agent. Plus, why would I be so evil to sell a house to a person knowing that there are ghosts inside?! Eeek.)
  • I shouldn't marry young because I would end up in a divorce anyway. It's best that I marry late - maybe after I turn 27/28 years old? 
  • I have a strong character and I'd definitely be more of an independent woman next time (this I can absolutely agree!)
  • I'd be very successful in my career no matter what job I end up in, and I'd be someone of a high authority so people would be listening to my orders while working. (This came off as a little puzzling because I have never been one to lead or someone who likes having authority over others, especially in a large group. I feel much more comfortable being as a team rather than being a leader. Just less politics, less feelings and less conflicts in work I guess?)

Anyway, the first female fortune-teller told me this:

  • I should never, never open a business under my own name because I'll be faced and charged with legal issues. If I want to open my own business, I should have a business partner and have the business opened under her name instead. That person must have a strong "8 characters" though! (Omg. I almost fainted when she told me this because apart from my dream of becoming a doctor/surgeon, I've always wanted to open my own vegan cafe. It was quite a mood dampener I must admit, but at the same time I'm glad that my mum is a compatible business partner too, ahaha.)
  • It was my depression year last year (from my birthday last year, in June 2016) and still is, until I hit 19 this year. Apparently in every few years/a decade, there would be a tough year and 2016 was THAT year. It would be a period of time where I would constantly feel sad/depressed/lost and this would be a constant until I pass my birthday in 2017. (This I can definitely RELATE. If you've read my previous posts on 2016 you should have been able to tell that it wasn't a good year at all, and I faced many mental and emotional hurdles that year. Honestly I'm just very glad that I'm 3/4 done with this period! Hopefully things will get better from here)
  • My lucky colours are grey, white, black, green and definitely NOT red. (Pretty happy with this one because dark/monotone colours basically make up my life ahaha)
  • I would face back problems in my life and I would always complain of aching back pains or other body pains...because it's just in my LIFE. I will never be able to escape from it so the least and the most I can do is to avoid going for high-risk or climbing activities, lest I injure my back sooner. (This I agree too...I've been complaining of backaches ever since last year and the bf had to keep massaging my back for me ahaha. Honestly it's quite worrying to hear this because I'm just afraid I wouldn't be able to travel and move around next time as much as I want to.)
  • I should work in a field that requires me to interact with people on a day-to-day basis, because I'm not the kind who would be able to stand working in an office 24/7. I told her I wanted to be a doctor and she said it would be great because I'll get to see patients daily BUT when I told her I was studying architecture....she was like what, why?! (True because I don't think I would like office jobs. Sounds way too boring man!)
The second fortune-teller told me almost the same thing, except that there were a few more:

  • The first thing he actually told me was "Take care of your back well" because I'll face back problems next time.
  • My lucky colours are pink, grey, black.
  • He asked if I get headaches frequently which I said yes to - and he said whenever I get headaches, do not eat panadol even if it's really painful. And when it prolongs and it hurts so bad for a long time, go for a CT scan directly. (I was like WHAAAAAAT.)
  • There's a possibility that I might break my head one day by falling down and it might bleed and leave a I should avoid high-risk activities at all times, including bungee jumping and rollercoasters because they would snap and break at my turn. (TBH this was the scariest thing I've ever heard so far because...I can't imagine breaking my head or like becoming paralysed or something one day if that ever happened to me?! It's just so scary man. Plus I'm quite an adrenaline junkie and I love rollercoasters.....jeez.)
  • He asked, "2016 was quite a hard year for you, eh?" which I said YES to with no hesitation, HAHA. 
  • 2017 (this year) would be a really stressful year for me but I would be successful. (I've been soooo prepared for this because I'm starting archi soon and I can't help but feel stressed at the thought of it because so many friends and seniors have warned me before on how stressful and tiring this course is! Plus I'm already stressed now. ZOMG. I just hope it wouldn't give me more breakouts on my face.)
  • I'm someone who loves being self-reliant and I HATE depending on others. (This is ABSOLUTELY true because I can't emphasise enough on the need of self-reliance because it's so important in life. I hate depending or relying on others especially when I know that I'm capable of doing it myself. Currently I'm relying on my mum for my education and living expenses etc and honestly I feel so shitty about it because I'm such a burden to her so I'm trying to find a job to save some pocket money)
  • I HATE being controlled and I won't let anyone control me. (Another FACT! These two things are in fact the most important things I live by, so I was impressed when he actually listed out both at the same time. I think I took this trait after my mum because she's also someone who hates being controlled, so I'm now quite confident that I'll grow up being someone like her. No complains because she's an amazing mother and a good person at that. Hehe!)
  • It's best for me to date an older guy (7-9 years older would be good but it's not a must). I can actually relate to this because I've never thought of dating anyone younger than me...he must be of the same age or older, definitely. Even when I was 13 I already told my mum I wouldn't mind dating a guy who's 12 years older than me. 12 years is the maximum. I guess I just like older guys because they are more mature and sensible! Immature ones are the bane of my existence, really.

HAHA so that's it for my short fortune-telling experience! Just wanted to share it because I thought it was quite interesting. I believe there's no need to believe what they say completely (just hear and believe half will do), but most of the things they said about me were fairly accurate so I guess..they were kinda good!

Till next time! xoxo

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