Day 133: Moving out, bye SV, short update! #346daysofgratitude


Apologies for the lack of updates because I've been tied up with work in school! It has been more than two weeks since I last blogged and damn, I really wanted to blog but I just couldn't find time to. So this post is going to be mostly about recent updates and review of the past two weeks (hopefully, if I can remember them).

What happened the last two weeks:

  • Decided to move out of SV since there was an empty room at a house one of my friends moved to recently, and I've already met up with the landlady and gotten my keys for the room! All I'm left with now is to pay for the bond and rental fees on the day I move in and move in of course, hahah. Can't wait to move in and settle down because I just hate being unsettled! I wanted to move in next weekend but because of exams I'm moving in the earliest as I can - the day I turn 18, aka tomorrow LOL. But I will definitely miss my friends here in SV because they were the first few people I've made friends with in Aussie. The only flip side about moving out is the lack of friends there (I mean I still have my roommates) but still, it's different! Gonna miss so many people here, especially those I talk to often. :( Looking at the bright side, I'm still going to see them at Uni!
  • Since I had a four-hours break on Thursday I went up to my house and started cleaning my room. I got new bedsheets, electric blanket, wiping cloths and cleaning sprays and took all of them with me to school hahah. I swear it was the DIRTIEST room I've ever cleaned so far in my life and it was honestly so tiring to clean every nook and cranny of the room ahaha. So the moment I stepped into the room, I took off my sweater, rolled up my sleeves and started CLEANING. I vacuumed the room, the bed, sprayed disinfecting liquid on it, cleaned the carpet and made several trips to the toilet to rinse all the cloths. At that moment I just felt as if I moved into a new house alone, with so many things to set up and settle on my own - it was a whole new level of independence ahaha. So now I'm also left with buying groceries, cooking for myself, cleaning the house and just managing all on my own. Pretty stoked for an all out independent life heeeh. And then by the time I was all done cleaning I was just exhausted, so I just cleaned up and ate lunch before going back to school for my Chemistry class. Ended class at 5 and caught a glimpse of the beautiful sunsetting sky before I left the building, then spent the night at the city with Fathin eating dinner and doing grocery shopping! Definitely going to miss spending time with her. ):
  • Thankful for the short-lived time here in SV because I've made friends with a few amazing people. I'll miss them, especially those I always had h2h talks with. I don't think I'll ever forget those 2am conversations with them.
  • Semester one is finally over, which means....I'm only left with EXAMS for now before heading home! Finally did our oral presentation on the last day of school last week and after it ended I could finally heave a sigh of relief. Exams officially start in four more days EEKS. Gonna be so busy and stressed up in my final week (because I've papers on 11th, 13th, 15th and 17th ahaha) but still, can't wait for everything to be over!
  • Facetimed my grandparents last Sunday for about half an hour before they went out and I was so happy! I haven't seen them in more than two weeks and totally missed them like cray, so I was really happy when I got to see them on screen again heheh. Been calling my mum quite often lately too (twice/thrice a week) because I'm ALWAYS bored ahaha. 
  • Edited my Melbourne vlog few days ago when I was supposed to be studying for exams, but because I decided to make some final changes and uploaded it! 
  • So that's basically it, as you can tell by now, life's pretty mundane now because it's mostly about schoolwork and nothing else ahah. Can't wait for the day I can finally let my hair down and just RELAX. Not that I'm not relaxing now either though, since I did almost nothing yesterday and spent the entire night chilling and watching Youtube videos because I just had zero mood to study. And today's just going to be a day of moving and unpacking, so peace out YALL.

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