Day 111: Chill weekend, Midori cravings and boots?! #346daysofgratitude


Decided to give my posts a title now so at least it wouldn't be as boring as just "Day 130" or any number hahah.

Anyway, hello everyone! It's Monday again, say whaaat. I had one of the hardest times waking up this morning and got up at only 7:11am instead of the usual 6:45 ahah. Waking up early in the morning before 7 is such a struggle, especially when I don't get enough rest from the slumber! But well, I finally jumped out of bed after realising that it's getting late, and then headed to the kitchen to make a hummus wrap and ate two bowls of cereal for breakfast!
The bus ended up arriving late so Fathin and I were both ten minutes late for Chemistry haha, but just in time for attendance taking. And then we had Math afterwards and that was basically all for the entire day, since I've no psych class today whoop. So we ended class at 1:30 and then we took the bus to the city to transfer, but I decided to have lunch at Midori so we spent some time at the city. I took a good half an hour to contemplate whether I should get it or not because well: i) I have leftover curry from Saturday's dinner, ii) I want to save money, iii) Because I'm most probably going to get sushi for lunch from Sakura tomorrow so...yup save $$, iv) it's probably not the healthiest option ever since I was craving for fried food. So yup, I had a hard time deciding whether I should eat at Midori or not ahaha, so we stood at the bus stop for like 3 minutes before I (finally) decided to just EAT IT. There were so many reasons not to but I was craving for fried food so bad ahaha (surprisingly too, since I hardly eat fried food), but I figured out that happiness matters a lot more than money so...WHY NOT. I remember telling my mum "yolo" whenever she couldn't make a decision and she told me that the word yolo has caused her to run out of money ahahaha. I mean, of course it's still important to watch what you spend and make sure you spend it on necessary things but I believe it's okay to indulge once in awhile! Um wait, I probably just digressed again oops. But anyway, lunch was GOOD! Food always tastes good when you satisfy your cravings hahah. Oh well, the little things in life always make us the happiest, no? :)

I had some Japanese steamed white rice with corn salad, agedashi tofu, wakame seaweed, spring rolls and deep fried veggies! Well it was a meal of all deep fried food ahaha. and I just hope they don't contribute to the acnes or pimples on my face. Meanwhile she had a roll of salmon sushi and then we waited for another ten minutes for our next bus back. So while we were walking back I mentioned that I wanted to get more fruits since I haven't been eating a lot of them ever since I came here apart from bananas, so we went back and forth the hill thinking if we should go at that time or tonight because we're so INDECISIVE. I honestly hate making decisions hahah, maybe because I just suck at it. It's like I'll never be able to make a decision on the spot even if it's just a yes/no question, and tbh yes/no questions are the HARDEST sometimes haha. Maybe half of yes? And half of no? Indecisive people will get what I mean. So it's always good to have someone who's decisive or less indecisive around to make decisions for me because they make life so much easier hahah.

So we got home, I got changed, and after sitting down and getting ready to blog, Fathin asked me to come over to her room so I did five minutes later! Turns out that the pair of boots she got for me as my advanced birthday present arrived today WHOOP. According to her it was meant to be a surprise, but she was afraid that I'd get my own pair for winter so she asked me if I was getting any boots last week ahaha. Then I said no and she eventually told me the 'surprise', and she even got my foot size right because she checked my other shoes in my room when I wasn't in the other day ahaha. So I spent ten minutes in her room trying out the shoes and yay they fit perfectly! Ever since I came to Tassie I've been wanting to get this pair of boots but I kept turning the idea away because I couldn't find affordable ones ahaha, since most of the nicest ones were all overpriced. So I said I wanted to go Melbourne to see if I could find any in March but I couldn't, but I finally got them today! Really thankful for this girl and the gift though, but I'm most thankful for her effort and thoughts :)

So a little bit of the weekends (Day 109 and 110) since I haven't blogged about them, but I'd just briefly mention about it! So it was another chill weekend since I completed most of my work before that, and I spent most of the weekend sleeping actually ahaha. I managed to cook twice on both days and I made some potato stir-fry (with whatever I could find in the fridge) with rice on Saturday, and potato chickpea curry, cabbage soup and rice on Sunday! I also did my laundry over the weekend and then facetimed my family for a bit while waiting for them to be done. And I finally bought my plane tickets home! Whoop. Can't wait to get back in the arms of my grandparents, mum and brotherrrrr. But as much as I miss them I don't seem to miss home at all hahah, and I wonder why. But well, gonna be back home for slightly more than three weeks and so I think I'm just going to spend most of my time there doing nothing but meetups! And mostly get some important things done like: buying new jeans, getting my ears pierced, get my hair and brows done and blah. 
It was Mother's day on Sunday and so my family spent it together without me this time round! My brother treated the whole family to Korean bbq ahahah, and I'm just so glad that he's around to celebrate it with them and be such a good son and grandson :) We actually planned for a surprise together but in the end it kinda failed, so he got my grandma and my mum flowers each! How sweet of him. 
That said, Mother's day made me realise two things. First, how important gratitude is; second, how rare people actually appreciate what they have in life. I mean, mother's day is just like any other day in the calendar but it's the only time you can actually see people posting dedications to their mums or say I love yous to them. But in all honesty I think gratitude should be felt not only on special occasions but it should be a constant in our lives. How difficult can it get to say those three words to show your appreciation and love for someone so significant in your life? "If you love someone, tell them. You hear it all the time but we often need bouts of grief and loss to remind is that life is too short. So love. Love deeply and honestly. Don't wait for life to remind you of what you should already be doing." So go, if you love someone, tell them now while they are still here. 

(And now, back to my day haha) Sunday was another beautiful day, and I got up to have breakfast at 10 with Fathin and we managed to catch up a little, and then I rushed off immediately after to catch the bus to campus! Managed to talk a bit with Aniq on the bus on the way to city and haha, he has been so busy with his university life recently that I hardly ever see him around. And then I managed to hop on the second bus on the DOT before it left (so phew) and reached campus all by 12! It was 14 degrees outside and the weather was simply beautiful heeh, and I took my time walking up the hills alone. Then I cooked, napped, had a good talk and chilled before heading back at 8. Then I had dinner, got back to my room and started ironing my clothes, vacuuming my room and packed my clothes! I was beyond exhausted after all those and after ending a call I was more than ready to pass out ahaha. So I went to sleep at 11 :)

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