Day 105, 106, 107: Boring school life, veganism debate? #346daysofgratitude


Day 105: Tuesday 

Had about 11 hours of sleep last night because Tuesdays mean….SLEEP IN DAY! I absolutely love Tuesdays ahaha, it is the only day in the week I can actually REST for real. And I went to bed last night with just a loose tank top and a pair of (really comfy) tights and it felt like the best thing ever hahaha. Probably explains why I slept for so long! I was still tired after waking up though, but I got up at around 11 and then spontaneously ate three large bananas and then showered, had leftover pizzas for lunch, and I was supposed to leave the hostel by 1:30 to go for psych class at 2:30. But in the end I decided to not go (after a long contemplation) because I had a premonition that class would probably be less than an hour long, and also because I’ve completed the work we were supposed to do in class today I skipped hahah. So I spent the afternoon doing something more productive like, finishing up by review activity for Psych, vacuuming my room (like finally), cleaning my study table, packing my clothes and then started on my next assignment! And when Fathin finally woke up from her so called ‘accidental’ or ‘unintentional’ afternoon nap we went to Coles before the sun set. I got more soy yogurt (so in love now), lots of bananas, wholegrain wraps, soy milk, cereal…and yup basically all the usuals. I forgot how I spent the next two hours before dinnertime but I remember just snapchatting my brother and we just sent each other videos and talked through that hahaha. Then it was finally dinner and then we had pasta! Everyone else had chicken carbonara while I had some tomato mushroom pasta (yes, tomatoes again….) and I skipped dessert because I’m officially sick of poached pears hahaha. After dinner we went to Manor because I wanted to use the oven there to bake my mushroom pies lol, so we spent almost an hour there waiting for them to be cooked. Then I spent the rest of the night just blogging and finally headed to bed at 11:30 :)


Day 106: Wednesday

Woke up to a freezing cold morning. It was only 6 degrees before 8am, and so I thought it would be a good day to finally try out the thermal tops my mum sent over two months ago! And fifteen minutes later after the alarm rang I finally decided to get out of bed to have breakfast haha. I attended two English lectures in the morning, and today's discussion topic for ICT was anthropomorphism! I think it was our second last group discussion and tbh, I didn't prepare much for it but well, it's OVER hahah. It was an interesting debate and eventually pissed me off when animal rights and ethical issues were brought into the discussion. I could feel my whole face heating up (literally) and well, we obviously digressed so luckily it got cut off! If not I wouldn't be able to imagine how it would end up haha. But then again, it's only moments like these that make me realise how passionate I am about veganism. ICT discussions have been pretty interesting though, but I guess my favourite so far would be the topic of euthanasia. Well, just crossing my fingers and hoping that I'd do well though hahah. Afterwards I had psych class immediately and it ended at 5:30, and I was the last one to leave the class because I wanted Sama (my psych tutor) to check my assignment and she ended up being a little emotional after reading it hahaha, because we had to do a dream diary and mine was pretty....emotional I guess. But seriously though, she's such a kind soul and I'm just so glad I've her as my psych teacher! She's so inspiring in her own ways.
It was still freezing cold by the time class ended and I finally reached home slightly after 6:30! Spent a good twenty minutes in the shower under the running hot water and ah, it felt SO GOOD. I was craving for ice-cream so I went to the dining hall and one of the most unhealthiest dinners ever! Vanilla bliss ice cream, deep fried wedges, chocolate soy milk and grapes.....LOL. Then afterwards I settled back in my room and just lied on my bed talking to my sister and my mum on whatsapp, and I'm so proud of my mum because she's going to be a vegetarian for one whole month WHOOP. (Mummy if you see this, I LOVE YOU hahaha)
Then I spent the night just doing my own things in my room all at my own pace! I can't exactly remember when was the last time I actually did this hahah, because most of the time I'd be in Fathin's room or she would be in my room until it's almost time to sleep. But because it was still early I had the time to chill, stretch and blog! I stretched for about half an hour and it was so, so relaxing. And after I was done blogging my mum sent me this long ass text from her friend's son. It was about veganism and his whole point was that, "Eating meat is a better and more ideal method of feeding ourselves" and that it's pointless to go vegan and I took about more than an hour sending a text twice as long as his and totally ranted hahaha. But my mum decided to stop me from talking back the second time I wanted to because she said we were fighting lol, so I decided to just forget about it and head to bed instead. So after ending an hour phone call I washed up and went to sleep!

Day 107: Thursday 

So last night's decision to post the debate on dayre was probably a wrong move ahaha, since I woke up to seeing an online commotion about veganism. Well I certainly didn't see this kerfuffle coming since my sole reason of posting it is to SHARE about what I felt, but that accidentally came across as being insensitive and preachy. So well, if you're a non-vegan and if I've offended you in any way I apologise. But at least it reminded me of someone I once was ahaha, someone who really hated preachy vegans (a hell lot) - and maybe after so many months being in this I've completely forgotten about how it once felt like. ;(

So back to my day! Had English lesson in the morning but I ended up texting people instead ahaha, so much for paying attention. But I managed to talk to some of my Instagram friends (friends I've made online) and had a good conversation with Priscilla during class! We talked a little about Instagram and the Dayre community and it was nice talking to her heeh. Then I thought of YY and Nicole so I texted both of them to ask how they are doing! So thankful to have met all of them (Stephanie, Charissa, YY, Nicole, Joylene, Ling, Megan and more) last year during the holidays and I can't wait to see them again when we go out for a vegan date! Heh. It's just so blissful to surround yourself with like-minded people. 

Then afterwards I had Chemistry class, supposedly for three and a half hours but because Fathin and I completed our work beforehand we managed to leave one hour earlier whoop! So we took the bus down to city and transferred buses back :) Had roasted potatoes and veggies (again) for dinner and some really sweet jelly for dessert, then went to sleep not long after! Oops, almost forgot to mention that I managed to complete all three assignments I had to do during my break heheh. Did my short answer assignment due on Friday, my psych assignment due next Tuesday and Chemistry quiz online which is going to be due the following Monday. It was a productive day! Oh and P.S: Fell down while walking to the bus stop because I tripped on something on the ground and two of us had a good time laughing over it :P

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