Day 112: Great day, and it's the 10th! #346daysofgratitude


Was so tired last night that I passed out immediately right after I closed my eyes but I was woken up by a bad dream at around 3am in the morning, but a call after that made my night so much better. We ended up talking for about 50 minutes before I went back to sleep again before 4, and finally woke up at 9! So after I got up, I spent few minutes catching up on notifications, washed up, got myself changed, stretched and had breakfast. While I was stretching I realised how much my muscles shrunk (the muscle loss is definitely visible and obvious ahaha) especially my arms and calves - and I suddenly miss feeling and being physically strong :( So maybe, just maybe, when I get back to Singapore next month I might just spend a little bit of my time in the gym! I've been such a sloth ahaha.

Then after breakfast I packed my stuffs and rushed out to catch the 11am bus, and well it started drizzling again after I went out so I had to spend ten minutes waiting for the bus under the drizzle and it was cold af. It definitely wasn't the best idea to wear shorts ahaha, and after going out I realised I forgot to moisturise my legs too so they were so dry! And then the bus came and I was freezing a little when I got off, but I still made my way to Uniprint after! I printed my psych assignment, went up to AS with Juanny and spent the next two hours chilling and napping, then went for pysch at 2:30. John bought me some sushi so I had two vegetarian rolls for lunch! Class ended exactly an hour later and so afterwards I was planning to take the bus down to Woolies to get some groceries before meeting Fathin at kmart to get some stuffs, but Kon decided to drive me there because it was cold outside ahaha. I stocked up on a lot of fruits and other essentials and got myself: bananas, oranges, grapes, persimmons (whoop they are finally in season!), peanut butter, soy milk, cereal and yogurt! Then he sent me back and I showered immediately after I got home, then chilled for a bit before dinner time. So by 6 I went to Fathin's room to catch up on our day today for a bit just before dinner, and man today's dinner was....bad but at least dessert saved the day! I had some mashed potatoes with tomato sauce and the mashed potatoes tasted too butter-y/creamy for my liking, and I was telling Fathin: "I hope today's dessert is crumble pie" and it CAME TRUE! So whoop, I got myself two huge scoops of it, then shamelessly asked for seconds ahaha. But the chef said I could take all so he started scooping the rest from the pan and filled my bowl to the brim. I'm just so in love with the CRUMBLE in the pie ahaha, so crunchy and sweet at the same time.

After dinner I went out to Kmart with a bunch of them from the hostel and it was FREEZING COLD! We got Bryan's birthday gift and then came back only an hour later because of the sudden rain ahaha. Man, it was only 9 degrees and my hands were literally icy cold! Then after we came back we cleaned up and went to the kitchen just in time for supper. I had the rest of the crumble pie for supper at 9pm and now I'm unbelievably STUFFED. My stomach is so full of crumble pie now ahaha, and I think I am more than ready to pass out now! It's only 9:30 but I can feel a food coma coming. 

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