dedications to those who matter;


hello girls! i'd be doing dedications to those who i've sent a text of this link to, so scroll down to your name/photo and read the dedications! i'm starting to write this on 16 November night [ 10pm now ] and god knows when i'd be able to finish it since i'm leaving for Japan at 6am tomorrow. I wanted to write letters for you girls initially but i guess i ran out of time (yes it's an excuse) and so i wanted to send a text on whatsapp but i wanted to keep the texts goes!

{These dedications aren't in any order or sort}


you're so pretty here i look like a toad :(

hello ann! be honoured that your name came to my mind first. Anyway, thank you for being such a great friend. My first impression of you wasn't a good one but i'm glad super glad that we have become so close because i've never expected this. I probably had a bad impression of you when i first met you in 305 because i'm (perhaps) slightly racist or something and you always speak damn softly and it's irritating to those who don't like you HAHA i'm sorry for being so judgmental :-( You were honestly one of my classmates whom i really didn't like, so i'm really really thankful to be able to graduate from kc with a good memory of you (or us?). I forgot how we started being close but i guessed it was because we started sitting next to each other in class this year? Even though we weren't literally sitting next to each other, we stuck next to each other all the way for the rest of the year because we were in the same group and seated next to each other's row. I guess we started talking and y'know, i began sharing things with you and so did you. I even remember telling you things about my crush and guy issues etc in class even though we wasn't as close as now, and how you would always understand and gave me advices. We even celebrated your birthday together with the rest, and i was glad i went to your "birthday outing" that day because it led us to becoming closer since i spent the entire day with you till the end. I really hope you enjoyed your birthday this year and eating soup spoon together at that night. Most importantly, thank you for always being there to listen. You're a great listener and probably one of the truest friends i have ever met in my life. Thank you for always helping me with my problems and i hope that even in the future, even when we are in different schools next year, you would also confide in me. Sometimes, i wished you were stronger mentally so that every failure and obstacle in life would never bring you down. I know you're really true and kind deep down inside, kind even to the bones (HAHA). I hope you meet a reaaaally good guy in the future (maybe you've already found one) and i really hope he treats you right and never ever breaks your heart (I'll kill him). You deserve so much more in life, ann. Even though it has only been two years since we met, but i know for myself that you're definitely a friend worth keeping. And of course, i wish you the best for your results, and i already know that you're going to do well very well. I can foresee you crying tears of joy on the day we receive our results. I hope you'd be able to do psychology in poly and eventually achieve your dreams of being a criminal psychologist (?). I really hope life gives you the best it could offer. Be strong, and always remember that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Thanks for being such a great friend, really. I hope we'll be able to go out during the holidays and hopefully overseas (london, yas)? :-) You're such a kind person and of course, really beautiful because your inner self radiates so much compassion. Love you.

Xi min

pretty pretty :)

Hey nitrate! HAHA we're the only ones who would call each other by chemical terms. I forgot how our nicknames came about but i think it was because i was telling you how much i love the term 'sulphate' and i was telling you that i'm a barium, calcium or lead sulphate because i'm insoluble in water. And then i gave you a nickname 'nitrate' because i said all nitrates are soluble. (Oh god, why were we so lame..) Anyway, i'm really thankful for a friend like you. You were also one of the people in 305 whom i never expected to be close to, but i'm glad i did. Of course, a friendship isn't a one man show. A friendship can only be built upon trust, love and care. And that's what you have all given me, so thank you for that. I cannot thank you enough for the times you've always been there for me, be it my studies or in my life. I'll never forget your voice telling me "go study now!" and never will i forget your sheer determination of becoming a doctor in the future. I really hope we'd become doctors together and you'd be able to become a pediatrician while i become an oncologist. I dream that we have the opportunity to further our studies in the UK together and live together in a house while studying in a overseas university for medical. (That dream sounds too good to be true, though.) But don't forget that we've also said that we wanted to open a clinic together! (Another good dream) But dreams are meant to be achieved, so let's do our part and make our dreams come true. 
Secondly. thank you for being there for me and helping me with my problems, and cheering me up at my lowest. Thank you for always understanding me and showing me so much care and concern when i was sick for a period of time at the start of this year. I hope you love yourself a lil bit more, because even though you always say that you're fat/ugly, you aren't. You're beautiful, and your heart is too. Instead of believing that you're fat/ugly/anything negative, try to love something about yourself. That way, you'd be more confident and confidence = key to happiness :-) You were also one of the few people i told about my family to, and this goes to show how much i trust you. You're trustworthy and i trust you with my secrets and problems, and its definitely a bliss to be able to meet you in my life. I hope we'd become friends till the end, and pursue our dreams together. Once again, thanks for being so awesome and love you.

Cheryl Soh

Hello cheryl!! I think you might be wrong in saying that i wasn't a judgmental person, because i think i am, even though i don't want to. But some things can't be helped right? HAHA excuses but i guess i'll try to judge less :) Honestly speaking, if i said i didn't judge you at the beginning i'd be lying. Indeed, i judged you because i thought you were a lil bit eccentric. Or weird should i say, because you always liked to say lame jokes. Btw, you still are. Because you're constantly telling me that you're unfriending me and loving me at the same time hahahahaha. You're probably one of the lamest friends ever but I've never regretted meeting you in life. You're also one of the truest people I've met, and i know that you're genuinely kind deep down inside your heart because i can feel it even though you hardly show it. You're always caring about others and being such a good friend. Even though i don't show it (that i like you as a friend), i really do because i admire your kindness and how caring you are. I hope you'd become a tougher person to deal with in the future because i definitely don't wish to see you getting bullied in anyway possible because you're too soft-hearted. You need to know how to not let others overstep you. Because you're too soft-hearted, i'm afraid others would take advantage of it. Even though kindness is a virtue, do know when and when not to show it, because not everyone are good people. These past 2 years have been a fun one with you even though we aren't exactly that close, but you're definitely one of the people i trust too. Also, please don't ever feel shit about yourself just because you're being judged at or when others tell you that you aren't exactly beautiful, because right now I'm telling you otherwise. If others ever talk bad behind your back, do not listen. Keep your eyes open to good people you would meet in life and your ears open to kind opinions. I hope that you'll know that you're a beautiful person, and nothing will ever make you one less beautiful because your inner self is much more beautiful than anything else. Wish you all the best for your o's results and i hope we stay as friends till the end. Love you.

Vanessa (vanene)

{why are you so pretty wtf i look like a demon beside you.................................)

Hey vanene! Haha it has been long since i last called you that. Can't even remember when was the last time we went out because it was so long ago :( really miss the days when we always hung out at the airport after school for lunch with qian :-( Even though we hardly hang out now (or even talk), you're a good friend to me and I'm sure, to all of us :) you looked really pretty in grad lunch today! And love your maxi dress too. Anyway, even though two years have been a short time, I'm grateful for meeting you because I've never met someone who laughs as much as you.........and so 99% of the time i'm always wondering how this girl can always be so cheerful. (with that 1% being irritated by the constant giggle at the back of the class of course HAHA) And you're really skinny so do eat more okay! Thanks for worrying about me all the time and asking me about my health etc, it's really heartwarming to know people do care ;-) Man, you've to stop eating so many pizzas and stop making me jealous :( you're always eating pizza like how?!!?!?! even i don't order so many pizzas...............
Anyway, you still look like ng. (wink) you guys are seriously best friend forever HAHA jk you're so much prettier than her. I wished i met you earlier in kc tho because i always had a bad impression of you :( Little did i know that you were someone of the complete opposite as the Vanessa i expected to meet. I wish you all the best for your o's results, but you're a smart girl so you don't have to worry. Hope you get into your dream JC (acjc, am i right?) and become a successful lawyer in the future. :) Wish you all the best in life and for your future endeavours, hope we would keep in touch even in the future. Love you :-)


WASSUP qian hehe i'm so used to calling you qian now because rachel is always calling you that :( But i think i should come up with another cool name for you so that i'm more special :-) I hope you know that you're one of my bestest friends even though we aren't exactly in the same clique or hang out often. I still remember the first time we talked to each other - it was three years ago, when we were given subject combinations to choose from at the end of sec two. we were praying and getting all nervous in the toilet while checking them online. At that moment, i might have forgotten that we have never actually talked before because we really talked and laughed as if we knew each other for a long time. I guess i'll also never forget our very first date at town, and we became closer since that day onwards. I think I've already told you umpteen times that you've given me a trustworthy vibe ever since the day when we first met, and you were the first friend i shared my problems and stories with within such a short span of time from strangers > friends. You're amazing and hella beautiful :-( I wish i could look like you and your body is really nice so you should not hate your body and love it. I wish you could realise how beautiful you really are. You were definitely the first person I've felt such a deep connection with since the first time we met. It felt like I've known you for forever. I hope that lasts and our friendship would never end, because that would be a pity and i won't let that happen (I hope you wouldn't too). Really hope we'd be friends till the end but i'm afraid of drifting apart and being strangers all over again in the future :( I hope we would still have occasional meet ups since we would live nearby each other next time :-) Can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me and thanks for always listening. Let's go for cafe hopping/shopping/pizza date soon okay? You mean so much more to me than you think. Love you xx


needless to say, you've been one of the best things i've gotten from kc and it has been a good four years with you. this journey has been a long one (sounds long, but it's actually quite short) but i'm so thankful for being able to get through this journey together. even though i disliked you from the start, we've graduated from kc as best friends. it's rly unexpected actually haha but we're like two peas in a pod and everything about us is so similar and hence i feel so comfortable around you. we've been mistaken as twins or sisters since sec two so we'll always remain that way :") thank you for tolerating with all my nonsense and my lame jokes (which are able to make you laugh) and bitchiness in school. we've been through ups and downs and i have to admit it has been a quite tiring school journey because y'know how much i hate the education system and my dislike for kc itself :( [i'd definitely not repeat my entire secondary school life again] but thank you for being there throughout. i think we've grown into young and mature ladies (honestly) and did so many things together. for example: being in the same class for 4 years straight (super thankfulfor that), getting into 305 together, dropping our sciences together, taking core geog together, being in the same class for everything except bio/phy lessons this year and also skipping classes together (oops). we've done so many things together and i honestly wish this would continue until we finally settle for a job in life. can't wait to see you getting good results for o's and getting into the same school together next year. but if you were to get better grades than me, please do select better options and i wish you the very best for your results and get into a good jc and be happy there :-) i hope i haven't been a horrible friend and have been there for you at your lowest, and im sorry if i didn't. i've seen you becoming stronger mentally over the years and constantly reminded you to be strong, and i'm glad you did. you'rs such a beautiful person and you deserve so much more happiness :-) i hope you find a guy who would treat you right and we would be each other's bridesmaid :") can't wait for the day when i see you in your bridal gown looking so damn beautiful and radiating in pure bliss and happiness. thank you for always being there. love you to bits. 

alright spent 80% of my time on the plane to do the remaining ones, so here goes: 


jo bro!! writing this to you now while on the plane hehe :-) it has only been 2 hours since my flight, another 4 more to go :( anyway, thank you for everything you've done for me, especially this year. you're like a small sister to me honestly, even though you're older than me HAHA but i've always treated you like one. akina and i are always discussing and thinking about lecturing you for the things you've done since sec two, and JAC feels so much like a sister bond :") i've 'watched you grow up' since sec one and i'm glad i was able to see a change in you, for the better of course. I hope you learn from your past mistakes and become more mature and stronger as a person. if you realise, we're always getting close and drifting apart again and this happens every year HAHA. There were times when i don't agree with what you were doing, and i hoped that my advices helped you in a way or two. I hope i have been a great listener to your problems and everything else, and most importantly, been a good friend. I'd always think i'm a horrible friend because i don't exactly know myself (as in, i can't meet myself) so i don't know how i actually am in a different person's point of view. I hope you'd never forget the things we did together and the times we have spent together this year. I'm so glad we got closer again because of prelims/o's because i'd have never done so many stupid things with you :") i don't think you should forget about the night we left paris baguette at tampines at 11pm and our visit to the toilet...................(we aren't supposed to say ok we promised each other HAHA) I can't believe we have done so many things together within such a short span of time (because if you realised, it has only been a few months). Remember our peppero and blueberries? we bought 5 boxes of each of them whenever we went to the supermarket....and also our seaweed shaker fries and nuggets from macs, paris baguette dates with the yummy salad and the ew rocket, never-ending yogurt hopping, study dates at the airport everywhere - xin wang, heavenly wang, coffee bean, paris baguette, starbucks, dunkin donuts, etc and most importantly our study sessions together. :) I've never regretted doing any of those with you because everything was indeed, worthwhile. The period of o's prep was really painful (shit i don't wanna even think about it) and i've already lost count of the hours of sleep i lost. And don't forget our skyping sessions even after we've met few hours ago for a study date. [Actually if you think about it, we've really had a lot of study dates omg] I can vividly remember the night when we sacrificed our sleep and did math until 6am while on skype, and showered at the same time and met each other at the airport at 7am. It was crazy losing so much sleep during the period of time but our plan that day really failed because we ended up sleeping our entire day at the airport because we were too tired to function. Productive days were really the best and we'd be so happy after leaving the place :-) i don't think i'd ever forget all these with you. And also our first salad together at changi business park, first yogurt at yoguru, first med food at pita pan and first necklace at marina square. I can remember your voice saying 'after o's, we'd come here WITHOUT BOOKS' whenever we went to paris baguette to study and swore to really play and have fun after o's because studying was really torturous. And i almost forgot about our 'walao' 'eh stop it la' 'diam la' :") with our hand actions HAHA and deciding which to use for each sentence but ended up giving up because we couldn't remember. And right, our date few days ago were the best out of all, because it was finally the #joyeobro day when we went out without books. We dyed our hair, got your nails painted, i got my brows done, you got lots of stuffs from the korean supermarket, and also visited mrs tan together. I was glad that you enjoyed yourself that day and it was really heartening to hear you saying "I'm really happy today" because i was really glad that i could make, or be a part of, someone's (happy) day. We didn't do much the second day but at least i was finally able to let you try the crepes at bugis because i said i wanted to bring you there at the start of the year. Every #joyeobro date is a fun one, and thank you for that. I can't thank you enough for the things you've done for me, just everything. I wish you the best for your results and get into trinity as you have wished, and get into a good course and be successful in the future. I'd miss you so much when you're away but i'd be even more happier to hear/know that you've become successful in the future. 'One of those days' always happens, but don't let your mood down so quick. Whenever you feel down, try to think of the things which make you happy. I think this is the longest post i've written so far because of all our study dates together and that this is my first time writing a letter to you so...hahaha. And don't forget to spend more times with your loved ones before you regret it, and learn to cherish more, especially the little things in life. You'll always be my jo bro, love you. 


hey afiqah!! Thank you for being such a great friend. You're definitely one of my bestest friends in class and i hope we would be able to keep in touch even after next year. You've certainly been a great friend to hang out with and i always laugh at how lazy you are because your laziness reminds me of myself. But of course, you're much more lazier. Thanks for being such a great listener for all my problems and you're one of the few people i trust. I hope my problems i have shared with you aren't burdensome to know and really, thank you for listening to me so quietly. I miss sitting beside you and eating in class together :( And also, our constant chattering in class because there's so much to talk about hehe. I wish you the best for your results and i hope you'd get into a good JC or a dream one of your choice. I just want to tell you that you're a beautiful person and please don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Judgmental people are everywhere (including myself) so ignore their nasty stares and crude comments. Instead, be confident and believe that you're beautiful. Personality is so much more beautiful than physical looks. No matter how pretty/ugly/fat/skinny someone is, nothing can make them one less beautiful just because they are imperfect. No one is imperfect and i'm also entirely made up on flaws. Everyone is. I'm telling you this from the bottom of my heart: you're beautiful to me. I'm being 100% honest and truthful here, and i honestly wished you could see that for yourself. You're a true friend and i trust you for that. It has been a great four years together and i hope that you'd never forget cheryl yeo, the girl whom always looked like she's gonna die in class and the girl who is lazy but not as lazy as you. HAHA i love you afiqah. Meet up and catch up during the december holidays xx


hello wee!! so weird calling you wee because i'm always calling you laogao [for those who aren't supposed to be reading this because it's not yours but you are, laogao means monkey in hokkien]. These 5 years have been great with you since p6, and i'm really grateful for being able to get into the same secondary school as you. If not for all these, i can't imagine how we'd end up to be (maybe like ho yen and i? hahaha) The fact that we got separated in lower sec was reaaaally sad and we drifted quite a lot because of that, but i'm more than happy to be able to be in the same class as you for the remaining years in kc. I certainly didn't expect us being in the same class again after being separated for two years. I'm sorry for being such a horrible friend to you and sorry if i've ever made you angry or sad. I'm sorry for yesterday too (grad lunch) for being so unfriendly and everything because the flu really made me damn irritated at everything HAHA and i didn't want to make it seem like i'm angry with you or something but i can swear i wasn't. Honestly we haven't spent time together for the longest time ever because of your tuitions and everything, and there's so much to catch up on. Please hang out together during december!! You're also one of the truest and one of the most kind hearted people i've met in life, and i hope we'd be friends till the end because i don't wanna ever lose you. I may seem like i've changed (idk?) but honestly i haven't HAHA i don't know, i'm probably pms-ing all the time. I loved our wednesday dates together and i'm ALWAYS looking forward to wednesdays because of that. Our subway dates together omg.........forever subway HAHA we can become ambassadors for subway already :-( I'm sorry for being such a loser and not being there for you all the time because i'm always feeling so helpless whenever you face a family issue because i'm always at a loss of knowing that i can't do anything but only to listen. I'm sorry that i didn't made anything better but i hope that i've been a good listener to all your problems. We've been through a lot and you're a strong girl. You deserve so much more happiness in life than this, and i'm sorry for all the bad things that happened in your life. You certainly don't deserve such bullshit and deserve the best. I hope you'd be able to find a nice guy who would treat you right (or i'd break his neck) and live in happiness forever. :) Things would be better so believe it would. Just know that i'm always just a phone call away (i hate phone calls but i can sacrifice) or you can whatsapp me anything if any problem arises or when you feel like ranting. And i'd always be here for you even though you may not feel it :-) I hope we'd stick through thick and thin till the end. When you encounter a bad day, tell yourself it's a bad day, not a bad life. Things happen for a reason so don't ever blame yourself or anyone for anything. Things don't work out because better things are going to happen. You're a beautiful person, rachel. I know you're a kind girl deep down but your vulgarities and everything just hides it away HAHAHA. Learn to be more gentle with your words!! We might also end up in the same school next year, and it would certainly be a joy to be together again. Thanks for always being there for me dear, i can't thank you enough for everything - really. Love you to bits rachel. 

xiu ting

hello turtle!! you're such a qtpie haha and your voice and actions and everything are just so cute even though you're of the same age as me (i feel so old now). Even though we aren't very close now, i still must thank you for the times in sec two when we were closer, and you were a good friend throughout. I still don't understand your love for turtles because they look so disgusting.....): Anyway, all the best for your results and hope you can get into your desired school. And keep in touch!! love u :)

qi yi

hey qi yi! i'm glad we became closer this year since we began taking bus home together :) your lame jokes are forever lame so don't think it's funny >:) you're always very considerate and not leaving anyone out and i like you for that. I know you hated my clique since sec one HAHA but i guess we're okay now? right. I'm thankful for the times when we could take a bus back home and talk all the way during bus rides. And laugh at each other because one of our buses would come first and the other would have to wait. And your constant babble about running man and you're always asking me whether i know XXX or YYY from running man or something that happened in the show even though i'm pretty sure i've told you countless times i don't watch that show. yes, there goes to show how annoying you are HAHA. you're actually a good friend and i'm thankful for getting closer to you :) wish you all the best for your future endeavours and hope we'd still keep in touch next time. Love you annoying girl xx


hello krystie!! i think you might be surprised that you're only one of the few people i'm writing a dedication to but i haven't forget the times we spent together. i miss our bus 13 rides in the morning to school and i still remember the day i took a bus 13 home for the first time with you and ended up at boon keng before waiting for another bus home. And i'd thank you on the behalf of akina for accompanying her to the doctor's with me the other time at the polyclinic and refused to leave even though i told you that i could take care of her alone. That showed me how true you were as a friend, and i started to think of you in a different way since then. I remember buying buns from your mum HAHA because you were always packing them to school and they looked so good so i had to request from your mum to make me one too. And whenever i think of you, i think of sushi. I still want sushi :( but i'm in japan now hahahahaha so i'm gonna eat all the sushi in the nation. Just wanna thank you for being a loyal and good friend and even though we hardly talk nowadays because i've stopped taking bus 13 nor sat next to you in class, i still regard you as a good friend. All the best for your future endeavours and i hope to see you soon xx


PIGU!! so many things have happened during these four years but i'm thankful for meeting you in kc because you were one of the best things that happened to me here. You were my role model when i first met you HAHA because you were pretty, smart, rich and skinny :-( [you still are btw] i think we'd be closer if we were in the same class in 2013/2014 but nevertheless, i'm glad we are still close even up till today. Thank god we graduated peacefully HAHA i can't imagine what it would feel like if we haven't made up after our 'fight'. i wouldn't exactly call that a 'fight' but friendship issues??? HAHA i'm glad we cleared that up though and just like what you've said before, we can be even closer because of that. :-) Thanks for all the memories you've given me pigu i'm really thankful for them. :") I'd never forget our friday night dates with you at parkway and i12 after tennis and dance. I miss that a lot honestly :( Never gonna forget that night at i12 when we danced happily at the rooftop and getting drenched all over in the waterpark. And also our kbox session, omg do you remember us standing on the sofa seats and singing at the top of our lungs? :") our duet song HAHA 今天你要嫁给我!! please let us relish that moment again :( and our old airport feast!! we ordered so much omg and it was such a great day. We barely hung out this year though :( But still, we managed to go out for study dates hehe and spending our night over at the airport!! with me sleeping and you studying...... & you worked so hard for o's i think you deserve the best of the results :) I know you'd do very well hehe and get into VJC!! you're gonna be so successful in the future and i secretly hate you for that :( Oh and not to forget the day that you came over my condo and went swimming and sauna together :") i remember you trying to flip me in the pool HAHAHA because i couldn't flip myself fml.................and i'd always trust you with my problems and tell you about all my shit and our guy issues!!! hahahaha. don't forget our plan to get drunk and call each other's "guy" to scold the shit out of them for making our life so horrible. :( and our plan to seduce men and run away with their money and use that for plastic surgery to make ourselves prettier and target more rich men!! then we would eventually become the world's richest girls HAHAHA mean girls (yes why not). I've never ever regretted meeting you at all and instead, i'm really grateful for that. I hope and i know we'd still be keeping contact till the end hehe because pigu4lyfe!!! our #pigupower will survive everything :-) and our nicknames "pigu 01 and 02" "slut" "hall(w)" and "ahlian 01 and 02" oh god....those were the times :") Thanks for always being there and listening to my words carefully and giving me great advices. I hope i haven't been a horrible friend to you and been there for you too. Let's meet up after you're back from japan :-) It has been a while since we really talked about life and i miss that so much :( and also, our basketball date with kailin!! love you heh x


hey wifey!! haha i bet you've forgotten that we were married oh god we were so lame back then...HAHA but nevertheless, i'm thankful for getting closer to you ever since i've moved to simei and i love our bus rides home together :) i'm sorry if i have been a horrible friend by calling you late at night and asking you out just to talk HAHA. you're a great listener and thanks for everything. I remember us going to bedok point to eat lunch and also simei's ntuc food court to eat before going home. And our highlight: basketball with jiaying!! i'm still best at basketball hah y'all suck >:) I don't think i'll ever forget the night when you were drunk and sat on the toilet bowl and refused to get up..........i even have a photo of it HAHAHA so don't ever try to do anything to me or else i'll create a scandal (scandal with a toilet bowl?) hah just kidding. I think you're the cutest when you're drunk because you'd look ???? the whole time and stare into space and talk nonsense HAHA i miss all of that and hope to have a bball session soon. Love u and thank you for all the memories. xx

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