me and my broken heart


favourite photo of us from that day :)

went out with jiaying (wanted to call her pigu like i always do but it suddenly feels very awkward here and i don't know why) last monday after her work ended. we met at miam miam cafe at 4 for dinner (so early, i know) but we initially planned to have dinner at artistry but the weather didn't allow so...): settled dinner at miam miam anyway because we both liked that cafe a lot :-)

we talked over dinner (like finally!!) and it has been ages since we went out to talk. if i remember correctly, the last few time we went out together was during o's period when we were still doing our tys 24 hours round the clock :( i can still remember the day when i met this girl at the airport at 2pm and then we camped at the airport doing math and our science ten years series until the next morning and left the airport at 6am. after that morning, i crashed onto my bed right after i reached home & after waking up i met jo straight after to study. the thought of studying for o's again makes me cringe. :(

we visited the temple after dinner before it closed and spent quite a while there "to gather our thoughts" (HAHA i made that up) but basically we went to pray and expressed our gratitude. thereafter, we decided to go bugis+ for karaoke since we had a wild time at kbox the last time we went two years ago :") i can still remember us jumping on the sofa and singing our duet song at the top of our lungs. we went to this karaoke place there and unfortunately we didn't get to have the student discount since it was already 6 and the discount ends at 7, while each session was about 3 hours long. So eventually we went to this gaming place/centre beside the karaoke place. basically it's just playing xbox! 

we played Just Dance and it was my first time playing (sob) and i really didn't want to dance because i was too tired to move but i was glad we did it because it was so fun!! even though i have to admit it was hella tiring, it was hilarious to see ourselves dancing at the end of each dance on the screen & it was a great workout (i guess hahaha). i love their stupid dances, especially the duet/couple dance of "me and my broken heart" HAHA it's my favourite so far and i hope we can try every song on the list by the end of...this year? We were panting and perspiring like crazy by the time we finished this song twice and then we decided that it would be our last and went over to the counter to switch games. 

i wanted to play a racing game (omg i love them) but they weren't available for 2 players so i chose a shooting game while thinking that it was something like a sniper game or something similar. So we had to choose between left 4 dead 2 and 
call of duty, but both of us didn't know what either of them was so in the end i just picked the former. (or did we pick the latter? can't remember.....) 

but anyway it was this game where zombies appear out of nowhere and then we had to shoot them with our guns. they would appear at a certain time in a whole bunch and then they would come running at your face, so both of us screamed & screamed & screamed when the zombies ran towards us HAHAHA it was so hilarious god. i think we were the noisiest people around and we really screamed at the top of our lungs. (my throat was almost dying on me) halfway through the game, one of the staff came in and asked whether everything was ok since we were making such a ruckus. the truth was, he was standing at our door for quite some time before coming in to check (i know this because i went to set up the video in my phone to time-lapse mode and noticed he was there HAHAHA)
the game got boring after some time because the zombies kept coming out from the same place and we had to wait for them to appear, so we gave up and then we switched our game to band hero! 

initially jiaying (okay now it's getting awkward calling her this way again because i don't usually call her by her name) played the drums & i played the guitar because she said she wanted to "vent her anger on the drums". i got fed up with the guitar after the first song and then i switched to the drums shortly after, but i was totally smashing onto the drums instead of just playing it HAHA & the staff were looking at us so worriedly outside maybe because they thought we were gonna break and damage all of their equipment....then i took over the microphone and then we ended our game session with maroon 5's moves like jagger :-)

walked back to bugis junction at 9 and i thought it was already time to go home but this girl asked me "so what do we do now" and i was like ??? so we were stood at the directory again and looking for a place to sit and rest at and this girl chose ma maison & she dragged me into the restaurant....i was finding every means to escape but she kept asking me to sit down and wait in the queue so we kept pushing each other back and forth at the entrance of ma maison HAHA and the people who were paying their bills kept looking at us haha they must have thought, "wtf is wrong with these two girls......"

eventually gave in and entered the restaurant (gave in, but more like i couldn't escape from her claws) and saw zhuo yao who was working in the restaurant.........and we could order two glasses of sangria all thanks to him but i got kinda high after HAHA oh wells. Then jiaying drank the sangria and pretended to be drunk and called onion and spoke rubbish to him in return. got to talk to onion on the phone too because i was supposed to say sorry to him because she's drunk but come to think of it, why did i even say sorry to him HAHA i should've scolded him till the end because he's such an a**hole and its good enough that i don't admonish him for all he has done >:( but I'm going to keep all this anger until the day we finally meet after this girl comes back from japan and we can finally execute our ANGER plan!!

felt kinda high afterwards and jiaying kept insisting that i looked like a salmon because of my pink face and she didn't allow me to take the train home alone and insisted that i take a cab home because she thought i would faint or get lost halfway :( was 100% sober okay but she didn't believe me HAHA but i really can't wait for the next time we meet already. Gonna meet this girl after she comes back from japan and then we're gonna do things in our bucket list together and also execute our anger plan!! and also drink hehe.

did i really look like a salmon?? :( but i love salmon so nevermind hehe

love this girl to bits and i can't remember when was the last time we actually headed out to have some fun. i think the most number of times we went out together to "have fun" was in secondary 2 (when life was much slacker back then), oh the good ol' times :( & now it's finally time to relish those memories and spend a good time together before another nightmare starts next year ):

(and pigu shoutout to you here too bc you gave me one) hehe have a great time in japan & i hope it would really lift up your spirits and forget about all the bad things that have happened recently!! let your hair down and i'm sure you would definitely enjoy the trip hehe. can't wait to see you after you get back and continue doing stupid things together x

i miss japan already but i've another trip to look forward to, can't wait!

till then!

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