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As i've mentioned in my earlier posts, i would be sharing about my personal hauls from japan here. Most of my personal hauls are cosmetic products so this whole post would be on my make-up hauls only. Boys, step aside. 
There's no particular reason why i'm doing this but i guess this is the only way i can exhaust my exceptionally boring day at home and being a full-time bummer. But speaking truthfully, this whole thing is an excuse for my predilection for photography.

well, so here are all my make-up hauls! The only reason why i've gotten more cosmetic products than clothing is because make-up products are readily available in every drugstore and they come in cheap.

These are the things i got from MUJI and the things from there are definitely cheaper in Japan. Muji's items can even be found in convenience stores such as Family mart! 
Got myself a compact mirror for only SGD5.00+, a tweezer for SGD4.00+ and an eyelash curler.

A slim sharp black eyeliner from Maybelline. I've always used liquid eyeliner but this time i got a pencil eyeliner instead since i heard it's easier to use.

I don't use eyeliner often because i don't really like it, but maybe this will come into good use next time?

And got my first baby lips lip balm from Maybelline

I have a thing for this colour. 

Electro pop!

Another product from Maybelline. Gold eyeliner, which i thought was quite pretty.

Red lipstick from one of my favourites, Shu uemura!

Got it for around SGD33.00.

Saving the best for the last, my first ever NARS lipstick {GRETA // 9452}
Initially i wanted to get it at the airport before my flight to Japan when i first saw it in the duty-free shop, but they were unfortunately out of stock so i got it at Japan. 
It was around SGD38-40!

The colour is just too irresistible.

Well, it's finally time for dinner so at least i've something to do!

Sorry for the boring post, till then xx

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