summertime dreams



life suddenly became super hectic for me this week ever since i spammed people & companies asking for a job and attending interviews & so on and forth. i must say it's a very drastic change because i'm so used to waking up at 1pm everyday and going to bed at 4am - in between i would just lie on the bed and watch shows all the way. 
so on thursday before i met kina for our expedition, i went for an interview at starbucks in the morning because i came the previous night asking whether they were hiring and they told me to come back when the manager's around tomorrow. the interview was quite long as the manager asked me tons of questions but i couldn't even recall the things i did in the past so i couldn't really answer her well (i bet that left a v bad impression already) at the end of the interview, she told me that her only concern for me was my work commitment because starbucks require at least a 6 months commitment and i couldn't commit for so long because i would have started school by then; but she decided to hire me and said "it's okay, i'd take the risk and hire you." but i couldn't really confirm the schedule yet because i had another interview the next day, so she gave me the letter of offer and told me to come back again if i want to work. 

left the place on a happy note because at least one of my jobs are secured :-) really excited to work there because i want to learn how to make coffee and everything hehe. applying for a part time barista position there & i was also informed that i have to attend two workshops and about 3 days of training before i can finally work on my own. meeting the manager again on sunday (tomorrow) for "first impression" to confirm my schedule :)

went for my second interview yesterday and started working last night (so fast omg) from 5pm - 10pm and it was so exhausting :( i didn't feel really tired during work because i was too busy running in & out of the kitchen but i felt the strain after work :( but haiqal and jiaying told me that the first day of work would always be crap so i hope it gets better...? 
the bosses and the staff were all so friendly and patient so work was quite good albeit tiring. the crowd was almost never-ending yesterday so i had to rush in and out from the kitchen & cleaned the tables & prepared for the next batch of customers :( totally felt like i was playing a real life diner dash game hahaha 

working night shift for today since i've something on in the noon but i heard that saturdays and sundays are the busiest ever and the queue could even extend until the next block or something. 
cross fingers and hope i'll survive tonight xx haven't felt so tired in such a long time but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger so i'm going to hang on till the end no matter how tough it gets!! 

hoping to be able to work morning shift (7am - 2pm) at starbucks then night shift (5pm - 10pm) at the restaurant :-) hopefully the morning shift is available for starbucks. that way, everything would be great hehe 

till then!! 

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