new start


halo everyone!!

so again it's the time of the year when we embrace ourselves for another new beginning in our lives. 2014's finally coming to an end and i'm glad to say that it has been a great year. still hoping that 2012 remains the worst and that every year would continue to be a blast. so grateful for everything that has happened this year; be it good or bad. i'm thankful for those who have left because they have taught me a fufilling lesson and those who stayed just for me. also grateful for the countless number of opportunities life has given me since they always teach and mould me to become a better person. so come on 2015, i'm ready for ya & i hope you'd be better than 2014. :-) 

a quick update on my life: 
as y'all might already know, i've just returned from sydney yesterday and it had been an enjoyable trip and i did many new things, so i'm hyped to write a bucket list for myself. i'm also glad that i managed to accomplish about half the things i wanted to do in my "things to do after o's" list :-) 
actually had pretty much to update here on my life and my sydney trip but i haven't got the time to do so (since it's already almost 10pm here and i'm not even home) and there are just too many photos to share. 

wishing myself a great 2015 ahead, and i wish the same for you too. 

& again, thanks for reading my blog up till today.  

xoxo, cheryl 

exactly a year ago, you happened. wish i could heartlessly say that i definitely wish we didn't start talking or that i regret it with all my heart but i can't bear to say those words because i know that i was once happy when you were still here. didn't expect this would happen exactly a year after and look at us; all broken. i can't say that i don't miss you at all because that's not the truth. i miss you but i don't want you back. i still hate you for all the words you've told and promised me & i hate you for your empty words. i hate how i always cried for you and how i always felt so torn when you weren't around. i still hate you for making me feel that way but ultimately i hate how you changed my life so bad. i wish i didn't look at you the way i did and i wish you were just another face in the crowd. it would be better for me to think that you were like a nightmare dressed like a daydream. and that were the words that fitted you because i once thought you were perfect for me, too. i bet i was already at the back of your mind since a long time ago and i hate that i've to be the one who misses you instead. i hate how you always make me feel so crippled with my feelings. deep down inside i know i still hope that you'd still miss those times like i still do and that you'd still remember today's the day but you aren't ever going to do that, i know. i miss you a lot but i'm still going to put you at the back of my mind. at least for now. 

and these, are the words you're never going to read or hear and the words i never get to say to you. 

but afterall, i'm just hoping that in time to come; these words are just going to be words i just said once upon a time. and you, are just going to be my past. 

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