feels like another dream


spent my new year's eve with my colleagues and family! woke up early just to prepare and wrap my very belated x'mas gifts for my colleagues and had steamboat over at tok's house for a new year celebration at noon :) initially i thought that the whole nakhon family would be there so i prepared gifts for everyone but i got slightly disappointed when i realised it's just bryant, iko, yz, me and tok's family. wish that everyone was there though; since it could be my last meal with them before i leave this place :( up till now i'm still thankful for meeting this whole bunch of people and i know that when i leave, i would still say the same old words. 2014 has given me lots of new opportunities and i dare to say that i've never regretted joining nakhon. they treat me like family and i wouldn't know how i could have worked there so happily if not for them. each of them has taught me a fair share of lesson as i learned how much they have to work hard just to feed themselves. you could say that it was my first time seeing people working so hard just to keep more money for their families, but i guess most of us are also struggling to do the same. but i still hope the best for them, may god give them the strength to persevere and may life be better for them. iko has never told me this herself but i'm always reminded by the quote she lives by: always keep your feet below the ground. i've no idea why but this quote has hit me so hard and it reminded me to stay down-to-earth as a person and always stick to your values. no matter how much pain or hardship you've gone through, not even once should you forget your morals, values, faith and most importantly, the "you" you've always wanted to become. bryant also reminds me to stay rooted to the ground no matter what and to work hard not just for anyone, but for yourself. i've always believed that life is unfair and now i realise that some things in life are indeed undeserving but everything happens for a reason, right? i guess failures are just another reminder and a stepping stone to your success, and that hardships are something that moulds you to become a stronger person.

(well this was just supposed to be a quick update of my life but i've no idea why it has become a reflection of last year) but anyway, 2014 has taught me a fair share of lessons that i would remember for life. well, some people change and things don't always go according to what you want but that's how life is. ultimately life still goes on. 

it still pains me how far i've drifted from the people i used to care, or still am. i hate how broken up the clique is but i know that i have myself to blame for, too. but i'm not asking for any changes now, because i think some things are meant to remain this or that way on its own. if people are meant to be together, they would. 

and most of all, i'd like to thank my friends and family out of everything. thanks for always being there for me all the time even though i'm generally a screwed up person with a mind on my own. i truly want to thank akina for always being there for me and playing such a major role in my life especially in 2014. she had always been there for me during my ups and downs, and i'm so thankful and blessed that we have a future plan to accomplish together in the future. i know that i wouldn't have survived last year so well without her and one of our plans was to get an A1 for chinese o's & we did it together. i really hope that we'd both do well for o's (if not us, then her) and here's so many many more years of friendship. :") i'd never forget the times when you stuck by me throughout and helped me through. we've gone through so much these past years and i hope we'll be able to do the same in years to come. 
also, really really grateful that jiaying and i patched things up few months ago before o's started and i don't know what i'd do without her. i truly love our dates together & this girl never fails to make me smile when i'm with her. thank you for always being so understanding and being such a great friend. you deserve so much more happiness in life pigu and i'm sorry for all the bad things that has happened in your life; and don't you ever dare feel unloved because i love you and many others do. it's a good thing to try your best but don't beat yourself up over it if you think it isn't enough. you're one of the best people i've met in life & don't forget this. 
i've many others to thank, but i don't think it's ever enough for me to write all these down here or tell them personally. thanks jo, for always being there for me as well and being such a great listener. our studying periods for o's prep are times i'd never forget and i'll keep our memories in my heart. 

now that kc's ending in my life, i can finally say that i've finally graduated. well in fact, i've graduated long ago but the last day shall be the day i collect my results. thanks kc for all the memories, from sec one all the way to four. a part of me is thankful for all the memories i've made in kc, but i guess a huge part of me still regrets coming to this school. well it has been one hell of a ride in this school, but the people i've met here are definitely the best bunch of people i've known thus far. so kc, thank you for that. 

so right now i'm sitting at the back of the bus right next to the window and i'm on my way home. so many thoughts running through my mind and i'm still trying to analyse them through. so many feelings and i'm still sorting them out. 

indeed, i'm feeling sad that another year had just passed like that, but it's of no use to say this now since it's already the new year. perhaps this year would be the best year of my life, who knows. BUT at least now o's are finally over for me and i've been waiting for this since forever. so BYE 2014 and i'll remember the good memories of you. 

& back to my new year's eve, i spent the night celebrating my grandpa's 82nd birthday and it was also the first time we celebrated his birthday on the actual date. bought a cake for the first time for him too (we usually don't buy one) so i hope he enjoyed his celebration. the celebrations that take place at my grandparent's house each year are always the same, but i'm having mixed feelings about them as the years pass by and it sucks to know that the number of people coming for the celebration keeps depleting. i miss how the whole family would gather together every year like how we used to but it's not possible now -- i guess it's all a part and parcel in life, isn't it? 

anyway it's the first day of january today so happy new year to all my readers! spent the morning today visiting the buddha tooth relic temple at chinatown and going for brunch with le uncle. on my way home now and going for my "first impression" interview at starbucks later. now i'm still stuck on my seat with half opened eyes and sniffing because i'm sick. 

alright so i'm finally done updating about my life so see ya x

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