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haven't been blogging for quite some time because i've been busy with the usuals (working and catching up with friends). have been out everyday this week except the weekends because i've refused all meet-ups since that's the only time i can rest. anyway if you have noticed, there's a header photo for my previous posts now because i've added them!

first selfie of 2015 whoohoo

in the mean time, i'm going to do some backtracking and go back to the details i've been missing out on in the previous posts:

anyway, my last day of 2014 was spent with another bunch of people i really love. we had steamboat over at ah tok's house in the noon the next day right after i came back from sydney.

i'm sure all of you would have known how grateful i am for them after reading my previous posts, so i'm not going to be super lengthy and sentimental again - but they really need to know how thankful i am for them :( i can't even begin how blessed i feel to meet this bunch of angels at nakhon. i've never exactly called anyone an angel before, but i guess they fit in because they are all too nice :( thank you iko, for always being there for me and treating me as a younger sister. i love you so much and i think i'll miss you the most when i'm gone :( please don't forget our lunch dates next time! to bryant, thanks for always looking me out as a younger sister and telling me to sleep early after i get home from work because you don't want me to be tired. & for always telling me i'm always your little angel, thanks for always being there. alright so i guess i'm being lengthy again, so i'll have to save the rest for next time. i haven't said this but the nakhon family has really been treating me so well the entire time. :')
time to leave nakhon real soon, but i'd definitely miss them loads. 

also spent the last few hours of 2014 with my beloved paternal family because it was grandpa's 82nd birthday :-) and this was actually my first time in THREE years that i actually took a selfie with my grandpa since he doesn't live with us anymore :( really love him even though we aren't that close :(

first day of the year was spent visiting the buddha tooth relic temple at chinatown with my siblings and uncle :-) it was really a great start to the year!

uncle brought us to dtf for brunch after :)

also attended starbucks classes on 5th and 9th of jan at metropolis :)) this was tea tasting on the second class! we had to jot down some notes for different kind of teas. & i'm really sad to say that i had to leave starbucks only after working once there because of school :( felt rly bad for the manager and i hope i can come back again during my holidays siGh

on monday after collecting our results, i went to tampines with xt and kina to indulge in ice cream at 320 below!! to cheer ourselves up haha not sure whether it worked for them but it obviously didn't help at all for me :( but the company definitely made it better :')

love of my life

met my mum and bro after they left and we went to ikea for an early dinner after. FINALLY had my long craved beef meatballs!!! have been demanding from my mum for ikea's meatballs every night before that because i had this exceptionally strong craving for it :( 


on tuesday i went down to taiseng to find kina at work :) we chilled a bit before going to my grandma's house for dinner! & i did a draft of my JAE thing with my uncle. 

on wednesday i met jon for lunch at fish&co and we went to blackball for dessert after, all the way from 12 to 3. idiot made me laugh so much at his "smart guess number...." especially at blackball. 
after he left, i met ximin and we went to the temple together. 

afterwards we went to berrylite for some froyo and chilled a bit there and shopped before i left for tampines to meet the clique and mr tan for dinner. this was probably the first clique meal after the longest time ever :)) 

missed being like this after so long omg we really have to thank mr tan for that. and i've to also thank him for supporting my decisions and advising me what to do with my JAE thing. :-)

on thursday i met jiaying for lunch at the loving hut at joochiat!!! whoohoo finally went to this place after so long and it was her first time having a vegan meal so yay :) we totally feasted there HAHA but the food was good!! vegan but doesn't taste vegan at all. then we cabbed down to bugis because she had work!! 

shopped alone for awhile before heading down to town to meet qianlin for dinner :) we went shopping around town and we were the broke girls for the night HAHA because we are the queen of cabbing and we even cabbed home after complaining how much money we've spent on cab fares..........we had dinner at the lawn (another place i've always wanted to go) and the food was good too!! we got ourselves earl grey and iced mocha ice cream sandwich too and i conveniently named myself the queen of earl grey after. had so much fun with her hehe can't wait for our cooking + baking session next tuesday :)

on friday i met haiqal for a short gym session at 11 in the morning before heading back home to rest for awhile. walked over to cgh's starbucks at around 4 to tender my resignation letter sigh left that place with a heavy heart :( & cabbed down to nakhon right after because i had last minute work that night!! 

alright so, my week has been really hectic and i still owe many people meet ups omg really wish i had more time to spend time with them :( next entire week is fully booked like this week even though monday isn't even here yet omg save me i need a break and more time :( 

next week resolutions:
- tidy up wardrobe 
- clean up all of my things in the room!

alright time to rest and fuel myself up for the upcoming week!
cya girls x

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