DAY 100 to 104: Pizza hut, movie weekend, I love parcels! #346daysofgratitude


So the weekends flew by in a whizz, and it's Monday again today! I had a really busy (yet relaxing at the same time) weekend but I thoroughly enjoyed it. So as usual, I'm going to recap what I did over the last few days and jot down what I'm grateful for. :)

  • On thursday night Fathin and I missed dinner because we thought dinner was at 7pm but it was at 6:30 ahaha, and no one said anything in the whatsapp group so we blindly followed along. So by the time she knocked on my door and I was all ready to fill my starving belly, she told me that dinner was OVER. And I was like: WHAAAAT are you kidding me?! Like hey not when I'm starving like crap ahaha. So we went over to the kitchen and we asked if there were any more food left but unfortunately NOPE, there were none left :( So we sighed and went back to our rooms to get our wallets and walked over to Pizza Hut to get dinner. The funny thing was that, way before we went home I kept telling her that: "I've a feeling tonight's dinner would be horrible. Something like potatoes and veggies again." and "If it's really potatoes I'm just going to get pizza" and guess what, dinner on that day was really just potatoes and veggies LOL. So at least I didn't feel that devastated ahaha, and in return I had a medium-sized veggie pizza all for myself! I ordered this spicy veggie pizza for only 5 bucks and it was so spicy and delish, whoop no ragrats. Best thing was that: no animals were harmed in the making of the pizza, HEE. 
  • On Friday after English class ended my teacher told us the tentative dates of our exams and now it seems like I'm ending my exams a little earlier than I predicted! My mum has been waiting anxiously for my answer because she has been wanting to book my tickets back ahaha, and it's only less than two months away till I'm back at the land of the SUN, but also back home to my family. 
  • Finally watched Deadpool over the weekend and it was pretty good! I loved the romance factor in the movie and the love between the leading casts was so...beautiful :') Sometimes movies like these give me hope - a hope that true love still exists in the world, ahaha. 
  • Showered immediately right after I woke up on Saturday and I went to the kitchen to pack Friday's dinner and it turned out that someone left a tupperware of extra pasta. He/she left it right on top of my plate in the fridge and up till today I still have no idea which supervisor that was but I felt really blessed! It was the first thing that made my day :)
  • I've been having soy yogurt with Jordan's granola for breakfast recently and I must say, it's the BEST kind of breakfast (for now) heheh. But soy yogurt is like a luxury for me because I'm on a tight budget this month, unfortunately :(

  • Saturday was amazing. I had a really good breakfast of soy yogurt, had a surprise when I opened the fridge, had a good recharge over the night, felt so clean and refreshed after a morning shower, and the day was so sunny and beautiful. I also managed to hop on the 11:43am bus from New Town that I usually miss and the 12:13pm bus from city too! So I ended up reaching the campus so much earlier than I usually do, so yay. And then I also managed to cook lunch and made some teriyaki broccoli and tofu stir-fry and ABC soup! I haven't had ABC soup in months and definitely missed it, and the best thing about it? It's SO healthy ahaha. And then I just spent the rest of the day chilling, watching movies and then took a nap till 6. Afterwards I had dinner at Sakura and had SUSHI at 8, and caught Civil War in the cinema at 8:30. The movie eventually ended at 11:10 and it was past curfew time, but thankfully the supervisors were understanding about it! The movie was pretty good, and it was a good first time experience at the cinema in Hobart heheh. Then I finally got home and crashed not long later. So yup, it was pretty much a darn good day :D Thankful for everything that has happened throughout the day and the company too of course, heeeh.
  • Well I guess that day really burned me out and so I woke up a little later on Sunday, but still, I managed to drag myself out of bed to shower and have breakfast. I had the last soy yogurt in the fridge for breakfast and shared half a watermelon with Fathin, and then got back to my room and listened to some music on Spotify. Afterwards she came over to my room and we completed the rest of our Math assignment together and yup, that pretty much took up most of my afternoon. But of course we had breaks in between as well, like going to the kitchen for lunch and then stopped for awhile to rest (or procrastinate, maybe). Well she was playing Tetris on my iPad while I was busy looking for vegan recipes online lol, so I have been trying to step up my cooking game a little recently's pretty tough :( But I'll look at it at a different perspective - I mean, this is going to turn and make me into a better person and improve my skills so why not right? Hahaha so I'll just work hard on it (I hope you see this babe hahaha) 

So today's Monday all over again and it was a pretty long day in school, but in between my classes I managed to skype my family so it was lovely :) I was intending to call my brother to chat with him initially, but to my surprise my mum received the call at home because it's Labour day in Singapore which means public holiday! So I managed to talk quite a bit with my mum and I finally suggested to do my car license heeeh. I'm planning to take the test here but I'd most likely do it after my exams perhaps, or whenever I'm more free. Assignments have been piling up and exams are coming in a month's time so it's definitely not the best time to think about it now ahaha.

And after a long day I came home to another surprise - my parcel from iHerb! It's probably the last thing I'm going to order until two months later because...budget month starts this month hahah. I've probably been spending more than I should and so it's time for BUDGET. But anyway, I finally got the b12 spray from iHerb! Hopefully I'd remember to have it every morning and that it would help me with my energy levels and overall health. And I got meself a box of chocolate chip clif bars which GOOD. So obsessed with clif bars like always heheh, and I tried one immediately after I tore the parcel apart. And now after's time to CRASH. Goodnight all.

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