DAY NINETY-SIX TO NINETY-EIGHT #346daysofgratitude


It's Tuesday today and I'm going to do a recap of what I did over the weekends and during the past two days! So on Sunday I spent the day chilling at home and did nothing as usual ahaha. But well, I still managed to get myself out of bed at 10 after a good recharge overnight to have breakfast. Then I spent an hour searching high and low for the vacuum cleaner (as usual too lol) but I ended up still finding it by myself, so all's GOOD. So I spent a good forty minutes cleaning and vacuuming every nook and cranny of my room, because man you've no idea how dirty my room was ahaha. My clothes were strewn all over on my bed and all kinds of papers and books were cluttered on top of my study desk, so yup it felt so darn therapeutic to clean up by myself heee. That's just what I love about Sundays - just me time, cleaning time, laundry time and chilling time, heelllll YES.

Trinity and I went to Coles the night before to get some groceries to cook lunch on Sunday so we went over to the Manor to cook. I just heated up some leftover teriyaki tempeh from the day before and cooked some broccolini and bok choy. So lunch was so simple but epic: Teriyaki tempeh, bok choy, broccolini, sliced mushrooms, RICE and sriracha! If you were to ask me my favourite rice combo, it would definitely be white rice with bok choy and sriracha HEH. That's just what I love about simple foods - they are so tasty and so good for the soul at the same time ahaha. Needless to say, I had lots of rice for lunch and ate a total of four rounds lol. I returned to my room afterwards and tried doing some work but ended up falling into a food coma after half a packet of lemon biscuits, so zzzz I snoozed all the way till 6:30pm OOPS. So well, I got up just in time for dinner but I was still full from the late lunch and all that snacking, so I left my dinner in the fridge and had a phone call with Akina instead! We called for slightly more than two hours and had a really good conversation over the phone HEEH. So much love for this girl and I just can't wait to see her again in less than two months.
After we ended the call I skidded over to Fathin's room and disturbed her for a bit before having dinner at 9:30 ahaha, and I planned to do my psych assignment at 9:30 with J-ann but obviously failed, so I ended up only going to her room at 10:30 after facetiming my family. Apparently mum forgot that she has called me earlier this week so she asked to facetime again on Sunday ahaha, how cute. So we called for about twenty minutes, said goodnight and went over to J-ann's to continue our Psych! I was stuck at my essay for an hour and so I ended up procrastinating so much ahaha, and so we just continued staring at our essays until 2am in the morning. And because I got hungry again at almost 1am, I went back to my room to grab more lemon biscuits and ended up finishing the whole pack because...#healthyliving ahahaha. But seriously though, I love Arnott's lemon crisp biscuits! I've always been a huge fan of lemon biscuits since I was born ahaha, and the best thing is that: it's VEGAN whoop.

J-ann fell asleep soon after and so I decided to just leave the room to let her sleep ahaha, then came back to my room and I listened to some beautiful cello pieces on Spotify before heading to bed at 3. :)


Woke up at 10 in the morning and refused to get up all the way until I got 'woken up' by the furious sounds of banging on my door. I thought what the hell was happening, I mean WHY would someone knock on my door in the first place?! SO it turned out to be Bryan and Wen, and lol Bryan wanted to vacuum his car so the only place he could access it was my ROOM. And yup, they took about half an hour so I eventually got up and left them in the room while I went to shower and have lunch. Cooked another two cups of rice for the impending week and then I had some leftover curry for lunch with lots of rice ahaha, and that lunch left me filled up for the rest of the day. I spent the whole afternoon doing working on my psych essay with the rest and surprisingly, I wasn't procrastinating as much as I thought I would ahaha. And a surprise greeting in the afternoon made my day SO much better :)
Also managed to do the laundry today and so it was a pretty productive day I must say! Finally printed my essay at about 10 at night and I was so ready to bed after a whole day of working, eating dinner, snacking and going Coles with Fathin and Bryan ahaha. Went to bed early at 11:30!


Woke up feeling really sad yet happy at the same time because of a dream I had, but still, I'm so so thankful for that dream. It has been a long-awaited one, and I just miss my dad so much. In that dream we were just holding hands and walking slowly while enjoying the view of the place around us, and man I've no idea where that place was but it was lovely. I could still remember how his hands felt like and the warmth of his palms was such a familiar feeling. He was smiling and so did I, and it was such a beautiful dream. I remember him saying that he felt a little cold and so I took off the pullover I was wearing and wore it for him, heheh. Then the dream ended abruptly after I woke up and even though it left me a really strong feeling of despair and longing, but looking back at it now,  that dream couldn't have been more beautiful. So I'm thankful, so so thankful.
Sometimes it's really dreams like these that give me so much hope and leave me with so much gratitude. :') Just like what Kon told me, "Appreciate what you have now" and I do. Really do. Today, I'm really thankful for him, my family, best friends, for the life I'm given, for the food I had and everything I have now.

Had psych class today and coincidentally, we learnt about sleeping and dreaming today. Heaved a sigh of relief too after finally handing in my psych assignment! I've been working on it for so long now and it just felt so liberating to finally hand it in ahaha. So it seems like I've another psych assignment due in two weeks' time but gah, everything's starting to get so busy now. Basyar drove us home afterwards and then I spent the rest of the night talking to Fathin, eating dinner and lots of junk for supper and finally ironing my clothes heeh. And now it's already past 11 and I'm all ready to wash up, pack my bag for tomorrow and then SLEEP.

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