DAY SEVENTY #346daysofgratitude


First full day of holiday during the Easter break in Hobart! Spent the day just chilling around and cleaning up heee. The first thing I did after waking up was to make breakfast, and breakfast was also back to plain old weetabix and PB&J sandwiches ahaha. So after rounds I was carbed up and so ready to start the day of cleaning. I did the laundry, collected it half an hour later, hung them up to dry and then while waiting for it I cleaned up my room, reorganised my drawers, packed my study table and cleared the rubbish. And after all that moving I realised I haven't had lunch, so I made a bowl of oats and ate two clif bars down and fell asleep right after lol. Fell into a FOOD COMA. Woke up only an hour after and then I showered and chilled outside alone to catch some fresh air and vitamin D whoop. The weather has been so sunny ever since I came back from Melbourne, and man I really thought it was going to be cold back here but...YAY to sunny days. ANYTIME. So I was spending the rest of the afternoon chilling by myself while waiting for dinner, and then my brother called me back so we talked for almost an hour! And man I didn't even know there were so much to talk about, I just kept going on and on and blah....and basically we just updated each other on our lives and TEEHEE, I loved my brother's reaction when I told him some things! And it's always so heartening to hear that everything is going fine and well back home, I swear those are the most comforting and reassuring words ever. So into the conversation we were both fighting to talk and kept interrupting each other ahahaha, because dinner time was about to come and I wanted to talk to him more :( So just at about 6 I ended the call with him and made a deal to call again at night when he's free again. 
Today's dinner was an Indian-style one, and we had some turmeric rice with the chef's homemade potato patties (which tasted bomb AF albeit a tad too salty) and curried veggies! Then the meal ended with a bowl full of homemade jelly for dessert hehe. 
Afterwards I went to kmart with Fathin and finally got a bin for my room lol, I've been putting the idea off since forever but Fathin told me to just buy it so that I don't have to contemplate about it every single time ahaha. After we got back we chilled a bit at the common lounge outside my room and then we did our Chemistry quiz online before heading for supper. I just got hungry again at 9:30, so we munched on some rice crackers before going to the dining hall for ICE CREAM! I had about 1.5L of Vanilla Bliss left in the freezer, and because I was so hungry I ate half a litre of the tub lol, and Fathin had to stop me because I was eating so much. Not to mention that I even ate my third clif bar of the day at that time, ahaha probably not the wisest thing to do actually. 
And after all that pigging out I went back to my room and realised that Christy left me a bottle of vegan milkshake, and she wrote this on the bottle: "Saw this and thought of you. Hope you like it!" Man I totally went AWW, and immediately went to her room to thank her and passed her the rice crackers I got for her from Melbourne! She loved it heee :)

I spent the rest of the night facetiming my mum while she was alone in my room back at home, and then I told her all about my recent Melbourne trip and blah....and lotsa other things :) My family would be going to the temple this weekend to pray for my dad, and man I really wish I was there, but I guess I always have the time when I return back home in June. And my mum told me that she reads my blog on a daily basis to 'check' how I'm doing over here, and because of that she never has to call or text me often to know how I'm doing ahaha. And she reminded me to update my blog lol, it's just so funny how I've friends and family members asking me where my latest post is, and why my blog isn't up to date, and blah..ahaha. 
So we facetimed until it was 1am and I did a little blogging before passing out at 2am. Today was a relatively chill day, but one filled with love and bliss nonetheless :) Really love talking to my family because I MISS THEM SO MUCH. 

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