Day EIGHTY-ONE AND EIGHTY-TWO #346daysofgratitude



Woke up at 10 today after a whole night of recharge and I actually thought that breakfast time was over by the time I got up but hey, it changed to 10am for this weekend! So whoop I got up of bed and had my usual bowl of weetbix and peanut butter banana toasts before going back to my room to clean up. So I separated my white and black laundry, decided to do black for today, left it in the machine and while waiting for it to be done I went to the kitchen to wash my dirty food containers heeh. Christy passed Fathin and I this mega huge bowl of cooked potatoes and I was so flippin' happy HEEH (But guess what, it got all cleared by someone the very next day D:). And when the thirty minute mark was up I went to hang my clothes at the backyard and then proceeded to just chill in my room and snacked on some clif bars whoop! Was fiddling with my macbook and listening to some music alone before I headed out for lunch again at Sakura with Kon. He wanted to bring me to Straight up coffee (a vegan place) but the kitchen was closed by the time we got there ahaha, so we ended up back at Sakura but all was fine! Then we spent the rest of the day watching "He's just not that into you" on Netflix hee, it was a pretty good movie by the way. Then afterwards I got home and had dinner with John and Aaron, and after talking for about half an hour I went back to my room because I was dead beat ahah, then passed out not long after!


Woke up at 9:30 today and got up only at 10 for breakfast ahaha, I had the same thing as yesterday's and then after I was done I finally picked up my laundry and got changed because I was going out with Fathin! We wanted to check out farm gate market because we haven't been there before and I found out that the market has a lot of vegan food and all that jazz, so I was looking forward to it so much eheh. But sadly by the time we got there most of the shops were already closing lol, so we went like "Why is this happening?!" We were so bummed ahahaha, but thankfully enough there were few shops that were still open, and I managed to find four stalls with vegan food despite everything! I found bliss balls, vegan pizzas, vegan burritos and some vegan artichokes stir-fry thing (which I'm not too sure of lol). I ended up not getting anything because the price of the burrito just got me walking away from the stall, oh and I wanted to buy VEGAN CURRY PUFFS from this Indian stall but they were all sold out :( Fathin got this huge-ass foccacia for only 5 dollars, and then after she got her food we walked to the city! We got ourselves Boost and I got a vitality drink which was pretty refreshing, JUST WHAT I NEEDED. Then afterwards we went to Target and Bonds and I got some necessities ahah, then we went home! It was still pretty early by the time we got back but we got home just in time because it started drizzling, and then when I got back I just went straight onto my bed and started doing nothing ahah. But afterwards I got a little hungry so I went to the kitchen to make some lunch, and I ate a hummus sandwich with veggie lentil patty! Well and after lunch I accompanied Kon and Nic to Coles because they needed to get groceries, and then I did basically nothing the entire day lol. But well, managed to talk to some people I haven't talked to before so I guess...all's good? My cramps were literally killing me the entire day from morning till night so I wasn't in the best form ahaha, but still thankful for the glasses of hot water he took for me the whole time :) Then when I got back I had late dinner with Fathin and then we had our daily girls talk as usual, before going back to our rooms preparing to head to bed. Facetimed my family right after I got back to my room and wished Lia an advanced happy birthday! :) Lia's our helper at home and I really miss all her cooking and presence, and I really hope she liked and enjoyed the birthday celebration my family prepared for her! Also managed to talk to my Grandpa (like, finally heee) after he left a voice message on Saturday night asking if I was free to call because he missed my voice (SO CUTE, AWWW) and he was all smiles when my mum passed her phone to him :') Grandpa always gives the most sunshine-like smile every time we video call, and man that totally warms my heart. <3 He spent few minutes smiling and asking me how I was doing, and then started giving me all sorts of encouragment and advices and everything....which I'm all truly thankful for. I mean if it wasn't for him and my mum, it wouldn't have been possible for me to be here in the first place. And for that I'm definitely indebted to them for life. Well okay enough of all my ramblings ahaha, back to the story. So grandpa told me how proud he was (and still is) of me for studying abroad and he told me that when I get back I must come home and make everyone proud, heeeh. True enough, sometimes I do go on the wayward side or get distracted or discouraged when I feel like I'm not doing enough or not reaching my expectations well enough. And when that happens I start to lose trust in all my capabilities and also lose sight of the shore, so Grandpa's reminders never fail to reassure and comfort me all the time. And when I think about all the things that led me here today, I am reminded that it's true that I should be better, but at least I'm enough.
Because afterall, what exactly is 'enough' anyway? How much will be enough? How much love will it be enough to love? How much money will ever be enough for anyone? Nothing will be enough because we already are, and more than enough in the eyes of people who love us.

So I digressed. Again, ahaha. Ultimately I just wanted to express how incredibly thankful I feel, for everything the people who love me did for me and for their unending love. So after talking to my family for a little while more I ended the call and then started packing my bags and prepared for bed. :)

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