DAY EIGHTY-NINE #346daysofgratitude


So I haven't been blogging for a few days now, mostly because I've been spending most of my time in school and I don't get the opportunity to do a full post so...I'm going to do a short recap here!

  • So so glad that the worst period of the year for this month just ENDED. It was a whole week of cramps and pain, and man, I lost so much blood in a week. You'd probably think, "Whaaaaaat, that's too much information!" Ahaha but well, I just want this diary to be some sort of a logging diary so that one day when I look back in retrospect I can laugh at what I said ahaha. ANYHOO, I am GLAD it ended!
  • That said, I'm really touched and grateful for the things some lovely people did for me in the past week. Especially for Christy's unending concern for me and Kon's care :) I don't think anyone would think and believe that the small actions matter, but they mean the most to me.
  • I've finally REALISED that I've been putting too much junk and unhealthy food in my body ever since I came to Aussie.........I mean like zero health foods and all I do is to snack on lemon biscuits and ice-cream nowadays oops. And because of that I've been breaking out recently! But I think that stress is a factor too since I always have a breakout whenever I'm stressed out. So I've been making a conscious effort to sleep earlier every night by drinking sleeping teas (Yes they WORK) heheh. Besides that I think I'll have to act on eating healthier SOON. But I doubt it will actually ever happen here since I don't even have a blender to make smoothies and nice creams ahaha.
  • Tried the vegan burger from Ref in Uni two days ago and it was pretty good! They use the same veggie patties as the ones in my hostel but the buns were so well toasted :) Pretty amazed (and delighted) that there are vegan burgers even in the University whoop.
  • Woke up on Saturday morning to a piece of REALLY GOOD NEWS! My lovely friend YY has gotten an offer to one of the few local medical schools in Singapore, and damn you've no idea how much that made my day! I've always seen her as a doctor/surgeon and I believe she will definitely make it, and it just heartens me knowing that the purest intentions always go the farthest in the end. Sometimes people just want to become a doctor for materialistic reasons, like for money and social statuses etc, but it just warms my heart knowing that some people really do want to become a doctor for the simplest reason: to save lives. To cut things short I'm just immensely proud of her! She's going to be a great doctor and YY has been someone I've always looked up to - for her crazily beautiful and genuine personality, her radiant smile and vibes and just HER. Congrats again gal!
  •  SO I've been thinking a lot about my future in, which bachelor degree should I take? Which course should I choose? Which path should I follow? Up till today I'm still sure that the only thing I'd love doing and wouldn't mind doing for the rest of my lifetime, is Medicine and it has been my dream for five years now. But I guess sometimes no matter how much you want something in life it just wouldn't come to you, so I guess I have to move on and choose another pathway. UNLESS....a fairy godmother sponsors me for my studies ahaha. Otherwise I guess I'd be stuck studying something I don't have any passion for, and that kinda sucks.
  • I saw a white pigeon on the road when I was waiting for my bus back home one day and I also noticed some passers-by who were staring intensely at it too, with so much gentleness in their eyes. At that moment I wondered how true this statement was, "If slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian", and I wondered how many people would cringe at the sight of someone brutally slashing the throat of a cow or a pig in public, and I wondered how many people would find those actions sick. Sigh, society.
  • Called my brother on one of the nights this week and we talked on the phone for a good two hours before I started to zonk out haha. I just love spending my nights talking to my loved ones before I head to bed. 
  • Grandpa has been texting me on whatsapp and he sent me this long text on Saturday which made my day. So it seems like he has been counting the number of days I've been here and keeping track of time, and awww that just shows how much he misses me ahaha. I can't wait to give him a big, tight hug.
  • I guess one of the things I've been worrying about is the fact that my grandparents are getting old, and not being with them physically and not spending enough time with them while they are still here saddens me. But still, right now I just can't wait to study hard and graduate from University, and let them see me graduate! :)
  • Today I received one anonymous question on askfm and it reads "Thanks to you I am trying to avoid meat as much as I can. You're such an inspiration!" Things like this really make my day :) So glad more people are opening up to veganism. On a side note I realised that I haven't eaten any meat for 9 months now, so close to a year! Time seriously flies ahaha. It's true that the longer I'm vegan the more I feel connected with veganism and the world :) I have to say that it's the one of the best decisions I've made in life, if not the best. 
  • So grateful for Kon who respects and admires for the fact that I'm vegan and not judge and criticise me for it like some snarky people out there. :) Well it's a mean and harsh world out there, so why not be nice when you can right? And by being a vegan I'm already trying my best to not snarl at people who enjoy the taste of murder on their plates and not preach veganism, even though sometimes I really want to and feel like doing so to stand up for animal rights. But it's best to avoid disagreements sometimes, especially when morals and values are questioned. Still, I stand firmly in what I feel and believe.
  • Spent the Sunday doing absolutely nothing except chilling ahahaha. But at least I got my room vacuumed and cleaned after two weeks, ironed my clothes, fuelled myself with food and napped for an hour in the afternoon :) Spent some time texting my brother too, so all's good! 
So that's all that has happened for the past week when I haven't been blogging! Now I'm sipping on sleeping tea again and eating some lemon biscuits at 10:30 pm before I zonk out. Goodnight lovelies.

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