DAY NINETY TO NINETY-FOUR #346daysofgratitude


Gonna do a recap of the week in this post! So glad it's finally Friday phew, I'm so WORN OUT. The past few days have been relatively slow and boring apart from all the tests and the psych assignment I've been working on ahaha. But fatigue has been hitting me like a train and gah, I just want to rest and sleep forever.

So nothing much has happened this week except the few things I'm going to mention below:

  • On Monday our PW results were released and for those who are unaware, Project work (PW) was a compulsory subject in junior college and if you've ever taken PW in your life you would understand that it isn't an easy subject. To be honest, I really hated it so much last year and it gave me so much frustration ahaha, but I guess, my hard work really did pay off! I really did struggle a lot and put in my best effort into it despite everything. Even though my results don't matter to me anymore I'm just really glad and really, really happy for my entire class! We've all put in a tremendous amount of effort and they totally deserve all the As they were given since I saw the amount of hard work they have all put in :) So proud of everyone.
  • On the same day I had Christy's miso soup again for dinner and that meal left me so bloated but so satisfied and happy! Then I spent the rest of the night doing psych assignment and I remember passing out soon after because I was so so sleepy ahaha. John even knocked my head to wake me up because I was falling asleep pffft.
  • Spent some time texting my lovely cousin the other day and we updated each other on our lives! I miss her sooo much. 
  • Called akina for the first time ever since I came to Aussie few nights ago and we talked on the phone for a good 1.5 hours HEEEH. There was just so much to talk about since we haven't updated each other in ages. Planning to call her again sometime this week to continue where we left off :)
  • Have I mentioned how badly I've been craving for DIMSUM/YUM CHA or dumplings or PAUS? Especially the last one ahaha. Fathin has probably heard me saying this more than three times this week. 
  • Facetimed my family the other day just before I crashed my bed and we just joked around as usual. Miss having dinner with them every night :(
  • Had the best vegan apple crumble pie for dessert last night! It was CRAZY GOOD. I was so in love with the crumble ahaha, and I took seconds whoop. Then I spent the rest of the night chilling in Fathin's room and we just did our work, talked and chilled. It's a little surprising how we never run out of things to say or topics to talk about even though we see each other every single day ahaha. So glad I met her here though :)
  • Been having the worst stomach cramps ever and it's honestly frustrating :( Because of that I have been feeling so tired recently and so restless sigh. 
  • Honestly I've been struggling with so many negative thoughts recently but I'm still trying my best to remain positive and bubbly. Not sure if it's because I'm more sensitive now that I'm unwell and always tired, or because I'm just not in my best form. Well I guess I got to clear my mind soon and not pollute it with any more negativity. 
  • That said I've been feeling so stressed and I know that they are all unnecessary because I can't stop giving myself pressure and setting high expectations for myself. So I've been working on it, and I'm just so grateful for the encouragement from my mum the other day. :)
So here's my input for the past five days I haven't been updating, well I just haven't been feeling the best. I've about an hour left till dinner so I'm just gonna catch up on some Youtube videos and then EAT, then head to bed ahah. Peace out.

"Maybe, life is all about doing everything to make yourself matter and to prove everyone that you really do matter but what makes it so hard to achieve is when you, yourself, also don’t believe that you mattered, matter, and will ever matter to someone and to this world.
Always remember that the hardest battle of your life is not against someone else. It is against your own self. It is a fight that will make you matter. It is a fight that you should not lose. It is a fight that you should finish until the end. It is a fight that will make everything worth fighting for.
Win the fight not just because you want to prove something but also because you deserve it. You deserve to show everyone that you matter. You deserve to matter in this world. And most importantly, you deserve to matter to yourself. Always remember that."
— catasxtrophe (via wnq-writers)

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