DAY EIGHTY #346daysofgratitude


The happiest kind of days are the days when I come back home to a parcel left at the doorstep just for me. There's just something so exciting about receiving and opening parcels, even if you already know what's inside because you were the one who ordered it. Please don't tell me I'm the only one who feels this way ahaha. Well at least this was the happiest thing that made my thursday :)

I've spontaneously decided to write down a few things (in my mind now that I can think of) that make me happy here. Talk about gratitude, eh?

Happiness is coming home to parcels full of goodies and gifts. 
Happiness is having second and third rounds of dinner. 
Happiness is having weetabix and mighty grain with soy milk for breakfast even if it means the same thing every morning.
Happiness is snuggling in bed at night when it is freezing cold. 
Happiness is facetiming my family and talking to them. 
Happiness is coming back home just in time to have a shower before dinner.
Happiness is a feeling after a hot, comforting shower. 
Happiness is calling my family for hours and talking to them until my eyes start to close. 
Happiness is checking out Thought Catalog everyday and seeing new articles uploaded.
Happiness is reading Thought Catalog. 
Happiness is learning something new everyday; be it in class or in books. 
Happiness is having lots of RICE, pasta, sushi, pizza and burgers.
Happiness is HUMMUS and peanut butter.
Happiness is CLIF BARS.
Happiness is having someone to send you back home on some days. 
Happiness is stargazing. 
Happiness is Netflix and chill with the best company. 
Happiness is having a warm, comforting hug after a long day.
Happiness is eating 500ml of vegan ice-cream for supper. 
Happiness is having my cravings fixed.
Happiness is going on road trips. 
Happiness is having some me time alone on some nights. 
Happiness is having a good night's sleep.
Happiness is the feeling after washing up and preparing for bed. 
Happiness is receiving whatsapp texts from my bestest grandpa and my family. <3
Happiness is love from Christy and her food. :)
Happiness is being cared for. 
Happiness is when someone asks if you're okay after a seemingly long and tiring day. 
Happiness is satiating your hunger. 
Happiness is being at the comfort and company of someone you love.
Happiness is reconciliation after arguments and fights.
Happiness is reassurance.
Happiness is loving, and being loved.
Happiness is having Christy's ROASTED POTATOES and vegan desserts.
Happiness is chilling with Fathin and talking about everything and anything. 
Happiness is when you know you can trust someone wholeheartedly.
Happiness is suntanning and getting some vitamin D.
Happiness is listening to classical music. 
Happiness is getting reminded of how much you're loved each day. 
Happiness is feeling grateful.
Happiness is cold, sweater weathers on days you refuse to leave home.
Happiness is stretching before bed.
Happiness is catching up with my friends even if we are physically miles apart.
Happiness is smiling just before you go to bed.

Today I'm thankful. For many, many things. :)

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