DAY SEVENTY-NINE #346daysofgratitude


So I haven't been active here lately, mostly because every day has been pretty much mundane. On the flip side I've been updating dayre more often to take down bits and pieces of the little things that happen each day hee. Well so nothing much happened for the past week, or for the past eight or nine days I have gone missing here ahaha, other than eating and sleeping and going to school for lessons.

So last thursday I had the best vegan fried rice ever that the new chef made and I just couldn't get over how tasty it was ahaha, and man I wish I had more. Then on friday after school ended I just got back home, had dinner and showered, then watched an old movie on Netflix which I can't even remember the name of lol. Last saturday was another chill day of going out in the afternoon for some sushi fix for lunch, and then ravening my two tubs of Vanilla ice cream for supper ahaha. Daylight saving time (DST) has also just begun last Sunday, and since then we've been having longer mornings and shorter nights, which is something pretty cool I feel. The sun sets just before 6pm every night and so by the time my last class ends everyday I'd walk home from the bus stop in darkness ahaha. On Sunday Fathin and I decided to cook, so she made pasta while I just cooked my lentil burger patty and then we had PIZZAS for dinner whoop. I had 3 rounds of it and packed almost 8 slices for myself for Monday's lunch lol, so after Monday I was....officially done with pizzas for the week ahaha.

Now enough of my boring week and life haha, on a personal note I've been feeling a little worn out due to the number of assignments piling up. It's getting busier in school and with supper duty this week (aka cleaning the kitchen at night ahaha) I haven't had the time to properly sit down to do things, but thank goodness I did sit down and studied a bit of Psych the other day :) Mum was facetiming me while I was about to study and so I managed to talk to my grandparents, uncles and aunts too since they were all over at my Grandma's for dinner. They all said I look tired af haha, and yes I was and still am. Beats me why but ever since coming here I've been sleeping earlier than I used to lol, my mind just shuts off before 12 and I would always feel the need to pass out before that haha. And because of that too I haven't been calling my family often since I fall asleep way before they ask if I'm still awake.

Well....and back to yesterday. I had some sushi fix again with Fathin at Sakura during our lunch break and then I had a long day in school till 6. In all honesty I was so tempted to just go home and sleep but I just couldn't skip Psych hahaha, it's my favourite class. No regrets not skipping at all because psych class was fun as usual, and John and I teamed up to compete in the class quiz and we got second whoop! And we had this mini experiment and I had to feed him white and dark chocolates, and the whole scenario was crazily funny ahaha. Then I went home with Fathin and the rest and the sky was already dark before we got home, and it was so cold! On a side note I'm thankful for this girl for waiting for me to end class whoop :) Something happened in the day and I obviously wasn't in the best of moods, but I guess I'll have to thank Fathin and John for making my day a lot better yesterday :)

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