DAY SIXTY-NINE #346daysofgratitude


Got up as early as 8:30 today and started making breakfast! Made the usual berry smoothie again for both of us and then I got changed and packed up while Jo was still sleeping. We planned to have lunch out today at either Smith&Deli or Smith&Daughters before we head for the airport, but because there were still many leftover food from the past few days I decided to just eat in ahaha. Well I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be the last time I'm visiting Melbourne anyway, and eating in saves so much more money! So for breakfast part two I had all the remaining curry with rice, and also all the veggies from last night. I honestly love eating rice for breakfast ahaha, it just gives a hearty feeling but it's maybe just because I'm asian ahaha. So while I was eating I was checking out recipes on my Mac to see what I could do with the leftover potatoes at the counter, and I was so tempted to make rostï and potato pancakes but they were too much of a hassle! So in the end I just tried making roasted potatoes on my own, and just followed my instincts while cooking. I only had salt and pepper for seasoning, so I just threw in some garlic and cooked it before baking them for another half an hour. And guess what, they turned out AMAZING! So crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just what I needed heh. At least now I can safely say that I can make some decent roasted potatoes HEEE. Oh and, they were oil-free too WHOOP. 

While the potatoes were still roasting in the oven, Jo and I headed to the chemist to get some necessities before popping back in again to have lunch and pack up. And man it was a frenzy after we came back - we were left with only forty-five minutes to eat lunch, wash the dishes, clean the house and pack our luggages! So I just made lunch ready, did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen while Jo was frantically packing her stuffs ahaha, she totally overslept in the morning and definitely regretted it after. Then afterwards we uber-ed and then hopped onto the airport bus just in time PHEW.

I reached the airport just thirty minutes before my flight, so just in time! When I got past the departure gate the boarding gate was already open, so I just proceeded my way to the plane. After all this time of travelling to and fro myself really makes me feel independent ahaha, and I love it. :) So an hour passed and in a blink of an eye I was back in Hobart! Kon picked me up from the airport and then we made an impromptu trip to Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens for a walk before heading back to the hostel. In all honesty that place was pretty nice, it was so clean and sunny today, all so perfect for a picnic and just chilling ahaha. Then afterwards he sent me back and the first thing I did when I got back was to unload my bags and then chill with Fathin heh. I haven't seen that girl in AGES, so I just found her in the kitchen and talked to her all the way till dinner time. Then I spent the rest of the night just packing my bags, showering and catching up with some people. :)

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