DAY FORTY-SEVEN #346daysofgratitude


Today was a relative chill day. I got up just a minute before breakfast time and had the usuals, cleaned my room and then did some laundry. I've definitely changed ever since I came here hahah, since I've never done any laundry, cleaning, vacuuming or any housework back at home and my mum actually told me (with brimming confidence) that my room would be dirty af if I ever live alone. But the contrary happened, and I just can't stand seeing specks of dust lying near the windows and sleeping in a room with dirty floor. Maybe it's because I'm too used to sleeping in a clean room back home hahah, and I've never done so much housework all alone at once but I'm loving every bit of it. I know I sound like a pampered child when I say that I've never done much housework back home, but the truth is I never really had the chance to do any because Lia does all the housework back at home. And I'm not complaining here either because being independent and doing things by myself makes me feel more like an adult, and I doubt anything would be better than being self-reliant, HEH.

Excuse for all the nagging and desultory paragraph above lol, now back to my day. So after putting my mat, pooh plush and bunny slippers to dry at the yard, I showered and got out of my room to tan. The sun was unbelievably good, it was so sunny WHOOP. I was finally starting on my new book and listening to Yiruma's playlist as usual, until Aniq came so we just chilled and talked under the sun for slightly more than an hour. And after my thirst got the better of me I went back to my room to hydrate myself then back to the kitchen to heat up my lunch, and I had friday night's dinner leftovers of curry veggies and rice. So much YUM though, and afterwards I had nothing much to do so I went to the back kitchen and just sat there and did nothing while Christy and Garrick were busy making food hahah. Christy was making me some granola bar and I told her "Honey isn't vegan" two seconds right before she added it in, and man the timing couldn't be anymore better hahah. I spent like another two hours in the kitchen just sitting there and watching them for no reason, and in actual fact I was going to head back to my room for an afternoon nap but the pain in my stomach was enough to keep me awake lol. My stomach has been hurting for a week or so due to unknown reasons, but I'm used to stomach pains since I've always had them since young so they are tolerable. I'm going to give it another two or three days before I see the doctor, so hopefully it goes away soon so that I can save some money lol.

Anyhoo, after I left the kitchen I took my laundry back to my room to dry, then watched some Youtube vids before Wen came in to chill for like ten minutes before he left for church. Afterwards I couldn't take it anymore (I felt so sleepy) so I crashed all the way till dinner time, got up at 6:30, showered and had dinner. Christy was so kind to pack me the leftovers in a container and pass it to me while I was still eating, man I'm just thankful for everything she does for me HEH. So after dinner I played pool with Aniq, lost three games, returned back to my room because I wasn't feeling well again, went to Youzhu's room to chill because of Eddy, got back to my room to do my Math assignment, went to Fathin's room to get her book for Eddy, continued with my assignment and.....just when I was packing my bag Tim knocked on my door to check on me, and then Wen crashed my room too so we three spent almost two hours just chatting about everything. I've to say that they are two of the few mature guys here and I definitely enjoy talking to them, and it just makes me so comforted knowing that I've friends I can count on and talk to here if anything ever happens. :)
It got late by the time they left, then I went to Youzhu's room for a short girl's talk before going back to CRASH. I was just simply exhausted by the time I lied on my bed, my eyelids were so heavy and I was so ready to pass out. Thankful for the night talks today :)

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