DAY SIXTY-TWO #346daysofgratitude


Well today was just a whole day of non-stop EATING. So the morning started off with breakfast, and today was just one of those extremely rare days I wake up with zero appetite. But despite having no appetite at all I knew I had to eat something before regretting my decision to not have an early breakfast ahaha, and well I got hungrier after eating so I had two slices of toasts with PB&J, and another bowl of cereal. Well what is appetite SERIOUSLY lol. Then I got hungry again in Chemistry class so I had another sandwich, then two hours later I had two granola bars, and all before 12pm I started eating my lunch lol. So before 3 in the afternoon I had that much food PLUS clif bars, like man seriously I don't even know why I felt so ravenous today ahaha.
Anyhoo, I spent my break in between classes today catching up on Youtube videos (like finally) and did some blogging and a bit of Math, had forty minutes of Psych class and whoop school was over! Got home afterwards and to my dismay I learnt that a new chef was hired, and man that means...NO Christy?! She was so sad so afterwards we all gave her some hugs and encouragement, and I agreed to sign a petition for her ahaha. But today's dinner was good at least, the new chef made some spicy arrabiata pasta for me and I asked for extras from Sarah since he gave me such a meager amount lol. The chef didn't have any vegan desserts for me so I literally ate half the tub of Vanilla Bliss by myself, burps.Then after dinner I just chilled with some of the girls at the common area and we just talked about boys and all that stuffs, and man it was pretty interesting to find out some of their love stories heheh. We had a hostel meeting at 9 so we all gathered at the second dining room for a half an hour 'speech', and finally we have some good news: We are going to have more washing machines! I'm so glad that they are finally doing something about it ahaha, all of us are only depending on one machine and that's CRAY. So after the meeting and everything else I just got back to my room and spent the rest of the night doing my assignment. Gonna end the day on a chill note because tomorrow's going to be a LAID BACK day, heeh.

On a side note I've been thinking a lot about veganism recently, and I have to admit that I'm getting quite annoyed at how others don't take veganism seriously (as a whole). I've to say that it does get annoying when non-vegans think that it's a loss for me for not eating meat or consuming animal products because really, I DO NOT CARE. To me, eating animals is something that I CAN DO if I want to, and not something I can't. I mean, if I really want to eat that dead carcass on the plates non-vegans offer me, I would. But hell no, I wouldn't even want to see the sight of it because it's just a MERE CARCASS. And in all honesty, I do not miss eating meat at all. I repeat, I do NOT. Veganism itself is a choice, and it is my choice. It's not about giving up anything, it's about returning and not taking what's not yours in the first place. So the next time you ever feel like tempting me with a carcass or cow pus you should probably ask yourself why you're eating all that stuff in the first place. (And on another note, let's give an applause to some of my dear friends who respect veganism even though they aren't vegans themselves. I LOVE YOU GUYS.)
On a second note, guess what I saw the other day at the supermarket. LAMB HEARTS. Like seriously, the sight of them just tore my heart and mind and soul into pieces. The sight was revolting, but the realisation of how bloody inhumane humans can be was thousand times more revolting. Ugh, I can never fathom the whole animal killing system in society and I never will.

 "The real difficulty in being vegan doesn't involve food. The hardest part about being vegan is coming face to face with the darker side of humanity and trying to remain hopeful. It's trying to understand why otherwise good and caring people continue to participate in needless violence against animals - just for the sake of their own pleasure or convenience." - Jo Tyler
And finally, today's meeting at the hostel was mostly about the idea of 'going green' and saving resources, and Bob (the person who gave the 'speech') talked about making a difference as an individual even if you alone can't change the world. You alone cannot change the world, but you certainly can make a difference. And that reminded me of veganism too, and you know what? Veganism is not all about just 'saving animals' and not eating them, it's also about being a conscious being.

You can't change the world yourself, but you can become the change you want to see. Go green and go vegan guys! You can make a difference. 

157 days since a vegan on this planet, and you know what? It's the best decision I've ever made in life. 

And for now, PEACE OUT.

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