DAY SIXTY-SEVEN #346daysofgratitude


Woke up at around 8:30 today and tried making myself some smoothies for breakfast with the bananas we bought yesterday! Fumbled around the entire kitchen while Jo was still sleeping and I helped to put the clean pots back into the drawers before making breakfast. I haven't made any smoothies for myself since I left Singapore, and man you've no idea how much I've MISSED it. I've been wanting to get myself a blender here but the thought of buying frozen fruits and everything else weekly just daunts me ahaha, so maybe not. 

Not sure if it's just me or that the frozen fruits here are way fresher than the usual ones I've had back at home, and they just made the entire glass of smoothie taste so good and refreshing! I only used frozen bananas, mangoes, blueberries and water and it actually turned out way better than I thought EHEH. Made Jo another glass too and she loved it whoop.

We ended up leaving the house way later than we planned ahaha, and only left past 12 and so we quickly took the tram down to city! Jo brought me to one of her another favourite cafes and so we had Spudbar for lunch. It was a massive bowl filled with lots of warm steamed sweet potatoes underneath, and I had tons of veggies on top of all of it and the bowl was literally filled to the brim! I added carrots, sweet corn, peas, couscous, spinach, mushrooms, beetroot, salsa...and lots of other things. In the end we couldn't finish a few spoonfuls of it but we decided to leave for our shopping date instead ahaha. 

So after shopping at Topshop (the prices were exorbitant as usual ahaha) and checking out the Emporium and Melbourne Central, Jo took me to Hosier lane to take photos. We initially planned on going Queen Victoria market since I haven't been there but because we spent too long shopping and lost track of time, we couldn't make it there before it closed so we ditched the plan ahaha. We took LOTS of photos for each other but sadly the ones we had together turned out really crappy :( 

We took a tram back afterwards and stopped by Woolies to get some groceries for dinner tonight. We bought lotsa veggies: broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, more bok choy, long beans, carrots and potatoes! And so after coming home we cooked a FEAST of curry veggies, veggie stir-fry and spring rolls just for us two. I made the curry while Jo cooked the veggies, and man both turned out tasty AF :D At first we thought that we had screwed the curry up since Jo added too much water ahaha, but in the end I just left it to boil and it resulted in a creamy, perfect consistency. Now patience is key guys, and NEVER give up on your food! Ahaha. 
Then we spent the second half of the night watching a little of drama before chilling and talking until we dozed off. :)

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