DAY FORTY-TWO #346daysofgratitude


29 February

It's the last day of February already, TIME FLIES. Recently I've been so busy and by the time I get some alone time back in my room at night, I'd be dead beat so I'd sleep right away. So day forty-one would be missing, mostly because I didn't have time to blog then and I didn't really do anything except chilling in the hostel the entire day ahaha.

Today was just another school day, but a short one heee. I had lessons from 9 till 1:30 in the afternoon, and in between my breaks I got some new workbooks and notes from the printing shop and went to the bank again to amend something. Then I got back just before 3, and made myself a huge bowl of peanut butter banana oats for lunch because I was STARVING. And yes I had three bowls of oats because I was THAT hungry ahahah. Afterwards I did my psych assignment in the pool room, did my weekly laundry and then chilled with Tim until dinner time. As if we were chilling ahaha, we were basically talking shit and blabbering about weird stuffs but at least all of that was entertaining and hilarious ahahaha. I had one of the best dinners tonight: ROASTED VEGGIES. Basically just broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes and roasted pumpkins HEH. The sweet potatoes and potatoes were SO good, I could have eaten heaps of it if there were still enough food for seconds but my stomach was bursting as well ahahaha. I had the largest sweet potato chunk I've ever eaten, and I'd have taken a photo of it if I could but sadly no phones are allowed during dinner. I totally forgot about dessert, and everyone had ice-cream and I thought "nevermind if I don't have any" because I'm not particular about it at all. But just then, Sarah handed me a cup and told me "it's frozen smoothie" and my eyes instantly glinted ahahaha. So it was almost the same thing as the dessert I had last week, a chocolate banana nice cream but this time round it was even BETTER - it was blended frozen bananas with chocolate, filled with thick banana chunks and topped with frozen berries. The combo was just PERFECT, and I was literally crying inside at how good it was ahahaha. Then Tim told me not to cry for real and I shall not disclose the reason why since so many people from my hostel might read this ahaha, but that gave me another perspective of him. I even texted Christy (yup sorry I've been spelling her name wrongly ahahaha) to thank her for the dessert since she wasn't around for dinner, heh.

I went to Coles with Eddy afterwards and we got 5kg of rice, a box of pasta and some canned food. He's seriously one of a kind, I haven't met anyone quite like him in my life but I wouldn't know how to describe him too ahaha. But we've gotten closer in these few days since he kept coming (I mean barging) into my room so we've talked a lot more now. Then I went to Aniq's room to print some stuffs for my psych assignment and got a lab coat from Tim, so YAY thank you so much guys if you're reading this because I really appreciate it heeeh, Aniq for the help and hardwork and Tim for his labcoat :) And by the time I was preparing to head to bed I had to do a last minute thing: fix my calculator. The screwdriver I got from Wen couldn't work, so Aniq helped me to get someone else's and then Tim helped me fix the batteries heh. They are seriously so nice and helpful, and I know that this would boost their ego but I'm really thankful for them heeeh.
And by the time I got everything done it was already 10:30, and my eyelids were getting so heavy so I said goodnight and went to sleep. It has been a relatively slow but tiring day for me, and thank god I only have late classes tomorrow.

Just something I thought of and felt last night before heading to bed: In all honesty I'm getting a little tired of some dramas here and there, and one of them even told me that I'm "attracting so many problems". I just want to not be involved in any stupid dramas and be who I am and just do what I want, and like I told Jo, there's just so many people here who I don't know if I should trust. If there's something that I've learnt from new friendships, it would be to not show your vulnerability. I tend to trust people and in friendships too much and too often, and that has caused some disappointments in the past and so I've to admit that I'm getting cautious. Even if I can be the realest and show the best and genuine part of me to anyone, it doesn't mean that the other person would do the same. So I'm deff going to let time tell, and this time round I certainly hope that I would get closer to the genuine ones, be at length's away from toxic ones, stay low and just concentrate on being myself.

And yup, this is what I'm going to set out for. May the realest surface and........goodnight for now. 

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