DAY FORTY-EIGHT #346daysofgratitude


Life's better when it's a little uncertain. 

Why? Because uncertainty leaves room for the unexpected.
The problem is that many of us have been trained to seek the sure thing. To place our bets on what looks most likely, and to rest in the conviction of assurance. This is especially true if in some shape or form, you find yourself in many comfortable positions and places in your life.
But comfort is overrated, and not only because it is often mistaken for happiness. Comfort, for all its enticement, can be a hindrance to drive, and to destiny. Comfort can be the greatest Achilles Heel.
Uncertainty however, often prompts action and innovation. From the angst of worrying about survival, the human spirit can soar to heights previously unknown. But at the very least, uncertainty reveals character. It discloses whether we are people of fortitude who persevere, and people of faith who hold onto hope. Or whether we are people who shrink into smaller versions of ourselves when the time to stand up and be counted has arrived. But uncertainty is seldom romantic. It can be overwhelming and overpowering. It can make one anxious. It can make one an observer, rather than a participant in one’s own life. It can paralyze even the most steadfast of humans. Uncertainty, in other words, can be a figurative bastard.
But I wager that life is still better with it, than without it. Life is less mundane. Life is more of a challenge. Life is less predictable. Life is more of a chance to be savored. Life is less discernible, indeed. But life is also full of surprises, and sometimes with uncertainty, come the best surprises. The truth, I think, is that when we pause to ponder about life in general and our own lives specifically, life does not exist without uncertainty. In fact, certainty in life looks a lot like it’s end – death. So whatever uncertainties you face, or you suspect you might face, take heart that you are alive. And because you are, though challenges may be faced because of the tragedy of uncertainty, challenges too, might also be conquered. 

Just something from Thought Catalog, thought I'd share because it was beautifully written. // It's Monday all over again, and I had morning lessons at 9 till 1:30, then supposedly 4 till 6pm, but I got dismissed earlier before 5pm so WHOOP. Nothing much happened in class today, but right, I think Chemistry lessons are so powerful because they never fail to make me feel like I'd rather die instead ahahaha, they are just so boring. So in between Chemistry and Math class, Fathin went to her sister's apartment to get a sweater for me because I was feeling so cold, and then we had 1.5 hours of Math. I had 2.5 hours of break until my psych class, so Wen and Tim came to OMS to find me before their 3pm lecture started and then we three went to Pepperz cafe together because they wanted to eat. I didn't get anything since I've already eaten a large box of rice lol (and was still famished btw) but Pepperz ran out of food too so Wen and I just accompanied Tim while he ate the last box of food available ahaha. So we just chilled for a bit and then parted ways when I reached OMS, then I got back to the lounge and did some blogging on my Mac before Psych class.

We got dismissed earlier so I waited for Tim and Wen at the bus stop since their lecture was about to end too, and Tim actually checked if I had anyone to go home together with when I was still in class, and helped me with my books on the way home. I've been feeling so much brother love from everyone around me hahaha, two nights ago Wen also told me that if anyone's harassing me or anything like that I should tell him so that he would fix it, and man I'm just soooo freaking thankful for both of them :) I believe they are the few I would turn to if I ever need any help heee.

After getting home I showered, got changed into comfortable clothes and had the largest plate of pasta for dinner hahaha. I've never had that much pasta in one sitting, and in fact I asked for more pasta from Christy because I was literally STARVING. The funny thing was, when I asked for more pasta because "I'm starving so bad" Christy just said "When are you not, Cheryl?" hahaha. She topped the pasta with some garnish and salted fried kale "chips", and man everyone around me loved it too heeh. Then for dessert I had this frozen chocolate icy thing with nuts, it was so nutty I loved it heh.
I went to the dining hall afterwards to 'study' with Wen, he had assignments to do while I just sat there to give him moral support hahah. Meanwhile it was also supper time so Christy called me into the kitchen and handed me a piece of the granola dessert she made for me last Sunday, and even though it was pretty tasty it was way too sweet hahah, I felt like I ate a whole bar of white sugar. Then I had some frozen grapes from Aniq, gushed down some more water to wash the sweetness away lol, and had an early night since I was pretty tired. Really thankful for the close friends around and for the tasty and filling dinner WHOOP. :)

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