DAY FORTY NINE - DAY FIFTY THREE #346daysofgratitude


DAY 49 8th March

A typical Tuesday goes like this: waking up at 9:30am in the morning and basically chill all I want before afternoon class heeeh. So today was another typical tuesday: I got up, lied in bed for an hour using my phone, heated up breakfast and spent some time under the Sun. I had last night's leftover pasta for breakfast, and man it still tasted bomb af heee. Afterwards I got changed and headed out to the post office to collect my parcels from Boohoo, so when I got back I immediately tried out the clothes and glad to say that they all fit me nicely! And since I had some time left to spare before class, I went out to the yard to tan under the Sun. I think I got slightly burnt afterwards because my right shoulder felt like it was stinging, and because I had to wait for the bus I was tanning even more, but then I decided to shun away from the Sun for the first time in my life after being 'lectured' by a friend who told me about the ozone layer in Aussie and why I shouldn't tan so much and blah...ahah so I got a little scared for the first time and decided to just stop tanning so often from now.

Later on I had Psych class and learnt about the Brain in details, and man there are just so many things to remember: occipital lobe, frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe and all the different terms like corpus callosum. Psych classes sure do remind me of Bio sometimes but they are way more interesting I believe, and I just enjoy Psych lessons because my Psych tutor's a really kind and fun lady heeh.

After I got back home I spent the night by accompanying Fathin to kmart to get some essentials and basically just chilled and talked for the remaining night. Some things happened during then and I unintentionally pissed a few people off, and I thought it was going to be a shitty night but nah, it ended off way better than what I thought. After clearing up some misunderstandings I instantly felt better, and Wen and I had a h2h talk till late night until 2am, and I'm so so thankful for that. It was quite an emotional one, but one filled with lots of care nevertheless. It just filled my heart with so much comfort and happiness. :)

DAY 50 9th March 

The time of the month FINALLY came, after being ten days late. Which means stomach cramps and no more cereal and milk life in the morning, SIGH. But I found a good alternative nonetheless: PB&J SANDWICH heeh. I had three sandwiches for breakfast, and yes that meant 6 slices at one go ahaha, but all of that barely filled me up. So I packed another hummus sandwich for breakfast part II in school, leftover rice for lunch and a peach and a clif bar for teabreak whoop. I had the remaining rice with sweet and sour tofu with two veggie patties from yesterday's dinner, and then since I had three hours of break in between classes Fathin and I decided to be adventurous so we went to Woolsworth hahaha. I never expected it to be so far away, and in the end we didn't get to Woolsworth but we went to Shiploads instead. Woolies was too far up ahead and we didn't have that much time left until our next class, so we U-turned and then I dropped by the pharmacy to get some meds for my cramps, but I couldn't find any so we walked allllllll the way back. 

I had psych class afterwards, and today we learnt more about the Eye and during class I tried another clif bar flavour, and it definitely TOPS the list of clif bars I've ever tried! It's so incredibly tasty, and even though I'm not a huge fan of blueberry flavoured food I must admit it was pretty darn good, and I do regret not choosing that flavour on iHerb hahah. Then afterwards when I got back home I had a huge plate of rice with veggies for dinner, and a homemade chia pudding from Christy. So much YUMS. 

DAY 51 10th March

Switched up my breakfast game a little and I had two PB&J sandwiches and a bowl of mighty grain for breakfast heeh. I went to school at 9 today for my morning English class, then came back after it ended just to catch up on my sleep and have lunch before my afternoon class hahah. I had the same veggie stir-fry with rice from yesterday, on top of the extra bowl of baked beans Christy gave me last night heh. Then during Chemistry class I had another hummus sandwich for teabreak, and then when I got back I had roasted veggies for dinner - roasted potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted pumpkin and mixed veggies! I swear Christy makes the BEST roasted potatoes EVER. They are just so crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, much YUMS. And over the dinner I had an interesting conversation with Tristan and Gen ahahah, boy it was quite fun. AH and Fathin missed out on having roasted chicken drumsticks for dinner because she went to sleep, oops just something I suddenly remembered. Then I had some frozen berry sorbet with peach slices for dessert, WHOOP. In all honesty I wasn't even hungry at all for dinner since I had lots of food during the day, but well I still got slightly hungry again at night so I finally opened up my tub of Vanilla Bliss! It has been sitting in the freezer for probably two weeks and since I was craving for something cold tonight I went to the kitchen and had it for supper at 9pm heh, with a slice of sugar bar! So much sugar rush, and now it's time to get into a sugar coma and sleep HAH.

DAY 52 11th March

Woke up feeling surprisingly full today ahaha, but I could still stomach four slices of bread down for breakfast because....what is APPETITE seriously lol. I'm so glad it's finally the end of the school week, I get so busy whenever there's school hahah. I had yesterday's leftovers for lunch as usual, ate a hell lot of potatoes for lunch and just when I thought I was already becoming a potato....I had MORE potatoes for dinner. Christy asked me what I felt like eating for dinner today and I wasn't feeling rice or noodles so I just said, "roasted potatoes will do" and so I had last night's leftovers again hahah. I was too lazy to microwave and heat them up, so I had a huge bowl of cold roasted potatoes for dinner lol. They were still tasty AF, and man I've never had that much potatoes in one sitting - about twenty huge chunks of them in the entire bowl. On top of my potato lunch I swear I'm turning into a potato by the end of today ahah, but seriously not complaining because I really LOVE em potatoes. Beats me why I don't really fancy sweet potatoes just as much, I just find them too sweet for my liking sometimes haha, same goes for pumpkins. Then when I got back to my room afterwards I facetimed my family, they are currently over at Taiwan for a holiday and it was just pure bliss seeing the faces of my loved ones again and I hope that they would enjoy Taiwan for that five days! My grandparents are getting old so I really want them to travel around the world and live the LIFE while they are still able to. My grandaunts and grandparents couldn't stop saying "You've grown so much prettier!" over the video call and it just made me feel like hugging them ahaha. Blessed, and loved.

DAY 53 12th March

WHOOP it's finally Saturday! Guess who slept for THIRTEEN HOURS. Ahaha I was just so exhausted last night and passed out almost immediately, and when I got up I just felt so REJUVENATED. Like, I'm so ready to start this shit! Hahah so I got up, washed up and immediately vacuumed the room because I happened to spot a vacuum cleaner on my way out of the room lol, so I just had to occupy it first! I'm seriously a clean freak at times when I really feel 'too dirty' lol, and vacuuming my room is becoming a weekly thing now. And I love it! It just makes me feel so organised and clean ahahah. After I was done I had brunch since it was already past 1 in the afternoon, and I had 7 weetabix with milk and 2 PB&J sandwiches lol. Can you even imagine how filling that was hahah, well it WAS. And since it was a Saturday Fathin and I headed out as usual, but this time round we decided to walk instead of taking the metro, just so we could check out the cafes and shops along the streets. But from the hostel to the city usually takes about forty-five minutes, and after we got tired of walking we decided to just take the metro down to the city lol. We checked out the Salvos store on our way down and well, the books sold there were pretty cheap! But none of them seemed to be able to catch my attention because I just don't fancy fiction, romance or any genres except mystery and non-fictions lol. So when we got to the city we went to Typo and Woolies, and I got some fairy lights for $10 for my room and a cacao, maca+ chia breakfast blend from The Happy Sol from Woolies. Man I'm so excited to try it for breakfast one day! Loving how convenient health foods are in Aussie heh. Got a slight fever after I got back but after awhile it was gone. I went for a spin after dinner too and after I got back, John and Fathin crashed my room so we talked for about an hour plus, and Christy was so sweet to text me to ask if I'm feeling okay. So thankful for her HEEE.

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