DAY SIXTY-EIGHT #346daysofgratitude


Day three of melbourne! And also the last full day here SIGH. I got up at 9 today, made another berry smoothie today but with coconut water this time round. Coconut water really gives a sweet punch to smoothies heee. And after leaving one glass of the smoothie in the fridge for Jo I made some peanut butter banana toasts and spent the morning cleaning the kitchen up and watching Youtube videos while Jo was still in dreamland ahaha. Then after several attempts at waking her up she finally got up of bed and then we changed and got ready to head out whoop.

The plan for today went like this: Lunch at Vegie bar, shopping at harbourtown, visit South melbourne market and end the day by watching the sunset at St kilda beach. But our day didn't turn out quite as planned, and in fact it was half of what we expected ahaha. 
We took a tram down to Brunswick street and ordered a vegan mushroom PIZZA and vegan TACOS from Vegie bar. While we were waiting we took lots of selfies and man, I just couldn't wait to try the food there! Then the food finally arrived and even though the pizza was (hands down) the oilest one I've ever eaten, it was still tasty AF. There was vegan cheese in it and Jo said it tasted just like normal cheese hee. And after a really satisfying and amazing lunch we headed for Harbourtown, and RIGHT, if you guys ever come to Melbourne please remember to check out Brunswick street especially if you're a vegan! It's a VEGAN HEAVEN, and I saw so many vegan cafes down the street when I was about to leave. If only they had all of them back in Hobart :(

We spent more than an hour at Harbourtown and then we decided to head back, and we were thinking whether we should head back first before visiting St Kilda's beach for the sunset, but then we were both too lazy for it so the next plan was to take the tram to city and try out Wonderbao then go home, but I was too lazy for that too so we ended up going home ahaha. Jo seemed pretty happy at the idea of going home too because we were both just too sleepy to continue, probably due to the food coma after lunch ahaha. 

And well, since it's our last night here in Melbourne we planned to clear the fridge as much as we could. Jo was craving for instant noodles so she ate that before dinner time and said she was too full for dinner lol, so I had to clear THIS much food all by myself. I ended up finishing 80% of the food in the photo for dinner and I was totally stuffed ahaha, then afterwards I just washed up and watched a bit of Safe Haven :) Can't believe it's my last night here already! Time flies.

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