DAY SIXTY-SIX #346daysofgratitude


Man, can't believe I'm already in Melbourne! So this was what happened in the morning: I woke up at 8, had two bowls of weetabix and PB&J sandwich for breakfast, got changed and ready for Melbourne! And guess what.....I almost MISSED my flight. I left the hostel only slightly more than half an hour before my flight lol, so when I got to the airport I totally PANICKED. I tried to scan my mobile boarding pass at the kiosk but it couldn't work, and the receipt wrote "Please go to the counter for assistance" but.....the queue was so long! By that time I only had 15 minutes till departure time so I was really worried ahaha, and the worst thing was that there was only ONE counter open then. I made a beeline for the counter despite the crazy long queue but gave up like five minutes later, and decided to just head to the boarding gate and I asked an officer for help instead. So he directed me to another guy at the other airline counter and everything was settled, THANKFULLY. He just instructed me to go past the boarding gate and just get on the plane, and I got on the plane just five minutes before it flew off ahaha. PHEW.

The flight journey was so short lol, I only took a short nap and then I reached an hour after! So whoop I landed safely in Melbourne, and had to find a way to get out of the airport to find Jo since she wasn't picking me up. So I had to figure my way out of the domestic airport to the international airport (somehow it sounds like a difficult thing to do but nah, they are just right beside each other ahaha) but the most difficult part was finding where to buy my tickets for Starbus. So after twenty minutes I finally found the counter for it and purchased the tickets, and just followed the directions and got into the van! The lady at the counter was just pissy and rude ahaha, but I didn't let it affect me so I just thanked her and proceeded my journey. Then after about an hour later, I finally met Jo!

We took a tram to Fitzroy and the first thing we did was to visit one of her bestfriend Nezzie's house and so I met her for the first time today. And then we got some watermelon juice before heading back to Jo's apartment for a little unloading here and there before we went for lunch. Jo brought me to one of her favourite cafes in the neighbourhood called Addict and man, the food there was so darn GOOD. We reached there just three minutes before the kitchen closed lol, and we ordered a potato hash dish and Go Green Breakfast which went beyond my expectations hah. I really enjoyed today's lunch because man, it was so good! And the best thing was that they were both vegan (minus the poached egg Jo ate) in a non-vegan cafe. 

So after the really tasty lunch we started exploring the streets nearby and I stopped by some organic health store to check out some vegan stuffs, then afterwards we went to Gelato Messina and got ourselves vegan sorbet! I got meself some coconut roast almond sorbet which was the BOMB. In fact it didn't taste like a sorbet at all and tasted more like an ice-cream, heeeh so much YUMS. 

And after getting ourselves those delicious cones we stopped by across the street to take some photos and then proceeded on our way back home to just chill for the rest of the day.

So just about around 5 in the evening we decided to head out for Woolies to get some groceries to cook for dinner, but it turned out that Woolies was closed since today's Good Friday :( And I was telling Jo about this Indian minimart I visited here in Melbourne last month and that I got some really cheap bananas here and blah, and lol to our surprise the same minimart was just few shops away from the organic store! And yup, it was OPEN. So we got some broccoli, bok choy, two bunches of bananas, potatoes and red pepper heeh. 

Jo's friends were coming her place to make chicken rice for dinner so I cooked my own dinner in advance, and I just made a really simple dinner with broccoli, red pepper and SRIRACHA! 

Oh oops, and with bok choy too. Had seconds and then met more of Jo's friends and then chilled for the rest of the night! Finally meeting them in real life after seeing their faces on snapchat for a year plus felt so surreal ahaha. It was a much needed chill night after all that hustle and bustle in the day :) 

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