DAY SIXTY-FIVE #346daysofgratitude


Guess's finally the start of holidays! WHOOP. Easter break has finally started, and man I was looking forward to it so much after a long and dreadful day at school yesterday. I was expecting to have a really chilled and boring day today, but surprisingly it turned out way better than expected heee. Fathin and I were supposed to watch Ivan do his tattoo at the city but in the end we backed out lol, since we felt like it was better to not go than to be a hindrance to the tattoo artist. So we just went to the city early before noon to just chill, and man Hobart is SERIOUSLY boring. When it comes to shopping at least ahaha. Anyhoo, I got some halter tanktop for only 2 bucks whoop and some new studs since I lost my previous ones, then visited Woolies and then we headed to Sakura for some sushi fix! I had a vegan roll and some inari sushi, yums I haven't had sushi in a long time and totally MISSED them. Then after all the sushi goodness we went to check out Down&Under bookshop, and as usual no books caught my attention ahaha so we went home after. I was all prepared to just sleep the rest of the whole afternoon and day away since there was nothing to do, so when I got back to my room I just crashed my bed ahaha. But then Kon called and suggested to go Port Arthur, so we hopped onto a 1.5 hours drive less an hour later!

It felt so refreshing to be surrounded by Mother Nature, and man, so carefree to be able to throw my arms back into the wind and let it caress me. There's still so much more beauty Tasmania have to offer me hehe. What made me the happiest was seeing hundreds of sheeps, cows and horses freely grazing the grass, but man I really wanted to stop the car to hug them :(

So after a long drive we finally reached Port Arthur, but because we were there too late most of the tours were already about to close. So we just drove back and on our way we saw a sign leading to "White Beach" so we decided to check it out! It turned out to be a really clean and quiet beach far from the main roads, and ahhh it was just truly relaxing listening to the sounds of the waves and being surrounded by such a dull but peaceful sight. We spent only ten minutes there and I took some photos before we left. The drive back home was way shorter and when I got home I immediately showered and had dinner! Had roasted potatoes whoop (but the ones the new chef made couldn't par with Christy's) and some...cinnamon apple dessert which tasted meh but Christy gave me another cup of vegan dessert whoop! I really miss her SO MUCH, I miss her presence in the kitchen, miss her cooking, miss her desserts and just HER. Damn, really can't wait for the day she comes back to the kitchen to cook for us soon! Praying hard for her visa to go all fine. 
So after having some lovely roasted potatoes and two rounds of dessert, it was time to chill WHOOP. Went to Qiasara's room to chill with Gen, J-ann, Qiasara and Juanny for awhile before going back to my room to pack my bag at 10. Crashed my bed right after I was all prepared for bed because I was so exhausted. Twas a good day :)

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