DAY FORTY-SIX #346daysofgratitude


Apologies for the lack of updates, but I've been sooooo busy recently that I've been crashing my bed right after coming back. On the other hand I'd dayre more often when I don't update here, so I think it isn't as bad hahah. Assignments and quizzes are starting to pile up so I'm getting busy in school, and on top of that I've been too tired to function. Welllllllll but thank heavens it's FINALLY the weekends, and whoooop finally time for some REST.

So last night after a reallllly tiring day I crashed before 12, and got up automatically at 8:30 today and man I was starving so I had a banana to sustain my hunger before breakfast time, then by the time breakfast was ready I had two bowls of weetabix and nutrigrain and two slices of peanut butter toasts all for breakfast lol, I was a hungry HIPPO. Then I got changed and headed out to Salamanca Market with Fathin and I got two boxes of blueberries there. Afterwards we met Ivan and Eddy back at the entrance, took some photos and then we headed to Mures for lunch. I didn't have anything there since Mures's basically a seafood place, but I got a Subway wrap afterwards heeh. Wen joined us for a short while before heading to city together, and Eddy accompanied me to do some shopping at Cotton on before some of us parted ways. Man, I fell in love with this really beautiful ring at Pandora, it's just so gorgeous and I just couldn't take my eyes off it hahah. I got three clif bars before heading home, and I can't wait to try out those three flavours: Blueberry crisp, oatmeal raisin walnut and chocolate almond fudge!

I finally suntanned for the first time in Aussie today, and I just spent slightly more than an hour under the sun and talking to some people, but mainly just talking to Wen because he accompanied me heh. Honestly I've been feeling so worn out by the "drama" here in the hostel and I just feel like there are too many things happening even though it has barely been a month. I'm getting tired of dealing with immature people so I'm going to make an effort to stay away from them. That said, I'm truly appreciative and thankful for those few mature and sensible guys in this hostel.
So after two bowls of noodles for dinner I chilled at the common area with Aniq and John, then I did some ranting about some of the things that happened in the day today, chilled, talked to Fathin before heading to Coles with Wen, Bryan, John and Aaron. Wen wanted to get a fan in his room so I went with him, and when I got back I went for a short stargazing session with Aniq, Fathin and Eddy heeh. The first time I did stargazing last week with Aniq, I totally forgot to mention about the Orion's belt, and in case you're wondering it's a group of stars within the constellation Orion. When he first told me about it I thought it was FRICKIN cool, because I've never been able to locate any constellation in the sky before. But this time round it's different because I can see it so visibly in the sky almost every night here, and man I just appreciate astronomy, the stars and constellation so much. So after learning about it I've been wanting to learn more about astronomy heh.

So this is how it exactly looks like in the sky, with the three adjacent stars being the 'belt' and it is a part of the hunter's clothing. 

But sadly not long later the skies turned cloudy so the stars were blocked, and then I went back to my room to chill. I was planning to blog and have a productive night alone, but John just had to ruin my plans by coming into my room to chill for about two hours lol. I wasn't feeling particularly well because of my stomachache, but he said he had things to talk about so we talked for quite some time. So basically I just told him my entire past lol, and told him the reason why I never liked it and the real reason why I actually came here and blah. Then after realising that it was already past 12 he got back to his room and I was exhausted af, so right after he left I headed to bed without blogging lol. So I spent half an hour on the phone just texting and chilling, and before I slept he left me some words of encouragement and it was something I didn't expect at all hah. He told me that he would be there for me if I ever need anyone or anything, and honestly I'm not sure how true that is going to be but WE'LL SEE hahah. But still thankful for this (new) BRO nevertheless.

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