DAY SIXTY and SIXTY-ONE #346daysofgratitude


DAY SIXTY 19th March

Had one of the most fulfilling sleeps EVER. When I woke up I honestly felt like I got up from a really deep slumber, and man that felt amazing hahah. I finally decided to wake up at 10 for breakfast, and then after rounds of cereal and weetabix and toasts I got back to my room and...of course I VACUUMED my room! I mean, what's a Saturday without vacuuming and room cleaning right...ahahah. I honestly love the feeling of getting and being clean (and tidy) after a mess, it's SO rejuvenating. Then after vacuuming I packed my table and picked out the dirty clothes for laundry. I didn't want anyone to 'steal' my turn for the washing machine so I decided to wait outside the laundry room for half an hour lol, and I really DID wait for half an hour outside in the cold. So after lots of waiting I finally collected my fresh laundry and then hung them to dry, I skipped to the dining hall to have lunch - hummus sandwiches and last night's leftovers WHOOP. All that food completely knocked my senses out and I passed out into a food coma not long later lol, so I slept for an hour ahaha. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with K at the city and we actually took more than an hour to find the restaurant John was working at, but to no avail. So he got some winter clothes and shoes, then sent me back home and I had late dinner with Basyar and Trinity. :) Enjoyed the conversation we had heh, because we don't really hang out or talk a lot, but they are all really nice people! Guess what, dinner was VEGAN NACHOS! The fillings were about the same as the ones with vegan tacos, and those are my absolute favourite heee. So I got two rounds of it PLUS the pumpkin pasta from few days ago WHOOP.
Went to find Fathin in her room afterwards and we chilled for a bit before going back down to the dining hall for our usual suppers, and then I had some tea before going back to my room. Then I spent the night just stretching (after a long time) and chilled by myself the whole night heheh.

DAY SIXTY-ONE 20th March

Well Sunday means....CHILL DAY. It means staying at home and not doing anything. I woke up just before 9, had four slices of breakfast with peanut butter and my new coco2 chocolate spread heeh, with a cup of hot chocolate. Then I started cleaning my room and packed all my drawers before starting on my assignments, and well I was planning to finish my English assignment before lunch time but it failed ahaha, I ended up just chilling in the comfort of my own room. So when I got a little hungry again I went over to the dining hall and had pumpkin pasta for the first round, then cooked some vegan lentil burger patties in the kitchen and made a burger sandwich for second round WHOOP. I slathered the toasts with hummus and sriracha, and the combination of all three packed between my sandwich was.....the BOMB. I felt so full afterwards ahaha, and as soon as I finished lunch Fathin and I headed to Coles to get more grapes. I also printed some photos at kmart and printed a few of my favourite photos I took in Cambodia last year, and man I miss my kiddos so much :( Oh and I also got my second tub of Vanilla bliss, HEEH.

So after an hour long of 'shopping' I got back and spent the remaining afternoon just snacking on bananas and clif bars, and I wanted to sun tan but the skies got cloudy right after I went out lol, so in the end I just accompanied Aniq to the Oval and we talked a bit at the field. It was a pretty nice place - breezy and relaxing heh. We just chilled and I spent the rest of the day putting my photos up on the wall and eating dinner and supper whoop. Christy made some miso soup for me and I got a huge bowl of rice with the soup, man it was pure HEAVEN. The soup wasn't too salty and just the way I like it, and man it was loaded with two of my favourite foods too: BROCCOLI and TOFU. I went into a food heaven afterwards ahahaha, then returned to my room to complete my assignment before heading back to the dining hall to have supper. So today I didn't do much except EATING and just talking to people, and it was a good day heeh. Can't believe it's Monday all over again tomorrow, time seriously flies. But oh well, at least the holidays are coming! whooop. :)

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