DAY FORTY-THREE #346daysofgratitude


So after sleeping considerably late last night (past 12) I got up at 7:00 today, and man I was so tired hahah. I had English lectures in the morning and in between my morning break I finished my packed lunch lol, because I was starving two hours after breakfast. So after the lectures ended I headed to town with Fathin because I wanted to get food, and lol I swear I always underestimate my hunger capacity and appetite all the time hahah. But first I went to Optus to get a new SIM card because my previous phone number couldn't work and I ran out of cellular data too, because apparently I used up 2000mb yesterday alone hah. Then we got Boost afterwards and we bumped into Tim, so we ran some errands before parting ways. I still had an hour plus of break before my next English lesson, so I just spent some time online activating my new SIM card and watching some Youtube videos hahah. And by the time the last English class ended, I was STARVING again but John was kind enough to give me an apple and I had them while I had psych. We learnt about the different parts of the brain and the nervous system in Psych, and it's completely new for me because the content is more in-depth compared to what I've learnt about The Nervous System in Biology before, and I believe Psych is getting more interesting heeh.

Then I came home, showered, had fried rice for dinner, ate a clif bar and dozen of seaweed crackers for dessert and then disturbed Wen a little before heading back to my room. I went to Xena's room to have a girl's talk for about an hour or two, and man this girl has such a beautiful personality and a gorgeous face, she's honestly an amazing person inside out! I can't believe I haven't really talked to her ever since I came, considering that she was one of the first few people I met in this hostel and that she lives right NEXT to me. I haven't had a legit girl's talk in so long now, and it couldn't have felt better when we shared our thoughts and 'secrets', heeh I just have a feeling that I'm starting to trust her more than some people I've already talked to, and that's great heheh. And just when I was about to head to bed and turn in after a long day, Tim crashed my room and we talked for almost an hour. We talked about our current and future plans, and realised that we share the same family situation so we understood each other better. He said that he knew me better after that conversation and I think it's true that you wouldn't know someone's true personality or character until you talk to them. And when I mean 'talk' I do mean genuine and heartfelt conversations. More often than not, we're too quick to judge others based on their appearances, how they dress, how they act and what we hear from others. But I think all of those are too superficial, and I know that because I used to make quick judgments based on intuition too, and likewise I've been judged countless times for the wrong things. That said, I've stopped allowing myself to make comments or judge anyone until I've known and talked to them long enough. Afterall, we're all living on the same planet and I believe everyone should be kind to one another, and if you think the world isn't a kind place then be one yourself first.

So yes, those were my thoughts I had before I went to sleep. To A (I hope you know who you are) and to anyone who is in the same situation, I hope you stay strong and know that there would be better days ahead of you, and this storm would pass sooner than you think. There's time for everyone to leave, so remember that this is not goodbye and that you'll see them again soon. If they were suffering in pain before they left, then let them go because not letting them go would only leave them in greater pain, so free them of misery. For now at least, stay strong for them, smile to yourself and tell them in your heart "Till we meet again" because goodbyes aren't forever. And that if you ever feel like you're alone or need someone to talk to, you've your friends and me.

-- Guess I haven't wrote such a heartfelt and thoughtful post in awhile now, but I do enjoy sharing and writing down my thoughts once in awhile. Alright, I'm so crazily exhausted, so GOODNIGHT PEEPS.

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