DAY FORTY #346daysofgratitude


Got up at 8:59 today just for breakfast, and man I was so tired despite sleeping for more than eight hours ahah. I had two huge bowls of weetabix again, and I love it so much I think I can have them for breakfast everyday without fail HEH. Then I got back to my room and spent some time on my phone looking for dental clinics in Hobart, and called some of the clinics but all of them were closed except for Moonah's, but unfortunately Moonah doesn't have orthodontists so, SIGH. I'm currently planning to go for the one in the same town as soon as I can next week, and unfortunately they are only open on weekdays so I've to make do with it despite my busy timetable.
I spent the morning doing some online shopping, so I was browsing online until Ivan and Eddy asked if I wanted to head to town with them. I told them to go ahead and that Fathin and I will join them later in the afternoon, and so we headed to city at 12 noon. I got a large tanktop, a skirt and a romper all for 50 bucks, and I'm satisfied with my loots of the day heeeh. I also wanted a pair of boots for winter, but it was way too pricey so I didn't get any ahah. Then we had lunch at a kebab store, and I got meself some vegetarian kebab which sucked because of the weird tasting garlic sauce lol, oh and I also got myself a tweezer from Target and some clif bars from the health store to try heeeh. Then upon getting home I immediately cleaned up my room and started vacuuming because I'm #housewifematerial ahahah. But after I showered and got ready to just chill in my room and do some blogging till dinner time, Eddy barged into my room and stole my bunny slippers and pooh bear lol. Then slowly more people started coming into my room, and I forgot how all of that happened because it was too fast and then I ended up talking to Eddy, Timothy, Aniq and Gen in my room. Juanny found my Youtube channel so everyone outside my room was watching my videos, and man I swear that was the most embarrassing shit ever and I just wanted to dig a hole and never come out ahah. They were like literally watching my videos just few metres away from me, and they kept laughing at it and oh my god I really wanted to rot instantly ahahah. A few more people found my blog too, and man I swear it's getting so awkward and I'm starting to feel SO insecure ahah. I'm fine with people reading my blog, but now that it's spreading so fast I feel like I'm getting way too exposed, and that makes me feel so insecure and helpless aaaaaah. Anyhoo, I deleted the video 'You're enough' on my channel because I didn't want more people to watch that ):

Most of them left for the SSS (Singapore's Student Society) event at the pier after dinner so the hostel was quite empty, and I didn't go because I was too lazy ahah. So I walked to Coles with Fathin and we stocked up on some essentials, and I stocked up on So Good's soy milk and guess what, I FINALLY got the ice cream!!! I've been wanting to buy since few weeks ago when I was in Melbourne ahah and I decided to just get it heheh. So after I got home I just took my macbook out and started blogging while snacking on a nectarine and some (sour af) strawberries heh. It was a peaceful me-time alone until some of them came to chill too, then I went to stargaze afterwards heeeh. I've been wanting to stargaze at night alone to spend some me-time alone and do some thinking, but because I don't have the keys yet it's definitely not ideal to be out there alone ahah. So I was really hyped when I heard some of them were going to stargaze outside, and man there is something I SERIOUSLY love doing: stargazing alone while listening to some classical music, man THAT'S LYF. I'd do that every night if I could, ahah. So it was a beautiful night with stargazing, and then Aniq and I chatted outside and came in when it was just too cold ahah, and afterwards we just chilled at the common area outside my room talking to some of them, like Timothy and Gen. I went to bed at 12:30 and fell asleep really soon after because my stomach wasn't feeling too well, but it was a really chill and great day nonetheless.

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