DAY THIRTY-FIVE #346daysofgratitude


First day of school today. I got up at 6:30 and literally had to drag myself out of bed and stop myself from sleeping further because I was THAT tired. I only fell asleep past 12 the night before so I was obviously not well-rested. Well but I got up anyways and got to the dining hall for breakfast on time for the first time in........about four or five days ahah. I had about five weetabix and mighty grain with blueberries all in soy milk, and man I'm really starting to love weetabix! They are so soft and crumbly with soy milk, I actually used to hate them because I found them way too bland and tasteless. But since my tastebuds have changed (drastically in fact) over the years, I'm starting to love them :P It was such a filling breakfast because I wasn't hungry, and then I prepared lunch and stole two bananas and an apple back to my room heheh.

I had Chemistry for my first lesson at 9:00 today, then Math at 12:00 and finally Psych at 4:00. All the lessons were so boring hahah I almost forgot how being in school felt like until I had my first Chemistry lesson lol. Most of the time was spent doing self-introductions and the teachers gave us an overview of what we're going to learn for this semester. I almost died of boredom during my break from 1:30 till 4:00 because I literally had nothing to do in between, but thank goodness John took psych too so he came to look for me after I sent an SOS hahah. We were just chilling at the common area outside the classrooms until he dragged me to get food with him because he was hungry, and then we went all the way to the other side of the school, which was FAR like hell. And then because there were almost no food left we went to the main campus to look for food but they had almost no food left too, so we went ALL THE WAY BACK to the old medicine building, the same place we were at before. I swear it's sooooo far. So by the time we got back we just chilled outside the building because it was more chilly outside, then Ivan came and not long later it was time for class, like FINALLY ahah. Psych class was just nothing but introductions, and to my amazement I learnt that there are five more Singaporeans in my class. So that makes it 6 Singaporeans out of 27 students, man that's quite a rare sight to see hahah.

Luckily for us Bob came to drive us back to the hostel today after we ended at 5. But there was a really bad traffic jam so we took an hour to get back, and damn I was trying so hard to sleep well properly on the bus but it was so hard to fall asleep with all the sudden swerves and jolts. But I managed to listen to some piano pieces on the way back so all's good HEH. I showered as soon as I got back to my room because I just wanted to be in my clean shirts and comfy shorts asap, and so I did. Then I watched Henya's latest video on Youtube and after that it was time for dinner heh. Today's dinner was pretty good I must say, it was just shit tons of rice with potatoes, KIDNEY BEANS, celery and carrots stir-fry. I asked for double portions of rice so I was super STUFFED after dinner, like really really stuffed lol. Even after three hours I'm still stuffed ahaha, I haven't eaten that much rice in a sitting for awhile now :D But I looooooove carbs.
So when we were eating I noticed some people eating the same thing as me, so I asked if they were vegetarian but they said no, they were just eating that because dinner for the non-vegans tonight was rice with LAMBS. I was utterly shocked at that, like c'mon why are lambs not even spared for food.................And some of them were equally shocked as well and immediately stopped eating the rest of the meat on their plate after realising it's lamb, and they just looked so disgusted. You know, I just can't make the connection or comprehend why people think it's okay to eat chickens, pigs and cows but not other animals because it's 'gross'. You know why other kinds of meat are gross? Because we aren't used to eating them. And if people never killed animals for meat, everyone would be equally disgusted and horrified at anyone else who eats them.

Then it was time for dessert, and everyone had ice cream with this brownie thing but Christie forgot my dessert again, so she made a deal with me and said that she would get me vegan ice cream or sorbet next time IF I talk to her sister. I found out that her sister's in the same psych class as me in the afternoon, so deal's on I'M GOING TO TALK TO HER TOMORROW EHEH.
We had a briefing afterwards by some staff from the Uni and they came down to our hostel to talk to us. Apparently ten students from my hostel have to leave for homestay, and that each of us are open to volunteer ourselves to leave because of the serious lack of space here in the hostel. I seriously don't wish to see anyone leaving, even though it has only been slightly more than a week I'm getting so used to everyone's faces.

After dinner I went to the game room again and played Just Dance again for a little and just chilled there after, then disturbed Wen for a bit in his room (Screw you if you're reading this, STALKER.) and now I'm back in my room and ready to head to bed, I think. I have lessons tomorrow at

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