DAY TWENTY-SEVEN #346daysofgratitude


Man what a DREADFUL morning. I just didn’t want to wake up at all today because I’d hate to see my fam leave, but well I have to let them go nonetheless. We had breakfast and I microwaved a huge bowl of oats for meself and topped it off with a muesli bar to sweeten the dish, and man I swear microwaves are one of the most amazing inventions EVER. I can have rice in just 30 SECONDS, like what….that’s less than a minute. It’s just INCREDIBLE omg it’s definitely a worthy investment. Not that I ever bought any, oops hahah.
We packed up right after breakfast because we had to check out at 10:00, but because it was too early for their flight my mum and brother came to my hostel to wait instead, and I was secretly so happy heheh. So we got back to the hostel and while chilling at the lobby area I saw one familiar face popping out at the entrance and I was THRILLED. So a month or so before I came to Aus I heard from my friends that another girl from my school was coming to Tassie too, and when I first heard of it I was unsure because I didn’t have any friends who knew her exact plans. All I heard was that she was coming to Aussie as well, and man I’ve been religiously checking her Instagram from the day I’ve arrived in Hobart JUST TO verify if she’s really coming here. And I kinda gave up after Saturday because today’s technically the last day before school starts tomorrow and also because I haven’t seen her around at all. So I was just chilling on the sofa and she magically appeared, so the first thing I did was to point at her (hahah it was quite rude now that I think of it, but I was just surprised) and I said “OMG??? TPJ RIGHT??” and she said somewhere along the lines too, so YAY. It just felt as if a load was lifted off my chest, because it was DEFINITE that I’ll click well with another Singaporean hahah.

My fam left for the airport at about 12 noon and I bode them farewell before returning back to my room. I showered, did a bit of packing, and headed to sleep because I had basically nothing to do for the rest of the day hahah. I got woken up an hour later after my nap from the noise outside though, and it was still pretty early at 3pm so I got up feeling a little annoyed because there was no better way to spend my day hahah. So I messaged Fathin (the girl whom I mentioned earlier) and asked if she was doing anything, and she said she'd pop by my room to chill. So we talked and finally got to know each other proper, and soon after we decided to head out to Kmart to 'walk around' because we had absolutely nothing to do lol. We got ourselves a table lamp each and it was a pretty good investment, or so I thought, since it was only $9 for the lamp and $5 for the bulb, which makes it $14 in total. And after getting back from kmart we had our first dinner here, which was some vegan claypot rice with PUMPKIN, yums. At our table we got to know more people, like Ed who's a pretty friendly caucasian-like Malaysian guy with an English accent, and Sue and Carol from China who are both very quiet girls hahah. I'm honestly so glad that they have vegan food here, because I was told previously that they might not have any vegetarian/vegan meals and I was so worried hahah. But the chef reassured me that I'll have my vegan food and that she'll cook all meals vegan for the vegetarian kiddos as well, so PHEW.

It was probably one of the loneliest nights ever, and definitely one of the worst since I couldn't sleep and it was partially due to my severe migraine. I have been headaches and migraine daily for the past week now and it really makes me feel so sick, so I certainly haven't been in the best myself lately. I refused to take any panadols since I've taken so many for the past few days, but I woke up and gave in because I couldn't take in any longer hahah. I think this is also the first time I'm so far away from my family, and man it's really hard especially when I got so much closer to my mum and brother on this trip, and I'm so damn used to their company. I'm so home-sick, but it's only the first night so I believe it will get better soon. Foryl.

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