DAY SIXTEEN #346daysofgratitude


So it seems like another oatmeal bowl kinda morning, heheh. I've actually never liked oats at all until my first oatmeal bowl I had on the first morning of 2016, and it has been quite an obsession since. I think one of the first few things I'd buy when I settle down in Australia would be oats, definitely. 

Today I woke up earlier than usual because I planned a day out ahead, so I watched some Youtube videos and did about an hour of tanning in the early noon. I've been watching more of Freelee's videos recently and I just love listening to her views and advices, and basically just learning from her. I might actually do HCLF if I can in Australia, just to try out and see if my body adapts well. Even though the possibility of me doing HCLF is pretty darn low, the thought always counts right? HEE.
I planned to visit my ex-colleagues at work today, but because laziness got the better of me I just decided not to in the end, mostly because it's just too far away. Moreover my ex-colleague wanted me to return just to pass me some vegan hot dogs she got for me, and in all honesty I just wanted to head down to the restaurant to share with them some of my bakes. There was no way she would have allowed me to pay for those vegan hotdogs, and all the more she wouldn't let me reject them just so she could have more for herself. So in the end I would say it's a blessing in disguise hahah. I'm honestly so thankful for meeting both Sister SL and Candy at Loving Hut, because they just shower me with so much care and love even though I only worked with them for about three times, and the fact that Sister Candy actually kept to her words and remembered that she offered to get me some vegan hot dogs for Chinese New Year even after I left really touches me. In fact I didn't even remember at all hahah. And Sister SL always asks if I am free to visit them just so she can offer me some of her bakes. The last time I went back she gave me a whole bag of vegan pizza breads and red bean breads she made from scratch. Man I'm just so grateful, and meeting them was a blessing.
So for the rest of the afternoon I just stayed at home and did some filming and editing. In between I left my house to get my brows threaded, and something funny happened. So basically there were two buses under the same bus number, and there was 293 East loop and 293 West loop. Both buses go different ways and initially I just tried my luck and decided to take the former one. In the end I took a detour and ended up back at the same bus interchange where I came from, LOL. So I got off and took the West bus, and also successfully managed to find my way to the shop this time round without getting lost. After getting my brows done I came home to do more editing (I swear it's not easy at all) and not long after, my cousin arrived and she's going to stay at my house until the end of this week. I honestly love her to bits and she's always going the extra mile for me even though that was supposed to be my job, hahah. 
Before dinner I actually received a text from my form teacher of my class in TPJ last year and she asked how I was doing and she actually asked me when I'd be free to meet. I must say that I've definitely met the best bunch of teachers in TPJ, and man this makes me so darn thankful. Today is a day of gratitude, in fact every single day is.
And after having tons of rice with veggies, and a huge korean pear after, I must say that I'm STUFFED. I just love having rice with veggies and SRIRACHA, it's just simple and so wholesome. Burps, now I'm going to wait for my 9pm show on the TV and then catch some drama before heading to bed. It's going to be real busy for tomorrow onwards, so I definitely need to have lots of REST. 

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