DAY TWENTY-SIX #346daysofgratitude


We were up early at 8:00 and I finally had a ‘proper’ breakfast, after what seemed like ETERNITY. We headed out to Salamanca market right after but it turned out to be a little disappointment, because there weren’t much to shop for but it did give me a heads-up on what they offer there, so all’s good heeh. They only open on Saturdays and the next time I come back I’d go for the fruit leather, try their vegan burritos and korean vegan japchae and bibimbap balls, and buy their vegan pies and sourdough bread back heh. I wasn’t feeling too well because my headache kicked in again, and because of that I didn’t have an appetite or energy to continue further. I had a stinging migraine, and that lasted all the way until I slept again at night. I was really feeling like shit and all I wanted was to lie in bed and just REST. And that long walk back to the bus stop, ten years wait for the bus to come and the dreadful long ride home made it worse, so after getting back to the hotel I immediately CRASHED. But unfortunately I couldn’t rest because I had to pack up and leave for my hostel, and so I took more panadols and left.

Upon arriving it got a little messy because the staff were all too busy so they haven’t prepared a room for me by the time I arrived, and so I had to wait for about half an hour while the student who was staying in my room packed up her belongings and moved upstairs lol. So I took over after she left, checked out the room and headed out to the supermarkets to get some necessities: A fan, shirt hangers, pillows, quilt and some cloth for cleaning. I also got a plastic bowl just so y’know, I can have my cereal in my room hahah. So turns out that I’m not living too far away from Kmart and Coles, so that’s really reassuring. It’s about 10 minutes away BUT I’d have to go up and down a really steep hill to and fro, and that’s enough to stop me from buying a lot of things ha. There’s also a bread shop called Bakery Delight just beside Kmart, and that’s great because it means I would have a ready supply of fresh breads anytime I want. Also, I think I might put off or postpone my cycling plans for awhile now since the slopes and hills are really steep here, and it can get really dangerous for beginners I feel. I think it’s better to execute this plan only after I’ve settled down for a while later and when I’ve someone to accompany me with, heeh.

So after getting home from our quick supermarket fix, we got back to the hostel and started packing. My mum cleaned the room for me while I unloaded my luggages and unpacked my clothes, and my brother helped to clean the shampoo bottles that leaked in the luggage. In less than an hour we were all done, and it was supposedly my first night at the hostel and without my fam but I tagged along back with them just to spend one last night with them. I can't believe they are gonna leave me tomorrow, man I'm dreading it already. 
After we got back to the hotel we went out again shortly after to have dinner, and we had an asian dinner at Chikko cafe and my mum and I both got a plate of Singaporean Noodles each. They are so sweet but too oily for me to stomach the entire plate down, so I left about one fifth and then we headed to the supermarkets again heeh. I got meself a 5GB sim card for my phone and three CLIF bars, y'know because I'm a LITTLE obsessed with them now heh. So of course I had one for supper. After we were done, we three walked back home together under the dark sky, and the company was just enough to make my night.

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