DAY TWENTY-TWO #346daysofgratitude


Pardon me for my English and grammar in this post, I'm not feeling too well now and I'm just so TIRED.

My day started out with supper, at 1:40am on the plane hahah. The plane took off at 12am so I was blogging all the way till supper time, and so I had a box of fried rice and a roll of bread. I ended up sleeping only at 3 because the woman sitting behind me was snoring so loudly, mouth open, and that made it almost impossible to sleep with that noise. The next time I woke up was at 8 with my breakfast right in front of me lol, but at least I had five hours of sleep, so not too bad at least. We finally touched down in Melbourne at about 10:20 and I actually left my phone near my seat so I thought something was amiss by the time I got off the plane, and luckily enough I decided to stop, check my bag, went back to my seat and retrieved my phone back all in time. I left my phone on my seat before I got up and left, man what was I actually thinking hahah.

When we arrived at the hotel we were told that we could only check in at 2pm, and we had an hour left till then so we left our luggages in their storeroom and explored the city at the area we are living in. We realised that we were only minutes away from Chinatown, or maybe it isn’t, but it sure has a lot of Chinese restaurants there hahah. And by the time we have unloaded our luggages at the hotel we were starving so we had to eat lunch, and I learnt that there was a Chinese vegetarian restaurant called Gong De Lin nearby after googling so we headed there for lunch.

The place itself was quiet and mostly empty, but I believe it’s a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant because of the relaxing ambience and wordings on the wall. We ordered three bowls of rice, along with Ma Po tofu, spring rolls, bok choy with mock meat, mushroom nuts and veggie stir-fry and fried RED BEAN PANCAKES. The portions turned out bigger than we expected, so in the end we ended up with some leftovers. As much as I hate wasting or leaving behind food, I just couldn’t stomach all of them anymore hahah. So we kindly apologised for the leftovers before we left and the owner said she would have them later on for dinner, heh. The food there was pretty good, those bok choy were probably the freshest ones I’ve ever tasted and the red bean pancakes were cripsy and hot on the outside and LOADED with studded red beans inside. My belly was totally satisfied with that meal and so after that we went to Target to start our shopping session with that FUEL, heee.

After we bought some stuffs from Target we walked back to the hotel because the time for check-in was up, and so we just unloaded our luggages proper, changed into loose and comfortable clothes and headed out again. My brother was googling for shopping spots and places-to-go in the hotel so he suggested we should go to Fitzroy street. We found the street but we couldn’t see or find any shops so we almost gave up halfway but in the end we decided to ask for directions and eventually found our way there. In all honesty I’m not sure if we went to the correct area because a friend told me that it was supposedly a ‘hipster area’ but the streets were all pretty empty and even though most of the shops were open, there was hardly anything to buy hahah. But I happened to bump into one of Pressed Juice’s shop, one of the most popular juice places I’ve seen on Instagram and somewhere I have been wanting to visit, so YAY. I got myself a bottle of green juice which costed $9, and my brother choked after drinking it because that was probably too healthy for him lol. We also went into Coles and Woolsworth, and if you haven’t known already I LOVE supermarkets, especially big ones where they sell tons of organic produce. I missed these two supermarkets the most when I returned to Singapore from Sydney two years ago hahah. I would have gone insane at Coles and grabbed everything I saw yesterday, but I was reassured at the fact that I would have the luxury to go into those supermarkets anytime I want throughout this year heeh. No one would understand the woes of anyone living in countries with limited healthy goods lol.

And guess what, I was looking for bananas at Coles but they were not spotty yet so I didn't get any, but I happened to bump into one indian mini-mart and got three spottiest and ripest bananas for only 50 CENTS. That was the best bargain of the day ever, heh. We continued walking down the streets until our legs started turning sore, and we wanted to take a cab but there were almost none so we walked back instead. From the time we left Coles all the way until we walked past it again after our U-turn, we didn't get anything at all, so technically it was a 'waste of time'. But it just reminded me so much about life. Life can be full of detours sometimes, but I don't think that's a total waste. We'd always be unsure of what's up ahead just like how uncertain we are for the future, and all it takes is the courage to just grab the chance, especially if it's something your heart's telling you to do. And even if the outcome isn't anything you've expected, and even if you have to 'waste your time and effort' because of the detour, you'd never know until you try. And who knows, sometimes those detours have the best things in life stored for you.

We got our way back eventually, and by the time we got back to Lonsdale our legs were breaking. On top of that we weren't feeling our best physically since we barely had any proper sleep on the plane the night before, so our headaches were bugging us for the second half of the day. My mum had a really bad headache so she rested, while my brother and I went to the Subway nearby to get our dinners and a nut bar for my mum. It's 8:30 in the evening now and my mum's already sleeping, and my headache has been bugging me too so GOODNIGHT. Time to pass out for real.

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