DAY THIRTY #346daysofgratitude


Another school day. I woke up at 7, had a bowl of nutrigrain and a slice of bread for breakfast, got changed and boarded the bus at 8:20. The first thing I did upon arriving school was to make my student ID, because on the first day of school there was this crazy long queue at the Uni, so we decided to do it first thing in the morning today. The photo turned out crappy but ah well, at least I don't think I'm going to use it for few years hahah. It was about 9:00 and I felt hungry again lol, so I had the hummus sandwich I packed for lunch and chilled for an hour before our orientation lecture started. Thank goodness I printed my COE (Confirmation Of Enrolment) on the day before I left for Aussie, because they needed it for verification before I could enter the lecture theatre, so PHEW. Anyhoo, the professors briefed us and gave us an overview of each subject, and there's two compulsory core units and three electives for us to choose. So in the end I settled with Chemistry, Psychology and Foundation Math. Chemistry, Biology and S&E Math are definitely the best choices for Medicine, but UTAS's biology doesn't seem to interest me at all lol. This is the first time I didn't choose Bio when I could, because if you're my friend you'd know Biology's my FAVE subject. But UTAS's Bio focuses more on ecology and plants, so MEH. Not my cuppa tea definitely. I'd very much prefer studying human biology hahah. And then there's Math, and man I used to love math SO MUCH since birth lol, until I took H2 math in JC last year. S&E Math basically stands for Science & Engineering math, which covers a lot on calculus, differentiation, integration and graphing all that kinda shit, so EW. So I'd rather take Foundation Math hands down, it's easier to score well for that hahah. Initially I was kinda worried about not being able to get into Medicine without S&E math, so I was literally dying in the lecture theatre thinking about doing H2 math all over again. But I went to check with the Math professor and he said math isn't a pre-requisite for Medicine, and another professor said that her daughter got into Medicine with foundation math, so screw everything I'm just going to take FOUNDATION MATH and do well hahah. Also, I'm SO EXCITED for PSYCH. I've been wanting to take Psych before I even got here, and man I'm even more excited now after knowing that I'd be studying about the mind, sleep and dreams in Semester one and about the human mind, people and feelings in Semester two. EEEEKS so excited I can't wait. On the other hand, I'm welcoming Chemistry back to my life!!! I'm so "happy" lol. I hated Organic chem so much last year, and sad to say I'd have to study it again here but ah wells, I hope everything would be easier now that I've already sort of, learnt it.

So after we ended the lecture at 1:00, I went to town with Jy-ann, John, Aaron, Sue and Carol. We had lunch at Midori Japanese restaurant and I had the vegetarian bento, which basically had deep fried tempura, agedashi tofu, SPRING ROLLS, wakame seaweed, corn salad and rice heeh. I forgot to ask for more rice but it was really worth it for $12.80. So after lunch Calvin, Brian and Bill joined us but we went ahead first, because I brought Jy-ann and John to the bike shop I visited with Fathin before. I seriously want a bike, because I'm pretty sure I'd use it often. I can cycle to the Uni on days I don't have early lessons, cycle to city since it's about 15 minutes away and explore some places I want during the weekends and my free days. There's also bicycle pavements here in Hobart for cyclists, and it's pretty far away from the main road so basically it's VERY SAFE. But the thing holding me back is that I've absolutely no idea how I'm going to check it in at the airport or ship back when I return to Singapore, and money's the second issue since most of my savings are left in SG, and I don't want to spend such a huge sum here so fast. Oh and the THIRD issue, telling my mum about it. She would definitely not agree to this idea, and I'd totally understand because it sounds dangerous to ride in a big country with dangerous roads. But well, I'd still tell her anyway and get her approval first because I mean it's definitely better this way. So I checked with the staff at the bike shop and he told me that the cheapest offer I can get is $600 including helmet, a different handle and a locker. So I just texted my brother and asked him if I should get it because I wanted his opinions. 

After I got back home I showered immediately, then did some laundry and finally ironed my clothes. I felt so drowsy and tired so I ended up falling asleep until 6 lol, then had dinner at 7. Today's dinner was a plate of roasted potatoes and veggies, and Christie the cook gave me two additional heaping scoops of potatoes because I said YES when she asked "Do you want more?" hahah. The roasted pumpkin was so CREAMY and yum. I brought my sriracha to the cafe for dinner and Bill totally enjoyed it hahah. Oh sriracha how much have I MISSED YOU. Dessert was chocolate mousse and Christie thought it was vegan, but then I assumed that they probably contained dairy so I passed and had canned fruits instead lol. After dinner I continued to chill at the cafe with some of them, and John was drinking a cup of milk alone but he kept offering some to others, so I just kept saying "Not your mum not your milk" hahah. And then Carol added some pepper into his cup when John was walking to the fridge to get his carton of milk for a second serving, and then I added salt in it when he walked back to return that carton. So Jy-ann and I couldn't stop laughing while he was blindly drinking and enjoying the milk lol, and John only realised after he was halfway through but concluded that "It was still nice anyway". It really baffles me how people can find cow's milk delicious or tasty in any sense, because I've never liked it in my entire life. It's so GROSS. And leave the cows alone please. 
So after I left the cafe I saw Fathin still at the lobby, and then Jy-ann, Fathin and I walked over to Coles to get some detergent for our laundry. I got a tissue box, a citrus detergent, rice crackers and NUTRIGRAIN. I got the large sized 804 grams Nutrigrain box for only $3.70 because it was going at HALF PRICE. I was literally jumping with joy when I saw the offer, heeeeh. We bumped into John, Brian, Ivan and Calvin at Kmart so we all waited for each other and walked home together. And just when I was walking back to my room I bumped into Wen and Tommy at the corridor, so we three decided to chill at the resting area just outside my room. Apparently they are going for a jog at 6am plus tomorrow before breakfast, and Wen insisted that I should come along because he said "you're my inspiration to run". And my reply was "My foot, you just want to use me as an excuse to walk so that you don't need to run." Well, even if I were to join them I'd probably just walk lol. So before we all headed back to our rooms Wen said that I won't have to worry about not being able to wake up in time tomorrow since he's going to call me first thing in the morning, and Tommy's going to knock on my door at 6:10. Great friends force you to do great things indeed lol, but well I'm so glad I'm getting along with most of them now heeeh. So we said goodnight and returned back to our rooms, and immediately after I sat down I switched on my Skype and finally skyped my family, and they were eating dinner while skyping me because of the time difference hahah. Man I miss Lia's cooking so much, and I just miss them in general. While Skyping them I had these yummy seaweed rice crackers and apple for supper, heeh. And right, I'm so done with the wi-fi in this hostel, it SUCKS big time. I couldn't skype using wifi so I had to use my 3G to skype just now, and man I'm really considering to buy a broadband lol. It's almost 1am here now, so goodnight peeps.

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