DAY NINETEEN #346daysofgratitude


These few days have been hectic and busy for me, I've been squeezing out and jam-packing my meet-ups that were asked since weeks ago and I barely have any time to rest. I've been going out everyday and coming home late at night, and by the time I reach home I just want to crash immediately. I would rather sleep than shower, so these days I've been showering first thing in the morning hahah. And last night because I was drafting my post from a day ago, I ended up sleeping at only past 1am. By the time I got home my cousin was already sleeping soundly and because we only have one pillow in my bedroom, she took my pillow and so I had to use my plush toys for my head support. And because of that I woke up several times throughout my sleep because I was just not used to it, but I guess this is what love is hahah. Sacrificing your dearest pillow even if it means disrupting your priority (sleep). Kidding, after last night's sleep I'd gladly let her take my pillow anytime since it's going to be so uncomfortable sleeping on those plush toys.

Surprisingly, I woke up earlier today and in fact I woke up just a minute before my alarm rang, so I managed to switch it off before it woke my cousin up. I got up from bed, showered right after, made some English breakfast tea, steamed some red bean buns and sipped on my tea while I waited for the buns to be ready. I felt so rejuvenated after that shower, well I guess that's the best thing about showering first thing in the morning hee. I felt so clean and so READY to kickstart the day. I ate my steamed buns while blogging day 18, and as soon as I was done I began to write letters and cards. After that I got changed and immediately headed out to meet CCT. 
We had lunch at the food court, so I ordered a big bowl of flat noodles from the vegan stall and they both got two (small) bowls of noodles. That lunch was really filling, but I love every bit of it heheh. Before we bought our food, XY passed me a scrapbook and I was honestly SURPRISED, I just went "what is this" hahah. Turns out that they did a scrapbook for me since January and XY has been going over to Jas's house often just because of that. I can just imagine how MUCH energy, time and effort went into the scrapbook just by looking at all the pages. I don't know how they managed to make time to do it despite their crazy busy schedules, especially Jas who has been busy the entire holidays because of her OGL commitment and duties. That said I'm really, really, really touched by the immense effort that was put into doing all of that. 
After we had lunch we went to Blackball to chill and I had the wintermelon tea, which was probably one of the best wintermelon teas I've ever tried but it was a tad too sweet. Sugar OVERLOAD heheh. I can't even remember how long we sat there for because I wasn't using my phone at all, but after we were done chilling we headed to the rooftop garden to take some photos. Jas didn't knew the rooftop garden existed so she was like a lil small girl getting excited and she seemed dazzled by the place hahah. There was honestly nothing much there, but the clear blue skies and the lovely, comforting warmth of the sun made everything felt like home. Even though it was a short four hours meeting after a long while, I am honestly so so thankful for CCT for everything. If you were wondering, CCT stands for Cold Cut Trio, one of the sandwich name at Subway hahah. Yes I came up with that name because there were three of us so I wanted to have something-trio, and finally decided on CCT heee. I would have sworn, that I'd have never imagined us becoming this close since the first time I met them, probably because in my entire life I hung out with more loud-spoken girls rather than quiet ones. So when I first met them I genuinely thought that they were going to just be the kind of classmates I would talk to but wouldn't get close with, hahah. They totally proved me wrong, and the only reason why I actually talked to them first was because they were one of the few most genuine people I've ever met in life. You know, the kind of people who have harmless and innocent personalities, the kind of people who are just so....kind. And true enough, they turned out to be just as kind as I thought, and not to mention that they are also one of the most altruistic girls I've ever met.

Just so if you two are reading this, know that I appreciate and love you two A LOT. Thank you for entering my life and spending the whole of last year with me, and being there and sticking by during my downs. 

My friends would always say "You wasted a year in JC" and I'd just look at them in their eyes and say NO, I really didn't regret my choice. Yes, 2015 was one of the worse years and it was stressful in school but you know what, I'd never trade those chances of meeting everyone I met in school or any memories for ANYTHING. If I had the chance to redo last year I'd gladly go ahead and do it all over again and again, because meeting them was truly a blessing. MY blessing.

I've been filled with so so much gratitude everyday, especially these few days and I have been so happy. Whenever I think about the people I've met, the friends I've met, I'd honestly feel so undeserving of everything but you know what, I'm THANKFUL nevertheless. I wished I had realised how many things and people I've blessed with during my down moments, because I could have got out of it easily with a heart of gratitude and thankfulness. Despite everything, these few months I have been truly happy and contented with everything for ONCE in my life. 

Nicole also met me in the afternoon just to pass me a letter, and oh how sweet can she be heheh. She's two years older than me but in all honesty sometimes I see her as an older sister but sometimes she's just like another dear friend to me. For the past three months I have been meeting girls I've met on Instagram and Dayre for more than a year now, and I can't be more thankful for all those friendships I've forged with them despite the short time we met. It's so liberating and comforting to know that there are so many beautiful souls on this planet, and there are so many people I would still want to meet. Life is honestly so incredible.

Now back to my day, after the girls left I met my family for dinner and we had SUSHIS again. Man, it was my third consecutive sushi dinner hahah but I'm still not sick of them, YET. I had lots of inari sushis and kappa makis, and of course GARIIIIIII. I love gari heheh, I wanted to bring them home secretly lol. So afterwards we went for our last minute shopping fix and I finally got my stationeries and shampoos. I was dying while packing my luggages hahah it was SO tiring. In between packing I got hungry so I had two red bean buns past 11pm. Supper is LYF. I also filmed myself using the snapchat funny filters, sent them to my friends and family, and not long later the entire house resonated with laughter because we were all in different rooms and we kept laughing. The laughter was so contagious and it made me want to cry while laughing hahah. It was a happy night and a lovely day in general.

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