DAY THIRTY-NINE #346daysofgratitude


Somehow I feel like this whole #346daysofgratitude thing has took over my entire blog, and like what a friend told me it's more like a diary than a blog, and hearing that makes me kinda sad ahah. It used to be a platform where I blog about my life and about random topics, but now it's just a logging diary just like Dayre. But don't worry everyone, I'll be back with 'proper' posts soon, and I guess I'll switch to blogging from time to time. Meanwhile, enjoy reading this diary! Ahaha.

I had three bowls of weetabix for breakfast with blueberries and soy milk, and man I'm loving weetabix so much now heheh. It's like my staple breakfast now because it's soft and it doesn't hurt my ulcers when I eat because it's soft and soggy with milk, so YUM. I didn't even realise that Bob wasn't driving today because I slept early last night, so when John was about to leave I asked him where he was going and thank goodness I did, because if not I would have taken my own sweet time ahah. So I quickly ran to the kitchen to prepare lunch, and made a peanut butter banana oatmeal in the microwave heh.
Today was another long and draining day of school, and man I seriously dislike 3.5h lessons because they are SO dreadful. I had three hours of English in the morning, then another 3.5h of Math in the afternoon and I was so done with life afterwards lol. Math seemed to be never-ending, and I even fell asleep in class because I was so drained (almost I meant, since Fathin woke me up a second before I was ABOUT to fall asleep).

Tonight's dinner was fried rice, and man it was so tasty I had three servings of rice ahah. I had double portions of rice for the first round because when the guy gave me my first serving I turned to Christie and said, "Can I have more please..):" and she gave me ahahah. But being a pig as usual, I asked for seconds so that was my third serving, so I had hell lot of rice for that dinner but I was still NOT satisfied. So I finished all my digestives and lots of seaweed crackers for dessert/supper afterwards in my room, but I still WASN'T full ahahah. Something must have gotten into me today lol, I can't seem to ever feel full.
It was a really tiring day and I was really drained out at the end of it, so I wanted to turn in early at 8:30 but stupid Wen kept disturbing me so I ended up keeping him company while he read his fricking book, and then only got to sleep an hour after. I haven't talked to him in ages and so I wanted to talk a little but that guy never gets serious so it really sucks talking to him ahahah. And he seems to have a fetish for my bunny slippers, and couldn't stop threatening me by telling me that he would kidnap them from my room while I was still in school, grr.
Oh and right, welcome to this blog Aniq! Giving you a shoutout since you read my blog instead of paying attention to your lecture just now ahahha. This is probably my shortest post ever, but goodnight everybadi. I'm dead beat!

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