DAY THIRTY-SEVEN #346daysofgratitude


Guess who had a hard time sleeping last night because of the weather. I think I spent an hour flipping on my bed because it was so hard to sleep with that heat, and even the fan didn't help at all ahah. So I ended up sleeping past 12 but guess what, I GOT UP AT 6:10 today. It's my first successful attempt at waking up early ahah, and even though I was still sleepy and tired af at that timing I told myself that I had planned for this already, so just WAKE THE HELL UP. I guess 'mind over matter' is really true, and that I could have fallen back asleep if I didn't convince myself to get up. Your mind is indeed a powerful tool, and what you think - you just become. So that was what Magic taught me last night before I went to bed, and the book also emphasised on the importance of thinking positively because of a simple rule: What you give, you receive. If you give out negativity, negativity comes to you. So if you have a choice to be happy and positive each second, WHY THE HELL NOT? Happiness is a conscious choice we make everyday, so don't lose sixty seconds of happiness when you choose to be frustrated, angry or sad for a single minute.

I had the best bus ride to school this morning, sitting by the window and enjoying the cool breeze and listening to yiruma's playlist. I really do enjoy and love 'me' time alone especially when I can just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the slow, peaceful and serenity of everything else. I get to see stunning views of the open seas, mountains and hills at the backdrop on my way to school every morning, and that's pure bliss. And looking at them, I just can't wait to drop my books during my term break to explore Tassie, heeeh.
I had two English lectures in the morning, and man I swear I was FAMISHED by the time they let us out. I had three bowls of weetabix for breakfast, and I thought it could fill me up but nah, I couldn't even last for four hours hahah. My stomach was making so much noise and grumbling so loudly in the lecture theatre, and when my friends turned around they were like: IS THAT YOUR STOMACH? Aaaaaah and I had to say yes LOL, it's so embarrassing when you can't control something your body naturally does hahah. So I gulped down lots of water because that was the only thing I could find and drink in the LT, and it was a way to tell my stomach to shut up and HANG ON hahaha.
So after we got released I immediately got to the common area outside the class, finally sat down and was finally ABLE to eat, but I realised I forgot to bring any utensils LOL. So I was like: How am I going to eat without anything.....and just then, few girls came to the area and I asked if they had any, and one of the girls actually borrowed me hers and waited for me to be done before she ate her own lunch. I didn't even know that she was going to wait for me because she mumbled about using a fork or something before that, and seeing one of her friends eating pasta I thought maybe she would use the fork too, so I didn't ask. But after that realisation I quickly stuffed lunch down heeh. Oh and I would like to add that lunch was amazing AF, like I realllllllly love that dish of baked beans, corn and zucchini, oh my god. It's pure bliss and heavenly hahah. To the girl it may be a small thing to lend someone a spoon, but to a starving girl it was like a godsend thing hahah. Nevertheless, I was so grateful for that girl who saved my stomach and turned it into a happy, satisfied one. I wolfed down like more than two bowls of rice because Jon gave me so much last night, and lol I didn't realise but I wasn't even full after all that rice. In fact I wanted more HAHA. Why do I have a feeling that I would end up being another girl who eats ten bowls of rice for dinner soon? #comingsoon ;)

Pysch class was supposed to end at 6:30 but the the teacher released us early and it was much-needed since the last metro leaves the uni at 6:30 ahah. So we took the metro home and joined the rest for dinner at the hostel as soon as we got back. Today's dinner was turmeric rice with red curry, and then before I had dinner Christie told me that she made vegan dessert for me so I was looking forward to it heheh. I wanted to have a lesser portion for dinner (when I mean lesser for mine, it's usually more than average ahah) just so I could save some space for dessert, but I was given two bowls of rice anyway ahah. I've been skipping on desserts since all of them weren't vegan, so tonight Christie specially made me one while everyone had vanilla ice cream with jelly. And guess what, it was CHOCOLATE NANA ICE CREAM, and I was delighted to see that it was a chocolate dessert, but I was EXPLODING with happiness when I tasted it and realised it was nice cream. Man, you've no idea how much I've missed nice creams and smoothies, and it was therefore the BEST chocolate nana ice cream ever, made with so much thought and love heh. I was just grinning from ear to ear because I was so happy, and Christie even topped my nice cream with almond flakes and was fricking AMAZING. I just love nice cream so much, gahhh they remind me of how wonderful bananas are ahaha.
Adding on, I got the leftovers for tomorrow's lunch too and HEEH, I decided to share half of it with Eddy since he said he wanted to have rice for lunch too. And while I was chilling with Eddy I got the chance to talk to some people I've never talked to before even though I've seen them countless times already hahah. I talked to Aniq, Timothy, Gen and Ernest, and it was a great chilling and talking session heeh. Then I got back to my room smiling, because it has been a beautiful and great day. What am I grateful for today? The best bus ride to school, the yummy weetbix breakfast, the girl who gave me her spoon, surviving this tiring day, NANA ICE CREAM that I'm especially thankful for, Christie for her love (ahaha) and getting to know a few of them better.

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