DAY FIFTEEN #346daysofgratitude


I'm writing this now at 12:20am in the morning, well since it's still considered in day fifteen heheh. Going to sleep with a thankful heart tonight because I randomly thought of school (yes, tpjc) and I realised how much I miss lessons with my classmates, and then I felt incredibly grateful for the friends I've met there. I'm filled with so so so much gratitude whenever I think about those who stood by me last year especially throughout all my difficult times, and this much gratitude really overfills my heart.

Today is another rest day for me, and most probably my second last one until I get real busy towards the end of this week. So I pretty much slept in today and woke up at 10:30 instead of forcing myself to wake up before 10, like what I usually do heh. I must say that my body clock has indeed improved since the start of the year, since the latest time I sleep at now is at 1am in the morning. *pats self* I honestly didn't do much today except catching up with the latest episode of Cheese in the trap, writing letters and then meeting my BFF for dinner. We had vegan food at Tampines food court and as usual, we talked about life, relationships and our friends. And this silly girl was still kept in the dark about my departure date because I lied to her previously, hahah. And after she was in safe hands I walked home alone, and I must say I walked pretty darn fast today probably because of the really filling dinner I had. Before I got home I met my mum's closest bunch of friends and also my neighbours who were chatting happily by the pool since they wanted a photo with me before I left, hahah how cute. They proceeded to hand me red packets and said well-wishes, and man I'm so thankful for that gesture and their thoughtfulness. I ran home to watch the TV, and now after the episode has ended, I'm just going to REST. Tomorrow's going to be a day of filming, editing and maybe another day out. We shall see.

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