DAY TWENTY-THREE #346daysofgratitude


Guess what, I had almost FIFTEEN hours of sleep lol. I was just so shagged and I had one of the best sleeps in my life EVER. The bed was so soft and unbelievably comfy, and on top of that our entire hotel room is just so quiet, making it so easy to sleep heeh. I forgot to mention how lovely this place is - we have two rooms with queen-sized beds in each, a large dining table as you can see in the photo below, a comfortable living room, a small kitchen with cookwares and a DISHWASHER, a toilet with a washing machine and dryer. It has literally everything you would need, and yes I can't help but love how quiet it is.

So this was breakfast at 11:30, and we finally headed out at 12:30 after we were done washing up and eating breakfasts. Man I wished I had woken up earlier to have more time for our last day here in Melbourne, but my brother felt too bad to wake us up when we were busy snoring away lol.

We took the tram in Melbourne for the very first time today, and I also saw a full-circled rainbow for the first time in my life. Initially I only caught a faint hue of rainbow in the sky with my shades on and I didn't realise there was a full-circled one right above it, and man it was just so beautiful. Now looking at it it looks like a rainbow halo, so beautiful and perfect heheh. We went to Harbour town today for shopping, and we got our way there with my brother's guidance. I'm so glad that he's around because with him guiding us around I wouldn't ever have to do it, even though he's kinda bad at it hahah.

We had lunch at a cafe called Degani, and man I had such a tasty lunch. And for the FIRST time in my life a waiter actually understood what vegan food meant, and that feeling was beyond comforting and amazing. In Singapore, I'd hardly ask the waiter to check if my food is vegan or not unless I'm in a vegetarian restaurant, because 99% of the time you'd get a puzzled look for an answer so I'd rather not ask hahah. And the guy who served me was so considerate and friendly, he told me that the sandwich that I asked for had cheese in it so he would opt that out for me. And he even came all the way to my table just to ask if I would still want the chips as sides because they fry eggs and fries with the same pan, so those fries may contain traces of eggs. Like seriously, I've never encountered such a considerate and kind waiter before, to be so considerate towards his customers and their dietary needs. Not forgetting to mention that the food I had, I had a focaccia with pumpkin, spinach, onions and sundried tomatoes, and man the combination was so simple but so good. The focaccia bread was so warm and soft, and it was simply AMAZING. Heeeh so after my hearty lunch the waiter smiled at me and we left for more shopping.

Not long later we stopped by Boost for a drink, and I got myself a Green Caribbean smoothie heee. We sat there and enjoyed the chilly wind, and we planned to shop at Costco after we were done but unfortunately they only allow members to enter. So we walked back to the tram stop from where we came from and decided to drop off at any random stop along the way. And we did, we stopped by at a large old h&m building, so we went in and I got myself an olive green pants for fifteen bucks. Surprisingly that was the only thing I remember buying, apart from food of course, hahah now I only buy clothes I think I would wear for long. 

Oh and right, have I mentioned how fit Australians are? I've seen SO many cyclists around in only two days, and that really inspires me to get my own bike soon in Tassie heeh. 

We got back to our hotel at about 6, and we actually wanted to eat at a Japanese shop for dinner nearby but I checked online and they said that they close at 7pm, so we wouldn't be able to make it on time. I casually said that there was a Loving Hut here in Melbourne too, and then my mum suggested to go there for dinner. So this time round I led the way and we reached the small shop before 8! I got the tom yum fried rice because I had a huge craving for rice, and man it was so GOOD. They served me such a large portion, and I was initially surprised at that amount but man, it totally filled me up and I was so HAPPY. It was reallllly GOOD, even my mum and brother said so. Mum had the hor-fun, which were flat noodles in gravy and my brother had the fried kway teow, lol we are so Singaporeans hahah but the food was really good nonetheless. Mum was eyeing on my food halfway through hers so we switched, so technically I had half of her noodles while she had only one fifth of mine. My stomach was almost bursting by the end of the filling dinner, and we left the place happily heeeh. But on our way home we saw quite a few drunkards walking around, and man that was scary af because they were totally walking to strangers and touching them, EEKS. So we quickly walked and decided to take the tram since it's safer that way. We wanted to stop at the Parliament House's station so that we could refund the money in our transport tickets since we haven't used any, and just before we could get off WE GOT CAUGHT BY THE POLICE LOL. Out of the blue five buff policemen walked up the bus and cornered us, demanding for our transport tickets. You know, I felt as if we were shooting a movie or something hahah, I wasn't really worried since we didn't commit any crime. Turns out that we 'illegally' boarded and used the trams without paying, and that was totally not our fault because it was our first day using the trams and we only followed those who went up the tram before us. We would always wait till someone gets on before us so that we would know whether to tap in or not, and some of the zones were 'free tram zones' so technically those are zones where you don't have to tap in. In all honesty the whole time we were using the trams we were so confused, and we were wondering why nobody tapped in when there's a machine there lol. Those policemen were really serious, and they got off at Parliament House with us to question us more. One of them even asked about my particulars, my age and whether I'm currently a student. The other one told me that he saw us 'escaping' after seeing them getting on the bus, and that he got everything caught on the camera. That was ridiculous af LOL, we wanted to get off when they came in, so that actually made it look like we wanted to 'escape'. This policeman didn't believe a word we said and told the other policemen to go "till the end" and charge us. But thankfully there was a kind old policeman among them and he kindly asked for our passports and our plane tickets. We told them that it was only our second day here and that it was our first time taking the trams today, so they wanted to verify our statements with the plane tickets. In the end they discussed and decided to let us go, PHEW. And after we left we three just looked at each other and laughed.
It was such a funny experience though, but man I wouldn't want to get in that shit again hahah. Those policemen were really strict and scary, but thank god they let us off. But then again, what are the odds that I can experience it again? Hahah. We realised that we got off at the wrong stop because we weren't looking out to check with all that drama going on on that tram earlier, so we were lost. So we eventually used Google Maps and got home slightly less than an hour later. WHAT A NIGHT LOL. 

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