DAY TWENTY-NINE #346daysofgratitude


So my plan to wake up early kinda failed, because I was too tired and slept in all the way till 10 hahah. I had the weirdest dream ever, I dreamt that I held hands with my EC/crush last year and then I suddenly dreamt of my dad so it was just.......weird. I woke up with a blank look on the face lol, and replied to some messages then finally got up from the bed. I took a shower first thing in the morning, and immediately after I got back I pranced to the cafe to get a bowl, a spoon and soy milk for breakfast heeh. I missed the hostel's breakfast because I slept in, but you know I'm going to do this more often and have my own breakfast in my room rather than wake up early just for their breakfast hahah. So I had nutrigrain, choco balls and blueberries all in soy milk. I swear Aussie's blueberries are the SWEETEST, I love 'em so much heheh. Also, I'm not sure why but I'm starting to dislike having milk in my cereal because I just love the crunchiness of it on its own. I had another bowl of nutrigrain with bananas afterwards, because why not heh.

I'm actually secretly happy that I've gotten my room, since most people living on the second floor don't get natural sunlight or have any open windows in their room at all. My room's super small but cosy AF, I have a good study table, a small bed and lots of space (still) for me to dance around. The good thing about having a small room when you're living by yourself is that you get to clean LESS. Whoops.

So after I was done with breakfast I moved on to do laundry, and man the laundry system in the hostel sucks. You have to pay two dollars each time you use the machine, and the machine's super old and the room is just dark and dirty af. The clothes are hanged INSIDE the room, and that is just gross hahah. But I assume it's because it's 'safer' that way, in a sense that the weather here in Hobart is pretty insane and it can start raining anytime. So I picked out some clothes and hand-washed them myself, as I was inspired by one of the guys here since it seems more efficient this way. So I think I'm going to hand-wash most of my light clothes for now and use the machine together with my friends so it's easier that way. That said I'm hanging my clothes in my room, gross but at least I have the Sun's heat and the wind from the windows and fan. So after doing the laundry I changed my pants and headed out to town to Fathin, and we took the metro down. We shopped and got most of the things we needed, I got myself a watermelon mat and a pair of bunny room slippers (they are freaking CUTE heheh), a pair of olive green jeans since I believe I'm going to wear long pants out everyday here, another pair of tights because they have been my best friends since I got to Aussie lol, a tank top for five bucks and a LIPSMACKER. Now that I'm all alone in another country, I'm certainly more careful with my spending since I'm trying to scrimp and save up hahah.
I forgot to mention that we also visited a bike shop in town to check out the prices, and man all the bikes there were SO BEAUTIFUL and I really wanted one of those mountain bikes because they look so NICE, but they are expensive af lol. So after checking out the prices we left the shop and discussed more, and man the owner's really a friendly and nice guy heh. He said he would adjust the bike to our heights, give us a free bike review after a month and said he will quote us a nice price including the helmets and gears. But I'm really contemplating a lot and I'm not sure if I should get one, I'd love to get one but the prices are pretty steep ($499 is the cheapest) and I'm not sure how to check-in my bike alone when I get back to Singapore. But it would really be a good investment, ahhh I'm so lost.

Anyhoo, I was starving so we had lunch at a Greek restaurant. Fathin had fish&chips while I had some chickpea hummus pita gyra, and I'm not sure what that means but it was just veggies, onion, hummus, chickpea patty all wrapped in a big pita. I'm honestly so glad that there are vegan/vegetarian options in almost every restaurant in Aussie, it just makes eating out so much easier when you're with non-vegan friends heh. So after we were filled up we went to the Metro office to get my card fixed since it couldn't work when I got up the bus earlier, and we bumped into David, Wen, Tommy and another girl there. Most of us were at town today, and it was so easy to bump into someone else lol. I topped up my green card and then we went to the bank to open an account, and the lady was so patient and nice heeeh. So the card's going to arrive next week and all we have to do is just to wait. We took the bus back with Agnes, Janice and Jiamin since we bumped into them too, and after getting home I immediately asked for a vacuum cleaner and vacuumed my room. It finally feels decently clean lol, and after vacuuming I placed my watermelon mat, dropped my slippers to the other side (aka dirty side), cleaned my windows, packed and organised my stuffs in the room and now I can say that my room now is finally more or less SETTLED. Man, I feel like I'm a grown-up now lol. It sure does feel a little liberating to be this independent, and at the same time it's a really interesting feeling. Not that I'm complaining heeh.

This Fanta Strawberry flavoured lipsmacker tastes so GOOD lol, it's so SWEET heh. Definitely need lip balms all the time here because of the weather and my lips have been cracking ): The best thing is that it only costs three bucks plus for one, and I can't get my hands on the other flavours as well HEEH.

My favourite buys from Target, HEEH. Those bunnies are so soft and fluffy, just so perfect for the lazy me hahah. At least my room's starting to have colours!

So we had pasta for dinner at 7, and I had to give dessert a miss because they were serving dairy ice cream and banana crumble pie. I wasn't tempted at all since it's from a cow lol but the chef was really nice to ask what I normally have for desserts at home, just so she could make some for me the next time. She told me to suggest any dessert and she'll get me some the next time, and I didn't do so but I was secretly saying "So good's ice cream please" hahah. After dinner I went to Kmart and Coles again with the same gang yesterday, and lol the guys only went just because they had nothing better to do hahah. I swear our trips to kmart and coles are going to be a routine soon, and well maybe it already IS. I got six beautiful nectarines from Coles just for $1.50 because they were on an offer, a good tupperware box, peanut butter and finally.....SRIRACHA. I'm going to bring it for dinner everyday, because the kitchen and the cafe doesn't seem to have any spices or sauces at all besides salt and pepper lol. I went to kmart after with the intent to exchange the lamp I bought two days ago for a new one, because it died on me last night. So much for a "good investment" hah. So the staff checked for me and said that the bulb died, and I couldn't get another one in exchange because it didn't come with warranty. Morale of the story is to never give your complete trust to a $9 lamp and a $5 bulb hahah. So I got another different bulb and yay, my lamp's back to normal now. So then we all walked back together, and man Hobart's really cold as shit, it's summer but I'm freezing my ass off. I can't imagine what winter's going to be like, and I certainly don't look forward to that season at all hahah. Jy-ann came over to my room to chill a bit just now, and I just found out that she's a year younger than me hahah. After she left I went to wash up, brushed my teeth and went back to the room to blog. Now that I'm done, it's time to chill......then PASS OUT.

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