DAY THIRTY-THREE #346daysofgratitude


I got up at 8:30 today for breakfast, and I had a bowl of Mighty grain and a pb&j sandwich with banana coins sandwiched between, and another slice of bread with peanut butter and banana. Mighty grain actually tastes not bad, but because I didn't have them with milk so they were too dry and hard, and that hurt my already-hurt gums even more hahah. My gums are so painful nowadays, and you know what, it has been more than two weeks since I had the privilege of eating properly without any pain. The end of the metal wire on my braces came off the bracket, so it keeps poking the back of my mouth, and because of that I now have two ulcers there haha GREAT. And my gums started hurting not long ago too, I've no idea why but probably because I've weak gums lol, or maybe it's the gum disease I have which my dentist told me about two years ago hahah.
Alright back to my day, so after breakfast I went back to my room and almost fell asleep again because I felt so tired, but just when I was about to change Fathin knocked on my door and told me that John and the rest were heading out to Salamanca market before us, and he said that he would wait for us so we can go together. I rushed like crap and in the end they left before us lol, what good friends hahah. So we went there by ourselves and spent about an hour or so there. The best buy of today was probably the fresh berries I bought, and I got meself 300 grams of blueberries for only 6 dollars and 500 grams of strawberries for only 3 dollars, HEE. We also got three fruit leathers for 7 bucks, and I paid 2 dollars for one while Fathin had the rest. Then we had lunch and I got myself an EPIC vegan burrito, which was bursting with smoked paprika zucchini, organic TURMERIC QUINOA, cabbage carrot pickle, CHILLI BEANS, roast tomato salsa and salsa verde. The quinoa and beans were amazing, and I would definitely get the burrito bowl one day heee. It was so filling and so so yummy. Then after lunch we walked back to the fruit stall to get plums for Fathin then we walked to the city. I was just so thirsty and kept asking for water lol, and she got Boost while I walked over to Pressed Juices and saw a bottle of coconut water and I swear my heart totally went like: I TOTALLY WANT THIS. So I asked to try and it was fricking amazing, so I got a bottle and yup, that's LEGITLY THE BEST COCONUT WATER EVER. It's so fresh and so hydrating, hee.

Then we took the metro back again and I got home to shower, skype my family and catch up on Youtube videos. It was dinner time at 6:30 and everyone had white rice with chicken stir-fry while I had curried couscous with veggies. It tasted pretty bland but I love it just that way, I just don't like food ladened with sauces and salt, eeee. But I had a bowl to myself and it wasn't enough, so I got back to my room after and ate bread lol. I told Christie that I was still hungry after dinner and she said "I thought vegetarians/vegans usually eat very little" and I was like "No, I eat a lot, especially CARBS" and yes I stressed on that word hahah. So she asked "Where did all your carbs go to?" and I was like "Carbs don't make you fat" because she's still stuck in the misconception that carbs do, like many people out there are. So she said that she would cook more for me next time, heheh.
We had some hostel briefing at the dining hall at 7:30, and we were told that our rooms are going to be checked for cleanliness tomorrow so I went back to my room after the briefing and immediately started cleaning hahah. So I hung some of my clothes, folded some of them back into the drawers, refilled my water, did some washing, assembled my stuffs and packed all the food in my room neatly. Then I brushed my teeth and washed up, got back and applied the moisturising cream on my legs and now it's barely 9:00 but I'm just going to catch up on Youtube videos, blogs and dramas heeh. Have a good night everyone x

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