DAY TWENTY-EIGHT #346daysofgratitude


I was woken up by the alarm at 6:30 today, and man I haven't gotten up that early in ages hahah. I washed up, got changed, packed my bag and got all ready for breakfast at 7, so I met Fathin at the cafe and so it was time for breakfast. Apparently breakfast starts at 7 and ends at 7:30, so if you want to have breakfast you need to wake up by that time hahah. I heard that the bus leaves at 8 every morning so I found that it was a bit rushed, but it seems like it has been changed to 8:20 from now on. So for breakfasts there's only cereal, toasts and fruits, so after your breakfast you have to pack your lunch - and that's SANDWICHES. I'm definitely not going to have sandwiches for lunch everyday, so I've decided to switch it up by buying my own microwavable food from time to time, and have hummus toasts instead of just plain bread with jam and peanut butter, lol. I had the exact same thing for breakfast and lunch today, and it was none other than wholemeal breads with raspberry jam and peanut butter, sandwiched with banana coins.
This morning I woke up with the loveliest and the most encouraging texts and comments I've ever received from my friends and online friends, and they told me to 'keep going' and that they will always have my back no matter what, and I'll pull through. All of those are certainly enough to keep me going for quite some time, and I'm just so grateful for having such friends. Even though I may appear 'strong' and positive all the time, I just want to say that we're all only humans and we all break from time to time. Everyone has fears and I don't want to deny that, because I just want to be me, myself and the realest. Living abroad and away from my family for the first time can definitely be scary but it's not a fear. It's scary but you know what? It's going to pass. This is only the first day, and there's always a first time for everything, so who gives a fuck right. I'm just going to enjoy this present moment, heeh. Somehow there's always something that tells me to conquer something the more I fear it. If I FEAR it, the MORE I'm going to get the fuck over it.
So my morning was made with all those lovely encouragements, and on top of that I received a text from my mum and upon knowing that they have arrived safely back home I was so darn relieved. I wasn't able to sleep well last night partially because they were still on the plane, and I can be quite a worrywart if my loved ones don't return home safely hahah. 

It was my first day of school today, and so on the bus I met another guy called David, and he's from China. We chatted on the way to school and he's a really nice and friendly guy, heh so one new friend. Today's the first day of our one week long orientation, so we had this welcoming speech by the University for all new students in the hall. It was about two hours long, and after that we just had lunch, made a Green card (bus card), applied for our bank accounts, watched people play bubble soccer at the school's field and met lots of new friends. There was a bunch of people we met at the field, and they were Davi, Jen, Ben, Eddy and Joelle. They are all Malaysians and it's really surprising to know that there are SO many Malaysians here, especially in my hostel because there's about 98% Malaysians, 2% Chinese and 1% Singaporeans hahah. But out of those 5 people only two of them are staying at the same hostel as us, while the Davi's in homestay, Ben's living in an apartment with Joelle, and Joelle's a first year student in Medicine, HOW COOL IS DAT.

After chilling we had to attend another compulsory lecture and that was when my killer headache came back again, so I had no choice but to pop in panadols to relieve the pain. Our bus driver only picks us up at 5 everyday so we had to wait after we were done, and by that time it was already raining so we had to run in the rain lol. But we got separated because some of us weren't sure of the way, and we got stuck under a building for about twenty minutes wondering where the rest went lol. But because of that I managed to talk to more people, and this time round I met Tommy and Aaron. Oh and I forgot to mention that I met Jya-nn too, and she's such a cute small girl with such a nice English accent heh. And on the bus ride home I managed to meet more girls such as Agnes, Jia Min and Janice. I also met John and Ivan on the bus because they were standing right behind our seats, and man they are just so funny.

We got back to our rooms at about 5:40 and we had more than an hour to spare before dinner at 7, so I just chilled in my room, played some piano pieces on Youtube and blogged while the rain was hitting my windows. Then after dinner Fathin and I decided to head to Coles and Kmart to get some more necessities, and the rest decided to tag along so we just told them that we'd meet them there. In the end I think at least 75% of us went there lol. I got a comb since I realised I didn't bring any yesterday, some hairclips since I've misplaced them, two tupperware boxes for my food, a laundry basket for my dirty clothes and food. I got HUMMUS and breads, heeeh.
So while we were at Coles we went in a bunch, and man even though I've only talked to most of them for the first time today I feel like I've known them for ages. I love how most of us are not awkward with each other, and mostly because we're all Asians so it's pretty easy to click heh. So we all talked and walked back to the hostel together in the freezing cold night, and after we got back we did a short room tour each and played pool. So now it's reaching 12 midnight and I'm just going to sleep in tomorrow morning because I don't have anything in school tomorrow, YAS. I hope to wake up slightly later tomorrow, make breakfast, do my laundry, vacuum my room, shower, do a little packing then head out to town for a little touring. For now, I'm going back to my dramas then pass out. GOODNIGHT.

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