DAY THIRTY-ONE #346daysofgratitude


So nope, I did not wake up early and didn't make it on time for the run LOL. I woke up at 10:20 instead, and in fact I was WOKEN UP by Ivan and Wen because they were banging on my door, and I just opened the door with my super ugly morning face and unkempt hair. The first thing they did after seeing me was to LAUGH, they laughed so hard because they didn't expect me to be still sleeping and I was so unglam hahah. So I was still blurry and went back to bed again and decided to get up foryl ten minutes later, then had late breakfast at 11:00. I brought my box of Nutrigrain to the cafe, and then John and Jy-ann tried nutrigrain for the first time heh. John kept harping on the iron-man thing, because there's this iron-man wording or figure (I don't know man lol) on the box. Jy-ann said it was good HEEH and I think I'm going to buy some more since it's still on offer, but no I've to CONTROL myself. Today is another free day for all of us since there's nothing on our timetable. So John, Ivan and Brian planned to head out to town again for some fish&chips, then some shopping and watch Deadpool at the cinema after. I actually wanted to join them for the movie so I asked them to go ahead and have their fish&chips first, but because Fathin said she'd be staying in the hostel the entire day today I decided not to go as well, but also because I was still tired af. So I went back to sleep after breakfast lol, and then I got woken up by WEN again. I really hate how thin the door is, because I'm always able to hear the noise and commotion outside so clearly and it NEVER fails to wake me up from my beautiful sleep. So I texted Wen and asked where was he because I thought I heard his voice outside, and less than two minutes later he knocked on my door because he was just outside. So he was the noisy one who laughed so loudly, GRR. Then he barged into my room and told me to get out of my room so that I'd stop sleeping, and stole my bunny slippers for a short while. What a mean gramp hahah. So I showered and prepared lunch, and I had instant oats with a heaping spoon of peanut butter and two slices of HUMMUS sandwich. I gave them one of the toasts to try because Wen and Tommy said before that they have never tried hummus, but unfortunately Wen said it's not for him and Tommy said it was quite bland, BUT David said it was pretty nice. Well I'm not a mega huge fan when it comes to hummus, but it's a pretty good spread to me.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling at the sofas outside alone, listening to some beautiful classical piano and cello music while blogging about yesterday. Man I seriously love the piano, and I love classical to bits, and I know I've said this for the umpteenth time but I really LOVE it hahah. Then I spent some time catching up on Madame Antoine but the wi-fi kept crashing down on me, so ugh I could only watch like fifteen minutes of it lol. It was time for dinner and today we had BBQ since we were doing ice-breakers tonight, and while everyone had their barbecued chicken wings I had two vegan potato corn patties, salad, bread and veggie skewers. They had grilled tofu, capsicums and cucumbers heh. The patties were really GOOD though, but the ice-breakers sucked big time lol, it was probably the worst I ever had. I didn't even get to break the ice with anyone and it was so poorly-organised hahah. We played a few games but they weren't much of an ice-breaker, and we just selected the captain and vice-captain for our houses in the hostel lol. Apparently there's too many people here in the hostel so they are going to start chasing people out, ah well.

Because it was still pretty early at night, I decided to head over to Coles with Wen, Alexis and Tommy since they said they wanted to buy some fruits after they saw me eating my nectarines at the dining room lol. I had nothing to do so I went with them, and y'know I was SO tempted to get blueberries but they are so expensive in my opinion, like $3.90 for a punnet. My heart and mind were definitely saying YES but my wallet said NO hahah. So when we were on our way home something FUNNY happened. Tommy dropped his punnet of blueberries on the ground near the bottom of the hill, and then I saw shadows of mini balls on the ground and I went like OMG. I flashed my torchlight immediately and four of us picked them up in the dark, and I think we looked sneaky af lol. One car was driving out opposite from where we were, and the driver just stopped there and asked if we needed any help. And when we said "No, it's fine thank you!" he offered again to keep the headlights on so we could see better. Man the people here are just so kind and friendly, and after coming to Aussie I feel like I've been ten times friendlier than I used to be lol. For the first time my friends say that I don't have a RBF at all, and that I'm very smiley hahah. That IS surprising. Very.
But anyhoo, we picked the blueberries up and then all of us took something from Tommy and told him to just keep his blueberries safe lol, and then we went back to the hostel to chill. I checked out Alexis's room at the other wing of the hostel, and man I didn't realise that there were so many different wings in this hostel until Alexis told me today. We went to her room and just stood there and talked a bit, and basically Alexis and I just got fed up with Wen's bullshit so we decided to leave hahah. Then Wen and I bumped into David and asked if he wanted to chill at the sofas just outside my room, and so I took my laptop out and started blogging, Wen used his laptop and then David just sat there wallowing himself in sadness because of some personal issues. Then more people came by and by the time David hopped on to the other sofa I was sitting on, it was time for bed lol. The staff started chasing us into our rooms since it was already 10:30, and some of them are going for a morning run AGAIN tomorrow so Wen said he would wake me up. AH we will see how it goes lol, I'd like to be there for breakfast though so that I can steal some fruits from the kitchen. So now I'm just back in my room, ready to end this post and head to bed pretty soon. OH wait but first I'm going to wash up.

This is probably the only post without any photos thus far, so pardon for the boring life hahah. Man, just received a text from my mum telling me that I'm not allowed to get a bike here, and seriously it was a mood dampener.....I really want one though, life's going to be so different and so much easier with a bike. Much sigh.....gonna go to bed with a heavy heart. Feeling so bummed.

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